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    Uncovering Slave Cemeteries in Louisiana

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    Please my special guest  Myrtis Johnson founder of Save Our Graves Foundation. Mrs. Johnson is preserving cemeteries in St. Helena Parish. 

    Also join us tonight is Leon A. Waters is a licensed tour guide for Hidden History Tours, a division of Hidden History, a touring, publishing, and research company started by Waters. Waters is also a founding member of the Louisiana Museum of African American History located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Leon will discuss the slave cemetery found in Norco, LA.

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    Cemeteries Part I

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    The perfect place for new investigators seems to be cemeteries.  Many do not have closing hours, they are known to be haunted, and they certainly have the "creep" factor that is sought after.

    However, cemeteries are filled with perils that most are unaware of, from the demonic to the parasitic.  

    Part I of II

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    Interview with Vamped.Org

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    Please Join Magenta Ash as we interview the blog website with a bite VAMPED.ORG'S very own ERIN CHAPMAN!


    Erin is co-admin and columnist for Vamped. She is also a taphophile who enjoys lurking in graveyards and cemeteries in search of that perfect photo. Her background is marketing and has been in the industry for almost 10 years. She lives in Vancouver.


    THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING! EVERYONE SHOULD GO CHECK THEM OUT! If you love vampires, this site has amazing interviews, unique articles, reviews of music and movies and so much more!





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    Gather at the Table Revisited with Sharon Morgan and Thomas Norman Dewolf

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    Gather at the Table: The Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade --


    -- is the chronicle of a shared journey toward racial reconciliation. Informed by genealogy, it deals with race, social justice and healing from the traumatic wounds of slavery. Over a three year period, the authors traveled through 27 states, visiting ancestral towns, courthouses, cemeteries, plantations, antebellum mansions, and historic sites. 

    Bernice Alexander Bennett welcomes Sharon Leslie Morgan and Thomas Norman Dewolf to share this compelling journey with us.

    Sharon Morgan is a marketing communications consultant and a nationally recognized pioneer in multicultural marketing. An avid genealogist, she is the webmaster for OurBlackAncestry.com and is a founder of the Black Public Relations Society. 

    Thomas Norman DeWolf, author of Inheriting the Trade, is featured in the Emmy-nominated documentary film Traces of the Trade, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and on the acclaimed PBS series POV. DeWolf speaks regularly about healing from the legacy of slavery and racism at conferences and colleges throughout the United States. 

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    Bastia Marlowe~Ancester of a Legend-Marie Laveau

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    Bastia Marlowe

    Bastia Marlowe was born in and grew up in New Orleans, LA under another name.  There, she lived amongst the living and the dead, spent her early adolescence immersed in rain, attended Catholic church, and roamed the city's haunted and flavored streets.  She loved all things New Orleans and once stood in line for 5 hours to be included in the film adaption of fellow New Orleanian Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire."  After a stint of performing theater and writing, she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 in her 20s hoping to experience ghosts but mainly exists among the walking dead.  She mostly misses Audubon Park, the low-hanging branches of trees lining St. Charles Ave., stage lights, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, NOMA, driving through City Park, creaky floors in old houses, old cemeteries, and rain. Bastia Marlowe is the great-grand daughter of Marie Laveau.

    About Marie Catherine Laveau (September 10, 1801 - June 16, 1881 ) was a practitioner of Voodoo renowned in New Orleans. (As for the date of her birth, while popular sources often say 1794, the records indicate 1801.) Her daughter, Marie Laveau II, (1827 c. 1895) also practiced Voudoun, as well as Voodoo. She and her mother had great influence over their multiracial following. In 1874 as many as twelve thousand spectators, both black and white, swarmed to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to catch a glimpse of Marie Laveau II performing her legendary rites on St. John's Eve (June 23–24)

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    Are We Neglected Black Cemeteries?

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    Please join Host Antoinette Harrell and Co-Host Robin Foster as we talk about one of the many legacies that we are neglecting. According to the genealogical research of family historian,Antoinette Harrell, Tangipohoa and St Helena Parishes in Lousiana have many neglected cemeteries. Our families worked hard to provide a place to bury our dead when no other place could be found.
    Maintaining the cemetery  preserves its genealogical value. In many rural areas, it is easier to locate the family cemetery unlike in urban areas were people move in from other places.  Family names are deep rooted in rural areas and easily recognized by other families in the area. Family historians who are fortunate enough to locate a well cared for cemetery with headstones can also locate other members of the family buried nearby.
    Every church that calls itself an organized institution and collects tithing money and has a cemetery, should they be responsible for the upkeep of that cemetery?
    Should distant family members who come back to bury their deceased loved ones and have not contributed to the maintenance of the cemetery pay an annual fee for its upkeep?
    Antoinette with the help of Bernard Temple, son, and friend,  Iloina Lyttle, recorded nine cemeteries and  created a database which was donated to the Lousiana USGen Cemetery web site for blacks.

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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with Guest Jim Jones

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    Email: wickeddomainradio@gmail.com

    Twitter: @wickeddomain

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/thewickeddomain

    Join The Wicked Domain as Alex Matsuo interviews Jim Jones about his impressive career in the paranormal and current work in the field. Jim is the founder and Chief Investigator of Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland (PRISMd.) He is currently a 19 year career Maryland law enforcement officer and a 32nd Degree Freemason. He is also a confederate descendant, and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Sons of Confederate Veterans Maryland Division Color Guard. After having several paranormal experiences as a child, Jim was co founder of the Catonsville Ghostchasers in 1978. Later, he founded the Catonsville Society for Paranormal Research (CSPR) which expanded their operations by March 2004 became PRISMd.

    Jim calls himself an "open minded skeptic". Utilizing training, tools, and techniques from the law enforcement field, Jim brings his this into paranormal investigations. Also a history buff, he brings accurate roll play into paranormal investigations of historic locations, as well as detailed research, and interview techniques.

    Jim is a photographer, and an independent videographer. He produces several web series for YouTube called "LOST MARYLAND", "THE CEMETERY CHRONICLES", "ExploreQuest America", to name a few. Jim is a historian. He works with preservationists, genealogists, and historians in protecting and preserving historic buildings, landmarks, and cemeteries.

    Jim currently lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland in Catonsville. He is married to paranormal researcher and author, Rie Sadler. Both were featured on an episode of Animal Planet's "The Haunted" called "Stalked By A Vampire" with Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Carl Johnson.

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    Cemeteries: The Energy of The Dead

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    Cemeteries: The Energy of The Dead An Intelligent haunting involves energy or ghosts that are aware of an environment and sometimes, those who are living who invade their space. Residual energy is an imprinted incident repeating itself as if the film is stuck on one scene. When you buy something that has a previous owner if they are deceased that energy can follow the object.
    Since the dead imprint then it would seem indeed that cemeteries are good places to make contact with some of those who have passed over. The imprint remaining behind in the very vault or grave where they are buried.
    What do you think?
    Join Madonna as she talks about cemeteries where the dead still remain.http://youtu.be/gsL_DGT2q0I

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    URN Radio Show-Tia Marie Nadeau

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    Join Matt, Howard & The Paranormal Outlaw as they discuss all things paranormal and seek answers into the unknown!  Our guest tonight is Tia Marie Nadeau.  Tia is 36 years old and has lived in the State of Maine her whole life, but now reside in the southern part. She has had a passion for the paranormal her whole life. It started as a child, with her Grammie taking her and her sister  to the local cemeteries to explore! Tis has always seemed to have a slight connection with the other side. Though some may find it scary, she finds it fascinating. She believes in ghosts, aliens and the ever so sly Sasquatch A.K.A. Bigfoot! Tis is also a Taphophile. A 'Taphophile is the name given to someone who takes an interest in cemeteries, tombstones, or memories of past lives. I guess you could say she is a bit obsessed with it. Every year in October, her and her sister spend 3 days going to the oldest cemeteries they can find. They always bring flowers with them and leave them on long forgotten graves. Tis is the secretary of her local Cemetery Committee and the Historical society, making her the youngest member of the tribe! IShe is obsessed with history and genealogy, and not just her own family’s history, but everyone’s! She is also a member of a Paranormal Investigation Team called Maine Wraith Investigations. It is a new group that was formed in 2012, and they have had the opportunity now to go on several investigations. They have been on a bit of a hiatus this year due to personal issues, but plan on getting back into full swing very soon.Tia isthe owner of the popular Quest for the Unknown page on facebook, where you can  find the most bizarre, scary, odd and down right strange stories,

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    NLPI Radio USA Presents Moe and Kurt Haunted Cemeteries with Sean Austin

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    Are  cemeteries truly haunted or is it pure superstious? Listen in as Kurt and Moe delve into the idea that cemeteries might or might not be haunted. Listen in to the stories that Kurt and Moe have about investigating cemetries and discuss ones that are legend for there Spirits. We want listners to call in with their theory.We have special guest Sean Austin Paranormal Investigator and Musician

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    Crime and Science Radio with special guest Marilyn London

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    Join DP Lyle and Jan Burke for an entertaining and informative interview with forensic anthropologist Marilyn London.  She'll tell us what we can learn from skeletal remains, what forensic anthropologists do at the scene where remains are found, and more!

    BIO: Marilyn London has worked as a forensic anthropologist for more than three decades. She serves on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services D-MORT Team, responding to mass fatality incidents including the recovery and identification of remains after the crash of Flight 93 in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She has worked on the human skeletal collections of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and has lectured internationally on the subject of forensic anthropology. She co-edited the book ?from Smithsonian Press. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Anthropology Section, and served as Chair of the Section in 2004-2005. Her specialty is the human skeleton and she has taught human osteology and related subjects at several universities. She has analyzed human skeletal remains for medical examiners in New Mexico, Iowa, and Rhode Island. She has worked on a variety of field projects, analyzing human skeletal remains from prehistoric sites and historic cemeteries in New Mexico, Maryland, and New York City. She currently also serves as a Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maryland.


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