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    Feature: CEM 10th Anniversary Show

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    Join us on this feature show to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Casino Enterprise Management. We will be joined by an ensemble of guests that have been working with CEM over the years to discuss what has impressed them about CEM, what has been their favorite part working with CEM, what they would like to see CEM do in the future and many more topics. Make sure to tune in to the celebration!

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    Casino Talk w/ Brooke Dunn: Douglas Florence

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    Tune in this coming Tuesday to Casino Talk w/Brooke Dunn and this week’s guest Douglas Florence, vice president of strategic operations for eConnect Global. Florence will give listeners the inside scoop on surveillance technology innovations in the gaming industry.

    Topics will include new innovation in tools and techniques for surveillance technology; overcoming the traditional surveillance department resistance to adopting technology in gaming operations while meeting the need for game protection; and how technology will contribute to how casinos can mitigate losses to fraud, investigate scams, resolve disputes, improve customer service and maintain public trust.

    Also joining Dunn as a guest on the show is comedian Bobby Slayton.

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    Casino Talk with Brooke Dunn

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    On this edition of Casino Talk, host Brooke Dunn is joined by Dallas Orchard, vice president of gaming operations for Aristocrat Technologies. Dallas has an exciting history in the gaming industry, marketing some of the world’s largest companies. Dallas joined Aristocrat in 2007 and  oversees all aspects of the Gaming Operations Division of the Americas which covers all recurring revenue products for Aristocrat. Brooke is also joined by Mark Wayman who will bring you the latest inside information from the gaming industry.

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    Casino Talk w/ Brooke Dunn: Mark Wayman

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    You never know what is going to happen on the Brooke Dunn show! Join Brooke and the godfather of Las Vegas, Mark Wayman, for an industry update during this fun and informative show.

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    Native American Gaming

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    On this edition of Native American Gaming, host Valerie Red-Horse will be joined by Chris Grove and independent consultant consultant focusing in the regulated online gambling market and Victoria Parrott, Founder and CEO of Lucky 7 Angels. Be sure to set a reminder and tune in, this will definitely not be a show to miss!

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    Audio Article: Update - Online Gaming Reform in the UK

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    By Julian Harris and Tom Grant

    The long-awaited changes to the United Kingdom’s comparatively liberal online regime will take effect later this year. Under the new regulations, all remote gambling operators targeting the U.K. market will be required to hold a license from the U.K. Gambling Commission. For the online gambling industry, these changes will have major ramifications, CEM contributors Julian Harris and Tom Grant explain in their update on online gaming reform in the United Kingdom.

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    Casino Talk w/ Brooke Dunn: Rob Bone

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    When Global Cash Access (GCA) announced last fall that it was buying Multimedia Games, it spurred some head shaking in the industry. Why would a company focused on cash transactions in the gaming industry want to get into the slot-making business? Well, it turns out the now-completed $1.2 billion acquisition makes a lot of sense, and joining Casino Talk show host Brooke Dunn to discuss the Multimedia Games purchase and much more about GCA's focus in the coming months is Rob Bone, vice president of sales and marketing for the company.

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    Ep 98 - Great stuff at NEAF 2015, Jupiter for May, Galaxies on the Edge and More

    in Science

    NEAF 2015 Links

    SkyWatcher USA - http://www.skywatcherusa.com/maksutov.html

    Meade LX70s http://www.meade.com/products/telescopes/lx70-series.html

    Denkmeier L O A 21 - http://www.deepskybinoviewer.com/

    Televue Delites - http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=238#.VT6n12TF_FY

    iOptron CEM 120 - https://www.astronomics.com/ioptron-cem120-goto-computerized-wifi-mount-head_p20289.aspx

    NEAF 2015 YouTube Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcVuXLKQJwBcy2SpcE9PmHGtGMCdjdY-t

    Galaxies on the Edge

    NGC 3115, NGC 3190, NGC 4565, NGC 4754, NGC 4302

    Lunar X Date - May 25    10:55 EST    07:55 PST


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    Casino Talk w/ Brooke Dunn: Frank Cullotta

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    Join us on this edition of Casino Talk as host Brooke Dunn has a sit down in-studio with Frank Cullota, a former mobster and hitman for the Chicago Outfit. Cullotta, nicknamed "The Las Vegas Boss", was the leader of the "Hole in the Wall" gang, and a friend of notorious mobster Tony Spilotro. Cullotta appeared in the 1995 film “Casino” and also also served as a technical consultant for the film and appeared in several scenes as a hitman. The film’s Frank Vincent character was based on Cullotta himself. Be sure to listen in as Cullota recounts his past with us, it’s sure to be an interesting show! Marcus Prater returned to the show once again to provide us with an update on news surrounding AGEM and its various members. Set a reminder and tune in!

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    DS Gathering - God`s Promises \ As Promessas de Deus

    in Christianity

    And God said unto Abraham, As for Sarai thy wife not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall her name.
    Because I will bless, and give thee a son of her; and will bless her, and shall be a mother of nations; kings of peoples will come from her.
    Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, 'a hundred years old of having a child? And she shall bring Sara light of the age of ninety?
    And Abraham said to God, I wish that Ishmael might live before thee!
    And God said: Actually, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son, and shalt call his name Isaac: and he will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. Genesis 17: 15-19

    Disse Deus mais a Abraão: A Sarai tua mulher não chamarás mais pelo nome de Sarai, mas Sara será o seu nome.
    Porque eu a hei de abençoar, e te darei dela um filho; e a abençoarei, e será mãe das nações; reis de povos sairão dela.
    Então caiu Abraão sobre o seu rosto, e riu-se, e disse no seu coração: A um homem de cem anos há de nascer um filho? E dará à luz Sara da idade de noventa anos?
    E disse Abraão a Deus: Quem dera que viva Ismael diante de teu rosto!
    E disse Deus: Na verdade, Sara, tua mulher, te dará um filho, e chamarás o seu nome Isaque, e com ele estabelecerei a minha aliança, por aliança perpétua para a sua descendência depois dele. Gênesis 17:15-19

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    Feature: HOT Awards

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    On this feature show we will be discussing the Hospitality Operations Technology (HOT) Awards, a set of awards that CEM puts out annually. We will be joined by representatives from the winning companies to go over their products. Also joining the show will be several individuals that judged the products submitted for the awards. Join us to hear more about these stellar, winning products!