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    Intentionally Living presents, "Confessions of a Single Celibate Man"

    in Christianity

    Celibacy a viable choice, a worthy commitment, and a sacred relationship. 

    How do you walk away from a fornicating relationship? How do you date in holiness? How to avoid intimacy during times of vulnerability? 

    The thought of celibacy and or marriage is frightening for some, yet appealing to others—both marriage and singleness involve being self-sacrificing as well as self-giving, and both rise from an engagement of love and of faith.Often singleness is classified with the language of lack, rather than the language of a fidelity to its purpose.  Author Lee Hardy Jr. will share his personal testimony of breaking soul ties and his re-commitment to Christ as he waited for his God-fearing wife. September 15, 2015  12:00 noon CST.   

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    Young, Single & Celibate in the City

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    It's natural to desire to be in a relationship. And if you beliee in "happily ever after" then that's what you desire. And yet a lot of women, particularly black women, aren't coupled up. But why? Is the so-called shortage of good black men real or a myth? Have many black women given up on finding a good brother? Would they rather be single than date and marry interracially? And is this a viable option for black women? Can a woman be single, celibate and happy?

    "Some black women choose to be single rather than settle, but rarely is this discussed as a real explanation for why some black women are unmarried," writes Angela Stanley, a researcher at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University. (Black, Female & Single, NYTimes.com, 12/10/11) 

    We'll hear Dionne Renae's story as to why she is, at 34, Young, Single & Celibate in the City. That's Thursday, April 30, 6:30pm ET on She Struts Radio. Tune in. 


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    Sex: Safe -Condoms...) or Celibate- No Sex ?

    in Romance

    How to Live a Life of Celibacy

    Whether you are entering the priesthood or doing it for personal reasons, remaining celibate can be a difficult thing to do. With these instructions and support from those around you (and perhaps a guide from above), you can lead a celibate life. Taking a vow to a life of celibacy is very challenging, and it is not an easy choice to make if the ones that are close to you are not supportive. There are benefits to a life of celibacy. If you find interesting things to do you can avoid the temptation to break your vow.

    1.Make sure this is something you are very serious about. It can be a great thing if you are doing it for the right reasons.

    2.Find a friend or mentor that has gone through this period in life and ask questions about his or her reason for making their choice.

    3.Avoid listening to others' feelings about your decision, if they do not agree with yours. It is your choice and yours alone. Instead, talk to friends and people that will not judge you, or this choice you have made.

    4.Get involved in different hobbies; better not to be around many people you may be sexually attracted to for a while if this can be avoided. You could become involved with some more spiritual or personal activities instead.

    5.Try to find people who you think will understand you and your choices. Doing this alone can be very challenging. Tell them you need some moral support.

    6.Avoid temptation, especially at the start of this lifestyle. Do not put yourself in situations that might lead to sexual activity, such as close quarters with someone to whom you are physically attracted. Don't spend time alone and secluded together unless you absolutely know that you can control of yourself in that situation.


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    Processing the Pain

    in Motivation

    We would love to hear your answers to these questions. MATURE AUDIENCE REQUIRED!

    1. Has Celibacy gone out with "Ole Time Religion" or is it still relevant today? 
    2. Is celibacy only for those serving in ministry.
    3. Is celibacy even in the bible and is it a command?
    4. Can I masturbate and still be celibate?

    Call in 646-721-9678
    Internet: www.blogtalkradio.com/mcdnetwork"Processing the Pain"


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    The Rulz w. Ellis & Feona

    in Self Help

    New year, new rULZ.  There are 12 RULZ of the game that ensures you won’t get played.  The first RUL is “Protect the Cookie Jar”.  Tonight, we talk about celibacy.  Should it be the standard?  How do you go celibate after the event?  Can you truly have a social life while being celibate?  C’mon, let’s talk about it. At 730 PM EST at www.trans4mationalconversations.com or by phone at (347) 989-8385.

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    A Journey to Enlightenment with Author/Poet Lyric Benson Fergusson

    in Spirituality

    At the age of 19, suddenly faced with a major health crisis including chronic physical pain and the loss of a dear friend in the Twin Towers collapse of 9/11, today's guest Lyric Benson was in such extreme emotional and physical agony, she began to pray. And, surprised as she was, that moment changed her life.

    Finding her way to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation, she ultimately became a celibate monk and spent the next eight years in meditation for up to 10 hours a day. In the silence she awakened to God's presence through a state of extreme bliss. 

    Today Lyric Benson Fergusson deeply experiences God as a manifestation in everyday experiences, in everything we touch, in every human being. She brings her message of peace, love and divine realization through her unconventional poetry book, French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment. The collection's exuberant, pulsating, passionate, visceral verses are the author's hallmark. Her words let us join her on a journey to enlightenment. Regardless of one's religion or spiritual tradition, anyone who picks up this book will find it eye-opening, heartening, humorous and boundary breaking. 

    Lyric Benson Fergusson grew up in Hollywood as the daughter of actor/director Robby Benson and actress//rock star Karla DeVito. She is an enthusiastic screenwriter, poet, actress, photographer, and activist who spent many years as a teacher of The Wholeness, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the full awakening of humanity. She has been deeply transformed and inspired by their breakthrough technologies, which bring each individual's awareness back to the love and truth resonating in all of our hearts.

    Be sure to tune in and be inspired as Lyric spreads her messages of peace, love and divine realization.


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    Specializing in mixing Indie and Unsigned music. We discuss various forms of discipline. With host Rocksteadyb

    Call in (657) 383-0396 to listen live or visit blogtalkradio.com/betabeatradioshow


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    Living for God: Single and Celibate

    in Self Help

    It is a blessing to be able to live for God. The peace, wisdom, healing that comes along with the walk is amazing. However, christians go through life trials as anyone else does. This is more challenging when God calls us to a higher standard and guideline to walk in purity and holiness set apart from the world through faith in him.The enemy knows this and he definitely makes it that much harder because if he is an emeny of God, then what are christians considered to him as well?

    Therefore, living single can be a major challenge as a christian especially these days. We are called to live celibate until marriage (or until death if we do not marry), but that is not a popular lifestyle these days. Being a christian does not exempt you from having desires to be physically intimate as some might assume. On the other hand, through experience I can tell you that nothing is impossible with the strength of God. Even though I did not follow what I was told growing up in church (for many reasons I have mentioned throughout shows), that does not mean that I am still not expected to walk in celibacy or that I cannot. So I hope that is hope for those who have walked astray in the past.

    This show is for virgins and nonvirgins (teens and adults) because if you are single and a christian we are walking in this together. Yes, experiences vary from person person based on past experience with sex or lack there of, level of relationship with God, gender, age, culture, how one was raised, parental guidance and experience, whether never married/married before, whether it is a major struggle or it isn't, and more.

    Philippians 2:15 "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;"

    Show with: @king__Joshua (He's my age and he will be brining a male's perspective to the show)

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    in Christianity


    Twana Lawler is a poet, author, playwright, screenwriter, Gospel Songwriter and Motivational Speaker. When her creative juices gets to rolling she is on fire. She has written a few plays that went straight to DVD. "Who Did I Marry?" starring Terry Vaughn and Tommy Ford. She also wrote "God's Precious Jewels." Starring Robin Givens and “When A Women’s Fed Up” She is also the author of a children' book entitled, Kastle Hill Gang" a gang of tweens come together to stop things such bullying. She has written a few more things, Liberty of Silence and from "Darkness to His Marvelous Light." She now has another book to add to the list, "MY LIFE (From Tragedy to Destiny) this is one of her best work. MY LIFE (From Tragedy to Destiny), a contemporary, literary nonfiction, a story of Twana Denise Lawler known to some as Niecy, a proud, intelligent woman whom over the years has added poet, playwright, screenwriter, Professional Songwriter and author to her BIO. She has overcome many obstacles in life and it is told in this book. From losing her father to suicide, teenage pregnancy, sexual assault and much more and with every punch she became stronger Twana shares her hurts and pain and dealing with a chronic illness in MY LIFE and how after being celibate for ten years she got some horrible news. Writing is her love and desire. Her belief is if one person is touched by her words than she is truly blessed. Twana wrote a play it placed third in a Gospel play contest. She wrote a screenplay it placed third in LA Screenwriting Contest. Just recently she won a poetry contest and songwriting contest. Twana is now ask to speak at churches and organization to share her testimony.

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    CELIBATE Ladies: "How to NOT Have Sex With Your Man"

    in Relationships

    If you are a Christian woman (a Woman of God) trying to navigate the dating scene, it can be difficult!  This seminar is for women who are practicing celibacy but are (or want to be) in a relationship and want to do it RIGHT.  Uncut & uncensored - adults only!!!

    CELIBATE Ladies:  "How to NOT Have Sex With Your Man"

    Monday, November 10, 2014


    Trying to navigate the dating scene without falling into bed?  Finally seeing someone with real potential but afraid to get too close?  Wondering HOW to date successfully without getting too physical?  Join us for this talk on dating and being celibate.  The Matchmaker & Dating Coach will discuss how to be in an exclusive relationship with a guy and NOT have sex but be on your way to engagement then marriage!




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    "Celibacy: What's Your Reason" - SITUATIONSHIPS: Agree2Disagree w/ Brown Heaven

    in Relationships

    SITUATIONSHIPS: Agree 2 Disagree on KLJN 107.7

    HOSTS: Brown Heaven

    GUESTS: Tranea Prosser, Author of "Celibacy: What Was I Thinking"

    PRODUCER: LadyJaz & Erica Tyus


    Music CREDIT:

    Janet Jackson - I GET SO LONELY

    Floetry - SAY YES

    Janet Jackson - LET'S WAIT A WHILE