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    Wine About Books with Celeste Celeste, author of Scratch

    in Entertainment

      Celeste Celeste decided at a young age I was going to be a writer, but after an extended case of writers block, (it lasted about 8 years), I switched gears and High Maintenance was born in 2006, unfortunately she lived a very short life. She held onto her vision and never gave up on her dream to be an Author and to own her own brand.

    After the unfortunate and untimely passing of her Mother, she realized how short life was and that it was time...time to live, time to make her dreams come true! put together a three year plan, in that time she obtained a college degree and relocated from New York to the Sunshine State in hopes of a fresh start, peace, tranquility and the opportunity to manifest her dreams once more into reality.        

     She is now a self published Author, working on her 3rd book!  She has written for and managed recording artists, written her own screenplay for a trailer that she also directed, styled and starred in for her new release SCRATCH...an erotic tale...

  • Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    Tonight's show is cancelled because I am having audio trouble that is being resolved.  I also had two family emergencies that are being resolved.

    Thank you, and see you next week on Flock of Goats Preparedness!

    Shepherdess Celeste

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    "The Heart of A Lion: w/Celeste Seda"

    in Self Help

    A multitude of issues may arise once an individual becomes aware that they've been adopted.  Feelings of grief, struggles with self-esteem and identity development issues are the more common.  Statistics state that nearly 3 out of every 4 adopted children ages 0-5 are read to or sang to every day.  It also states that well over half of all adopted children eat dinner with their families at least six days per week. The misconception: “Will the adopted child be loved as much as a biological child?” has been proven to be false.  Celeste Seda, a native New Yorker, shares her story in a loving adoptive family.  During this interview she reveals her life, expounds on her dreams and says her adoptive family has always made her feel that she is loved and has been supportive of her dreams to pursue a career in acting and modeling.  www.celesteseda.com

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    Soap Makes a Village - Celeste Mumford

    in Women

    Initially Celeste Mumford, of J. Lexi, LLC, just wanted soaps and moisturizers that would be integral on her skin. Soaps and moisturizers that didn't have chemicals, but were sensual in scent and results. Playing with different formulas she has come up with a whole skin care and hair care system and now we get to experience a few of them through our conversation with her.

    J. Lexi uses the bounty of nature to create products that feed + nourish your skin while refreshingly uplifting your spirit. Our goal is to help you look beautiful...Naked! (truthful, unvarnished + unconcealed). Our products are REAL skin food!  we believe that 99% of what you eat for skin health can be applied topically to your skin, too!

    Connect with Ms. Mumford via J. Lexi at opulence@jlexi.com. or 973-674-7080 or Go to the website:  https//www.jlexillc.com


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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    What exactly does baking soda do?  How can I make baking powder without aluminum?  How can I subsitute if I don't have what a recipe calls for?  Equivilients for substitutions.  How can I stetch my dollar in the kitchen?  What are the old-timer tricks of the trade?

    I will be providing you and PDF/PPT to print out with tonights news and topic.  Link to come.

    I will be discussing all of these and more tonight.

  • Celeste Kellogg Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome country pop music singer songwriter and actress, Celeste Kellogg. Celeste started performing at the age of 6 in her church choir. At age 12, Celeste found herself performing with the Radio Disney Tween Pop Group "RD7" While with Radio Disney, Celeste opened for opened for Raven, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, The Cheetah Girls and Kelly Clarkson's Addicted To Love Tour. In 2010 Celeste released her debut CD "This Is Where I Wanna Be", where her song "The Look" charted #20 in Germany. The CD was produced by multi- platinum producer Andrew Lane. On this CD Celeste had the privilege of co-writing with Noah Gordon (Average Joe Entertainment A/R) Kris Bergsness (Tyler Farr) Anthony Little (Reba) and Douglas Shaw. In April of 2013 she released her second CD "Broken Record" also produced by Andrew Lane and written by Celeste. For the past two years the Country Music Association has acknowledge Celeste as an emerging artist at Fan Fair. Celeste has also been featured on Zuus Country's On The Rise Program. This is a program that recognizes up and coming artists. We will talk to Celeste about her upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at her music, feature her latest songs, and ask her to share her message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Celeste Kellogg at http://www.celestekellogg.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Celeste during the show (718) 766-4193. As always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Join us, Sunday 11/1/2015 at 4 PM EST! Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    Tonight we will have a lively show with Mark and Noelle.  Their skill set includes teaching and beautician, and together their niche and passion is to provide Seattle and Tacoma residents with local, home garden organic products, Bates Family Foods.  Learn the secret to their success. 

    We will be looking back on 2015, what worked and what didn't.  We will also be looking forward to 2016 and making our predictions for the New Year.

    We will be covering the garden, health and beauty, Climate Change, kitchen and more....

    I am still learning the radio sudio and so I will not take callers until next week.  Thank you for your patience! 

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    Coach Chat with Celeste Longacre

    in Self Help

    Change your perspective, change your life.  For coaches and those interested in one of the fastest growing professions in the world today.  Coach Chat hooks you up with some of the world's leading coaches who share their expertise and give you tips and take-aways for expanding and improving your life and your business.

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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    Only 30 days left until Chick Days. Oh so cute, little yellow or black fuzzy chicks peeping away.  Chicks invite everyone to engage with them, but are you prepared?  What does one need to raise a little peep?

    Once your chickens have grown, now what?  We will be discussing what it takes to raise healthy chickens. 

    You will be blessed by raising your own chickens.  They are hypnotic as they dig and scratch the earth for bugs and grain.  Tendinging chicks is a rewarding experience.  Learn the joys and sometime the sadness in the life of a chicken. 

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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    TECHNOLOGY GLITCH TONIGHT.  SORRY ABOUT THAT.  THERE IS NO WAY TO RECONNECT.  I will see you next week on Flock of Goats Preparedness!

    Please check out the news at: www.nonaiswa.org


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    Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste

    in Current Events

    Tonight we will conclude a 2-part series on getting your voice officially heard in a way that the powers that be cannot ignore you whatever the issue. 

    We will dive into why you want to learn the basics on various hearing procedures. 

    How to testify with success!

    Craft your official:  For the Record Memorandum either supporting or opposing an issue.

    Dive into getting the public records you need with FOIA & Public Disclosure

    Templates for each of these can be found at www.nonaiswa.org

    Listen to last weeks foundation on getting your voice heard when we discussed Constitutional No Trespassing Signs, Public Servant Questionnaire Documents, Protesting, Crafting an effective concerned citizen letter

    All of the tips & tricks have been used by myself and many Americans with success!










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