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    TOTM! Tea Talk Creative Ways to Eat Celery

    in Women

    When you think of celery do you think of boring?  Or ants on a log?  How many different ways can you incorporate celery into your diet?  It's a TOTM! friendly food that helps with bloating.
    The place where women can candidly speak about that Time Of The Month!
    Val Carey is the founder of TOTM! Time Of The Month! with the mission to empower women in their cycles years.
    Val Carey has been seen on Lifetime TV, Sistah Talk TV show in NYC, and is the author of the yearly planner book series TOTM! Time Of The Month!

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    #2 Izabella Wentz Best Selling Author Joins Us To Discuss Mental Health, Thyroid

    in Health

    Join Danna Bowman, founder of Thyroid Nation, Tiffany Mladinich, founder of Grateful Garden & Dr. Izabella Wentz, PHARMD as we try to lightheartedly discuss the link to mental health and thyroid disease.

    We'll be chit-chatting and getting REAL with the Thyroid Pharmacist herself. 

    Tune in to listen Sunday at 2 pm CT while we discuss that, along with many other topics and answer call-in questions. 


    <font serif',="" serif"=""><font serif',="" serif"="">This green smoothie is packed with nutrition for your thyroid, helps reduce inflammation and can help with detoxification

    Coconut milk is hypoallergenic and can help reduce inflammation and stabilize blood sugar due to its (good) fat content. 


    1 cup mixed baby greens 
    2 large carrots
    1 ripe avocado
    1 stick of celery
    1 cucumber
    1 bunch of basil leaves
    1 cup coconut milk
    1 scoop Pea Protein
     Sea salt


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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Childhood Obesity and Stopping it.

    in Fitness

    Tip #1 -
    Allow your child to play with her food. 

    Yes, you heard me right.  Trying something new can be a challenge to small children.  Allow them to use all their senses to explore new and sometimes strange fruits and vegetables.  Let him hold the kiwi and treat it as a ball before you cut it and let him eat the green inside.  Let her pretend to color with the celery stick before she tries it.

    Tip #2 -  
    Encourage your child to be creative with their food. 

    Make fruit salad into a smiley face.  Use two grape halves as the eyes, a strawberry half as the nose and an orange slice as the mouth.  Try ants on a log.  If the child is over two, place peanut butter on a banana that has been sliced lengthwise.  Sprinkle raisins over the sticky peanut butter to represent the ants.  You can also replace the banana with a celery stick.

    Tip #3 -
    Read stories to your children about food. 

    This age group loves to spend time listening to their parents read to them.  Take advantage of this.  Not only will this help their cognitive abilities but can also help them to try healthy foods.

    Trying to introduce a protein rich egg, read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
    Oliver's Vegetables, Rabbit Food or any Veggie Tales book is great while introducing new vegetables.
    Alligator Arrived with Apples or Oliver's Fruit Salad helps to get new fruit down.  You may even want to play the game Hi, Ho Cherrio, too.
    Wanting your little one to like whole grains, try If You Give A Pig A Pancake, If You Give A Moose A Muffin or The Little Red Hen.



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    "One True Thing" Green Soup Recipe from Dara Dubinet - Raw Foods with Dara

    in Food

    What to do with greens, here's how to make it taste good. :) for the blender.  

    RECIPE for Dara's "One True Thing" Green Soup
    3 Cups Purified Water, a Large Bunch of Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Bunch of Cilantro, Fresh Dill, Parsley, 2 Peeled Lemons, Olive Oil, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Powder for Pop, a Pinch of Himalayan Salt, Celery (Cut in Half), Nutritional Yeast, Mung Beans for Garish, and you can add Spirulina if you want for more Protein.  ... and 2 Avacados at the VERY end, just before you garnish! 

    Bon Apetit! Get your greens on!   #KeepingItRawKeepingItReal 
    To see me make this soup, visit my YouTube channel!  http://youtu.be/J19GtxXcgfU

    YouTube:  http://bit.ly/DaraOnYouTube
    More With Dara:  http://www.daradubinet.com/more-with-dara 
    Website: http://bit.ly/MoreWithDara 
    Twitter: http://bit.ly/DaraStyle
    Facebook: http://bit.ly/DaraFacebookFanPage
    Buy DVDs: http://tinyurl.com/buydaradvds

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    Enjoy BBQ, Beat Acid Reflux and Side-Step Food Coma

    in Health

    Did you know turnip greens, celery & green bell pepper naturally help regulate blood sugar to beat diabetes? Do you want to know which meats to grill to boost brain function and libido? Dial 347-850-8486 on July 2nd as we share the best (& worst) BBQ foods for cellular health.

    Just in time for 4th of July Weekend, Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back therapeutic scientist, professor, author, and the founder of Symptometry - Dr. Maxwell Nartey. A licensed symptometrist, author of THE DOWNSIDE OF NUTRITION PART I, and many other books, Dr. Nartey - through Symptometry - has cured countless chronic and exotic health issues. 

    Tonight's expert health panel will also feature Dr. Charlie Abbott, OMD, LAc, LSym & Director of Administration at the AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SYMTPOMETRY - first training institution producing therapeutic scientists in root cause therapeuticsTM. Look forward to recipes and simple BBQ techniques to boost you health on the air tonight!

    Root Cause Radio  -  Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health

    For exclusive podcasts & special promotions subscribe at  www.RootCauseRadio.com today.

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    Host Curtis Harwell and Sarah Kingston Discuss Food and How To Have Great Sex

    in Fitness

    Foods that will provide the essential fuel to spark your sexual appetite and increase libido.

    1- Celery

    While celery may not be the first food that comes to mind when you're thinking sex, it can be a fantastic source food for sexual stimulation. This is because it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration and turns women on.

    How to enjoy this libido food: Celery is best eaten raw. Wash and cut some, and munch away.

    2 - Raw oysters

    This is one of the classic aphrodisiacs. Oysters are high in zinc, which raises sperm and testosterone production. Oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone known to increase libido. Also, the experience of shucking a raw oyster is erotic. Try incorporating it into your foreplay — feed her and have her feed you. The slippery taste sensation and the mere act of sucking should get you both in the mood.

    How to enjoy this libido food: Scrub the shells thoroughly to get any dirt or bacteria off. Pry them open with an oyster knife and place them on a bed of ice, squeeze some fresh lemon onto them if you like, and then start sucking away.

    3 - Bananas

    Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which is believed to increase libido and reverse impotence in men. Additionally, they are good sources of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body's overall energy levels.

    How to enjoy this libido food: Place them on a dish in various states of "undress" and have your lady slowly eat some for you. Then gobble yours down and get to work.

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    in Comedy

    Sure, they've talked about jizz-in-the-face, rape fantasies, dropping tits on passed out comrades and pissing on public floors, but it was their comical wish that Corinne's bang boo "be blacker" that stopped the record. Scraaaaaaatch!

    Alright, Young Al Sharptons of America (and India and Brazil and Jordan...etc.) let's discuss race! On this week's episode, Krystyna & Corinne (together known as comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) welcome the actual Black man of the hour -- MIKE BROWN. Grab some celery sticks and make sure your earbuds are pushed in tight 'cause you're about to get The Mike Brown Experience, including, but not limited to, shout-outs, emotions, smooth talk, interview talk, words without the 'g' at the end, Donald Sterling, Solange and those eyes. Ahh those Mike Brown eyes.

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com

    Tweet the ladies @SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Corinne @PhilanthropyGal
    Tweet Krystyna @KrystynaHutch
    Tweet Mike @YoMikeBrown
    Twwet Labs @standupnylabs
    Instagram: instagram.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt
    Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

    Check out all of the Stand Up NY Labs podcasts at standupnylabs.com and see whose performing live at www.StandUpNY.com

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    BeSimply...Roots {Food Alchemy}

    in Culture

    Connect to your roots. The Alchemy of Food and Culture of Cooking and Dining. Engage with simple ways to interact with food, develop a new relationship with how and what you eat. Discover new ways to nourish self, soil and society. This segment we talk about the Celery and discuss the importance of this vegetable and how it can support your liver, blood and lungs.

    These segments will shine a light on your beauty and lift you UP.

    Shining a light on The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

    Tibetan Medical Dietary Book, Vol. 1: Potency & Preparation of Vegetables By Clinical Research Department Men-Tsee Khang

    Healing with Whole Food by Paul Pitchford

    Music Loss of Her Ancestors Anne Heaton

    Cerulean - Ben Leinbach & Geoffrey Gordon

    Food Alchemy with 'She'


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    pHix Your Body's pH

    in Health

    All the ways to get that bod in tip top pH shape will be explored tonight on pHix Your Health Radio with Monika and her trusty side kick Mike.  Grab a celery stalk and join us

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    Resolve to Eat Yummy, Healthy Food This Year (And Lose Weight, too!)

    in Cooking

    Today, I welcome back Kathy Marker, principal writer/cook/drink pourer on her blog, Hungry Again. She's an enthusiastic DIY home cook, wife and mother of two living in Decatur, Georgia, a small town thriving in the shadow of Atlanta.

    "Philosophically, I like to cook and eat traditional foods, because frankly, traditional foods are usually the tastiest, least expensive and “closest to the ground” of all our food choices."

    Based on our shared philosophy, Kathy and I will be chatting about how to eat healthier in the New Year without dieting & deprivation and with some simple recipes that won't keep you in the kitchen forever!

    Join us as we discuss a new definition of "healthy" cooking - you will probably be surprised AND pleased - and remind you that cookin' from scratch can be simple and satisfying! And, follow along as Kathy takes you step-by-step through each recipe: Tangerine Drop Martini, Homemade Beef Stock, Porcini Mushroom Barley Soup and Shirred Duck Eggs with Celery Cream.

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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: JoAnna Minneci

    in Food

    Thanksgiving may be the most popular day of the year for family gatherings, but it’s not always the healthiest. Traditional holiday gravy, for example, runs upwards of 500 calories per serving. To reduce that gut-busting number by about 80 percent, Chef JoAnna Minneci—whose celebrity clients include Modern Family star Julie Bowen and Devious Maids star Roselyn Sánchez—has a simple yet delicious solution. “Take regular button mushrooms and cook them in a little vegetable oil until they’re very soft. Then blend the mushrooms with some flour and vegetable stock. Then put it back in the pan to let the flour thicken,” she tells Chefs Line host Jenn Beisser. Stuffing, too, can be madeover as a healthy dish. “Add diced green apples, grated carrots or celery, which will increase the bulk without adding many calories,” says Chef JoAnna. “And use a vegetable stock instead of the pan drippings, to moisten the stuffing.”

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