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    Celebrity Publicist Terrell Everett

    in Entertainment

    Terrell Everett, better known as The SocialiteTee is a celebrity publicist, socialite and CEO of Social Marketing PR Firm. He has established his business at a well positioned level by introducing his numerous clients into the world of "social media" and keeping them trend worthy! To date Terrell has worked with acts such as Rockell, R.M.A, Estelle, Mama Jones, Sassy, Ying Yang Twins and countless others. Terrell is popularly known for his role in the development of vh1's Mama Jones book Mama Jones: My Guide to Love & Romance, her fragrance "Pum-Kash" and newly placed Psychotic Vodka. You may also remember his face from Season 2 of Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Currently, Terrell is pushing his company proactively into a new frontier; The United Kingdom. Terrell has successfully done this by partnering up with The Concert Company, a newly established London based concert company. The duo is starting their venture June 3rd ,2014 by booking the iconic rapper Cam'ron to perform live at the Forum Kentish Town. The next show is projected to be Nas in October for UK Black History Month.

    Fun Fact:Terrell's Mother is Vh1's Chrissy & Mr. Jones Sassy

    Be sure to follow Terrell:

    Facebook:Terrell Everett

    Concert Company: Concert Company

    IG: thesocialitetee on Instagram

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    Celebrity Life News Radio

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity Life News is the way to get up-to-date on celebrities, with a quick and easy click of a mouse and you can get information from the blog or the web show.

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    Celebrity Publicist "CeCe Vance"

    in Entertainment

    This week we welcome celebrity publicist  CeCe Vance.  Her clients include Recording Artists, Atheletes,   Models and more. Vance NYCC manages everything for thier clients from Booking Castings, Red Carpet Events and media liason CeCe is a force to be reckon with! Tune In and Find out why call 323-443-7518 with your questions and comments Let's Go!

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    Tracy Lamouri- Publicist

    in Entertainment

    It takes a great Publicist  to get your brand out there. Tracy Lamouri happens to be one of the best. From straight out of Canada she has this knack to make your project or the artist shine.Marketing, Branding,Promoting, is what Tracy Lamouri is all about.

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    celebrity talk

    in Hip Hop Music

    The hottest new talk show

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    celebrity talk

    in Current Events

    from news to music

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    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator Interview Michele Elliott

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator  Interview Michele Elliott she talk about her upcoming progect and how she became a Actress tune in 4/8/2015 at 11pm 

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    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator will be Interview Sharon Green

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator  will be Interview Sharon Green about her new Book tune  Tune Night at 11pm 

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    Celebrity Life News Update

    in Entertainment

    We will be talking about the Grammys this year that premieres on Sunday Feb. 8, 2015 including the Generation Era Awards!

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    Publicist and Phlianthorpist of JSW Media Group Jameka Whitten, Special Guest

    in Entrepreneur

    Many people talk about leaving their mark on the entertainment industry only to find space is limited. There are existing marks on the entertainment industry and they all read, Jameka S. Whitten was here. To call her a Renaissance woman is an understatement. And to think her storm has subsided is a huge mistake. She continues to shift the atmosphere with her fierce style, get-it-done tenacity and creative flair. Jameka served as the Co-Founder and former Executive Creative Director for SOTAC (State of the Arts & Culture) Magazine (now SOTACi) until her entrepreneurial flame was lit in 2007; and she decided to concentrate on nurturing her enterprise- JSW Media Group; a boutique public relations, marketing and brand management firm focused on the entertainment, fashion and publishing fields. In addition to owning JSW Media Group and serving as CEO, Jameka played an integral role as a founding member and former COO for Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports cancer research through music. Her most important philanthropic project to date is serving as a Red Pump Ambassador for The Red Pump Project™, a national nonprofit that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. In 2013, Jameka was hired to lead the communications and marketing efforts of independent label NuVybe Records serving the company as Executive Vice President, reporting directly to CEO, music industry veteran Herb Middleton. When not juggling the demands of entrepreneurship, Jameka wears the hat of a seasoned speaker/spokesperson for various commercial, editorial, event hosting and television/video assignments. She holds a bachelor’s in Communication Studies with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University and a master’s in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix.  She is committed to philanthropic causes and esteems the idea of making a difference in the lives of others.

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    Broadcast Publicist Talks about Video Distribution and Digital Marketing

    in Social Networking

    Host Lori wilk welcomes Patti, the broadcast publicist for  http://www.NewsplexNow.com to Successipes. Patti will share industry tips and secrets and offer insights into the world of broadcast publicity. 

    On this show you'll hear about the trends online and how broadcasting is moving more and more into online video platforms. Patti tells listeners about her helping clients distribute their video content and programming online on  http://www.BYLNetwork.com.

    Successipes is produced live and then archived for your enjoyment. Call-in and speak to our host , and ask our guest Patti  questions at 347.237.5638.Follow on Twitter@Successipes. To advertise or sponsor Successipes contact our studios at 561.487.3690 .

    Tune-in to Successipes and watch host Lori Wilk on the Money Channel at BYL Network.

    Looking for business financing? http://www.BusinessFinanceUSA.com In upcoming episodes of Successies Lori Wilk be interviewing the CEO of Business Finance USA, Bryan Miller about how to raise more capital for business operations such as working capital, money to finance your commercial real estate.

    Business Finance USA shows  companies how to supplement their bank financing, save money on their inventory purchases and so much more that they often don't get to learn. We'll take you beyond what you've learned in school about business into the real world with recipes for your business success.(305)409-7243 

    Enjoy special savings from Forbes for our listeners http://bit.ly/ForbesonBYL




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