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  • Rescheduled: Rooney Nelson, The Nelson Group

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    Every organization must consistently adapt and increase their skill set to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment.  If they don’t they fail.  The Nelson Group helps and teaches organizations to reach their maximum potential for success via transformative organizational excellence. TNG’s proven insights and strategies were used in building the team and the launching of one of the most iconic and successful global brands of this generation,

    TNG's team building experience is a case based exercise that changes lives.  It is fun, powerful and proven.  Two hours of team building gives most teams at least 2 years of increased performance using the proven practical skills shared in their session.  Your team will also get to join the “giving back to the community and changing lives movement” by using the skills learned in the team building session to design, create and then have distributed care-packages to at risk kids in the community.

    The Nelson Group’s CEO and Founder, Rooney Nelson's extensive resume includes launching, one of the most successful product launches ever, and leading the U.S. team.  He also launched Celebrex in Europe, Asia and Latin America, driving it to become one of the most successful and largest pain franchises in the world.  TNG has executed ground breaking and record setting initiatives and campaigns for many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies, brands and teams across the globe.

    275 Madison Ave. * 9th Floor * NY, NY 10016 * 646. 838.2230 * www.welcometotng.com

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    5/3/13, Guest Rooney Nelson The Nelson Group World Wide

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    The Nelson Group World Wide are launch experts.  CEO and Founder Rooney Nelson’s extensive resume includes launching, the most successful pharmaceutical launch and one of the top global launches in history. He also launched Celebrex in Europe, Asia and Latin America, driving it to become the most successful and largest pain franchise across the globe.  TNG has launched ground breaking and record setting initiatives and campaigns for many of the worlds biggest and most successful companies, brands and individuals using a patented and globally proven suite of launch tools, exclusively developed and used by TNG, known as Penetration Point Marketing.  With Penetration Point Marketing, the first and most important breakthrough the TNG team delivers for their clients is leading them through a comprehensive, iterative and sometimes even fun process to truly identify and commit to their penetration point.  That penetration point is the single most unique, different, tangible and achievable feature or benefit of their product that will revolutionize the market and bring them wild success.  Conversely, inability to identify and focus on it guarantees their failure.  Once that critical task is accomplished, TNG then helps their clients to develop proven, easy to measure, actionable strategies and tactics that will ensure that the product’s penetration point is completely compelling to future customers.  Failure happens to 8 or 9 of every 10 products that are launched with generally catastrophic consequences for their teams.  Avoid being the next casualty.  As TNG’s track record has proven, if you really want to succeed in today’s very competitive and challenging marketplace, then simply never, ever, launch anything without them.

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    The actions of Merck went beyond the bounds of anything seen before in the pharmaceutical industry. To say Merck merely bent the rules is quite an understatement,” says leading pharmaceutical industry expert and thirty year veteran, Tom Nesi, author of a new book POISON PILLS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF VIOXX DRUG SCANDAL (St Martin’s Press, September 17, 2008). This new book reveals little known details about the pharmaceutical giant Merck’s tactics in aggressively marketing drugs -- from bribing doctors to endorse a drug, ignoring and delaying research, to intimidating and threatening scientists. Even five years after Merck took Vioxx off the market for causing fatal harm to patients; new evidence reported by The New York Times finds that the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA continue to play Russian roulette with patients and their health.