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  • A Celebration of Woman Foundation- with Catherine Anne Clark

    in Culture

    Please join Frankie Picasso on Thursday, September 17th at 1:00 pm EDT when my guest is Catherine Anne Clark, founder of  A Celebration of Women™ which is the first and only global advocacy organization where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive philanthropic action collectively on one central stage, the world hub.

    Armed with over thirty years experience as an entrepreneur, with a history ranging from hospitality, financial planning, global commodity trade, manufacturing, child care, senior care and of course – motherhood, Catherine now acts as advocate for the Women of our World, celebrating the milestones of achievement of our world’s women leaders working on the front lines creating positive change in all areas of life.

    Catherine Anne a mother of four herself, has devoted 24/7 to this mission since that auspicious day in October 2009, after two years of research into the study of women’s activities, challenges and successes globally.

    On September 20th, 2015,  just a few short days away, Catherine Anne will be promoting and hosting The World Peace Summit 2015 -‘Character & Culture … are an Inside Job!’

    This event features many inspiring woman hosting workshops throughout a full day, and will include viewing the Documentary FEMME- Woman healing the World featuring Sharon Stone, Maria Bello, Maryanne Williamson, Gloria Steinham and as a special treat, the Filmmaker himself, Emmanuel Itier will be attending and hosting a Q & A

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    in Christianity


    Elle nous expliquera sa rencontre avec le Seigneur, sa vie de femme, d'épouse, de chantre et de mère.

    Nous sommes toutes appelées à être des femmes inébranlables.

    A ce soir!




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    4 Ways To Grow Your Business with Audrey Godwin

    in Finance

    Our guest will be Audrey L Godwin is well known as the “go to” expert for helping business owners become financially savvy CEOs.  Her insights, strategies and tools equip them to run a financially healthy and vibrant company.  Her clients not only know their numbers, but also increase cash flow and profitability.  This gives them the confidence and peace of mind that their company funds their lifestyle, lifetime and legacy.

    Audrey is an engaging trainer and speaker who simplifies complex material and makes it highly user friendly with down-to-earth tips, tools and techniques.  Audience members leave inspired with clear next step actions to implement immediately.  Her financial success tips have been showcased on the local NBC affiliate King5 TV, Business Examiner, Seattle Times, The News Tribune, Diversity Business News, and radio shows Chat With Women, Femme Finance and the Kevin Zimmerman Show.  She is co-author of the book, “Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire” and is working on her upcoming book, “Fearless Financial Mastery – How to align your business finances to fund your lifestyle, lifetime and legacy”.

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    The Original BevNat Classic / December '14 Femme Fatale - by Joy Merke

    in Current Events

    Topic : The Violence against Black People ; Is it racism or hatred join us for our rebroadcast ( Originally aired December 23, 2014 ) join us

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    Le merkaba, la femme sauvage et l'aventurier

    in Spirituality

    Non, il ne s'agit pas d'un nouvel épisode du Monde de Narnia ... Aujourd'hui, Marc nous parle des changements profonds expérimentés par les participants à ses webinaires consacrés au nouveau merkaba. Où il est question de la guérison des anciennes mémoires de sacrifices humains, d'oiseaux en visite, d'intense sentiments d'amour, de pardon et d'acceptation de soi-même et de renouveaux complets dans l'expression. L'émission se termine par une introduction au thème fascinant des sub-personnalités.

    Et notre émission commence une demi-heure plus tard que d'habitude ...


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    Solstice, famille intérieure et Grèce

    in Spirituality

    Aujourd'hui, Marc et Barbara parlent de l'alchimie et la magie du sosltice d'été; Barbara et Harold nous expliquent comment ils célèbrent le sosltice en créant des essences alchimiques en coopération avec les forces de la nature. Marc parle des sub-personnalités et traduit une audio où Almine explique comment la force authentique du féminin véritable s'exprime à travers la sub-personnalité de la "femme sauvage". La situation actuelle de la Grèce est explorée à travers une perspective métaphysique, particulièrement en lien avec le travail sur les sub-personnalités.

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    Femme Fatales - Bump it! or Dump it! - w/ Mr. Bigga Black

    in Music

    Gift of Gab Records Radio show - Bump it! or Dump it! is a show that caters to the underground, undiscovered artists in the U.S. and abroad. All songs played will be listened to and voted on by the public, giving the artist the opportunity to hear what the world is feeling about their artistry. All submissions should be sent to giftofgabrecords@yahoo.com at least 48 hours prior to the airing of the show. For further info. please contact Bigga @ 2164960242 or email us. We are also available on reverbnation.com/giftofgabrecords. Thanks for the love and support of Indie artistry. Don't forget to Google: Gift of Gab Records & Google: Bigga Black...

    IG @ mrbiggablack

    FB @ biggablack

    TW @bigga_black

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    Interview with the Cast of Yellow Fever TV Show

    in Motivation

    Yellow Fever is a dramatic series about 4 Asian-American women in NYC, trying to break out of the stereotype labels that society has put on them. 

    Sondra Anderson plays Amber Choe, who is a high-end matchmaker. She is a lesbian and has a lover but is looking for more. Her assistant at the office is Gabrial who is a femme gay man having his own issues with his lover.

    Kitty Chen plays Donna Chan, who is an analyst for a Wall Street consulting firm. She is in a  male dominated career and is fighting her way to the top without ruining her morals.

    Grace Dawn Lim is Jackie Kim who is a model/actor trying to make it in the industry where all other races dominate it. She wants the fame and glory and most of all respect from the main stream for her talent.

    Emi Blue plays Jasmine a night club owner

    Yellow Fever is  A term usually applied to males who have a clear sexual preference for women of Asian descent, and believe that they are submissive, and basically have an obsession with Asian women.

    The series can be seen on pay-on-demand Vimeo, hashtags for Instagram and Twitter are #feverdivas and #yellowfever


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    in Women

    If Aryka Randallll has her way, FEMMES WILL RULE THE WORLD. It would be a requirement for all to INDULGE in a world all things FAB and FEMME if youre QUEER. Shes on a mission, and has already created a demographic space for all who identify. VIVA THE FAB FEMME BLOG!!

    She created The Fab Femme Blog in 2010, with the intention of unifying femme women and men throughout the country. Has the word "femme" been misunderstood?


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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with Cindie Harper - May 6,2015

    in Paranormal

    Tonight, LIVE on Incubi Incarnate Broadcast join your host Bill Bachman as he welcomes the beautiful and compelling Femme Force Cindie Harper on www.incubiincarnate.com/iiblistenlive! Call in on (347) 539-5549 and join the interactive chat on our website!

    Cindie was raised in the middle of a "melting pot" of spiritual beliefs. Her experiences include Native American Shamanism, Christianity, Witchcraft and various other religious influences. Cindie began investigating the paranormal in 1988 when she noticed strange and unexplained voices on cassette tapes while listening to the play back of her various performance recordings. During her early pre-teen years, she experienced poltergeist activity first hand. These experiences left Cindie frightened and full of questions. When Cindie finally found the courage to tell her father about the experiences, he encouraged her to learn how to protect herself spiritually. Cindie continued to spend a lot of time learning spiritual warfare techniques under her father, Reverend Harper. Cindie struggled with this "gift" for several years as she often knew when someone would pass away before it became public knowledge. For some time, she actually believed that she was causing their deaths with her premonitions. It wasn't until she was older, that she realized that was simply not the case. Cindie began exploring different healing and energy manipulation techniques while living in Hawaii for several years. She is a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and continues to study energy, theology and metaphysics. Cindie does not use Ouija boards and does not believe in any paranormal "experts." In addition to being a paranormal investigator and the Founder of Femme Force, she is also a guest writer for Scared Sheetless and a writer for LIVEParanormal.com. Cindie believes in embracing the unknown. You can find Cindie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/femmeforce

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    Will and Thunder Welcomes Melphomene!

    in Rock Music

    In Greek mythology, Melpomene is one of the two theatre Muses. Initially it was the Muse of singing and musical harmony, but happened to be the Muse of Tragedy as is currently recognized.

    A myth says that Melpomene had all the riches that a woman could have: beauty, money, men. Just, having it all she could not be happy ... that’s what leads to the true drama of life: having everything is not enough to be happy.

    Although newly formed, the band Melphomene has musicians with extensive experience in this art. It’s a symphonic metal band founded in 2013 by Mario Del Rio and Esthíbaliz, guitarist and vocalist, respectively, and both composers, shortly joined Omar Silva on bass and Ignacio Fontán Blanch on drums.

    Mario and Esthíbaliz will be joining us this Tuesday to tell us about their debut album, Destructive Crescendo. Calling all the way from Mexico, we are having a Cinco de Mayo celebration and Melphomene will be our final guests before our "summer vacation" hiatus. Be sure not to miss it!