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    S.M.I.L.E.3E Presents "IronSharpeningIron"

    in Religion

    S.M.I.L.E.3E in several locations at one time with YesLord Cecelia? and Minister Brandon BeeKay Kizer? presents our featured Monday Night broadcast of "IronSharpeningIron" broadcasting live on the air from the U.S.A. tonight @8 pm (CST) and Every Monday Night! Listen in EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at 310-861-2354 and Listen in Via BlogTalkRadio!!!

  • S.M.I.L.E.3E Presents "IronSharpeningIron"

    in Religion

    S.M.I.L.E.3E in several locations at one time with YesLord Cecelia? and Minister Brandon BeeKay Kizer? presents our featured Monday Night broadcast of "IronSharpeningIron" with Prophet Antoine Thomas? broadcasting live on the air all the way from Florida to the US and overseas tonight @8 pm (CST) and Every 4th Monday/month! Listen in TONIGHT at 310-861-2354 and Listen in at BlogTalkRadio via http://tobtr.com/s/7701249. #BlogTalkRadio

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    An interview with Cecelia Tkaczyk

    in Politics

    An interview with Cecelia Tkaczyk, candidate for the 46th State Senate District. 


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        Originally, the anniversary show was going to be played today - however due to some technical difficulties, the program that I used to EDIT the show, and put it together, like I did recently with the B B King tribute, the William "Mickey" Stephenson/MOTOWN show, the Mother's day tribute and others - did not work with the current update that I did with WINDOWS 10 - I have to resort to some other methods and do the show next week, which is still in August, by the calendar I checked, so hold onto your mules..... I should have listened to VALCINE's clue when she said she had some issues with Windows 10 and I should have remembered all the other times when WINDOWS updated, it kicked out some programs ETC.

    ANY WHO -

    Tonight, you will hear one of the earlier shows - which featured Mark Dixon, Aaron Anderson, Cecelia Davis and Anna Redding.  This was a show back in 2011 where the COOL CRITICS look back at 2011... Enjoy -

    by the by - there are some shows mentioned here that have changed or are no longer on the network.

    Thank you for being a part of the growth of THE JKN / The Jay King Network.

    Lynn Tolliver jr/Founder-General Manager.

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          Somewhere, a date in this month, the COOL CRITICS started.  It was started with Mark Dixon, Aaron Anderson, Cecelia Davis (First Choice/Top Shelf) & Anna Redding.  We've added and subtracted members along the way, but the jest of the show remains constant - and that constant is - WE WILL TALK ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.  This doesn't stand us out from a lot of the other people that have done shows, but one thing is the standout - we have had a show every week, unless there were technicals, which have happened, but we are on it - blue bonnet.  A lot in the news, the Republican run for President, the deal of President Obama - all the chit-chatter of the media, and polls talk.  One of the analysts said - the POLLS for the upcoming election don't mean anything - THEN WHY TALK ABOUT THEM AS A REFERENCE???? 347-205-9366.  COOL CRITICS in the house.

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    Dr. Jim Leininger debuts Alone Yet Not Alone DVD on Life Lessons

    in Lifestyle



    Dr. Jim Leininger, executive producer of the controversial "nominated-yet-not nominated" film Alone Yet Not Alone and other faith-based projects including the National Bible Bee Game show, delves into the Leininger family history in this newly released DVD. Alone Yet Not Alone is a true story following the immigration of the Leininger family to the United States during the French and Indian War. While searching for religious freedoms, they are faced with the harsh reality of living amongst the natives when part of the family is massacred while the young daughters are kidnapped and raised with an Indian tribe. A gripping, historical account of an early settlers life in America, Alone Yet Not Alone is the ultimate tale of survival on the American frontier.


    Leininger, a well-known philanthropist, worked on Alone Yet Not Alone with his daughter Tracy Leininger Craven, who wrote the novel on which the film is based. ·      

    ·        What was it like discovering your ancestors’ history? What did you discover along the way?

    ·        What was it like working with your daughter, Tracy Leininger Craven?

    ·       Are there any faith-based films in your future?


    Executive producer of Alone Yet Not Alone and the National Bible Bee Game show, former emergency room doctor James Leininger spends most of his time as a Texas GOP heavyweight . He married his wife Cecelia in 1976 and they have four children and five grandchildren.

    Presented by Church Kitchen Ladies. Visit www.churchkitchenladies.com for more info.

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    Beauty Brains and Talent with Cecelia Hughes Cofounder of Ce Ela Models & Talent

    in Radio

    Ladies and gentleman I am excited to present to you another one of Grand Rapids Michigans' rare diamonds in the form of the beautiful, electrifying Cofounder of Ce Ela Models and Talent, Ms. Cecelia Hughes!

    On this episode of In Life Now Radio Ms. Cecelia Hughes will be talking to us about the beauty and fashion industry along with highlighting her story, which leads her to where she is now as a very successful business owner running a modeling and talent agency.

    Visit Cecelia online @https://www.facebook.com/CeElaModelsAndTalent?ref=br_rs

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    Cecelia Austin

    in Health

    For the last nine years, Cecelia Austin has been in remission, despite getting breast cancer not once, but twice. The first time, she had radiation therapy done at a conventional oncologist. However, the cancer soon returned in an entirely different spot on the same breast.

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    Kush Kumedy Kafe and Homebased Business:Tupperware

    in Culture

    Laughter is medicine. Kush Kumedy Kafe brings the joy of a laughter. I love Tupperware remember the picnics. Share with Sabrina and her Special guest, Cecelia.

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    USOKS Research Team Chat with Cecelia Hall Giants, Small People & Other Thangs

    in Radio

    Cecelia Hall has been a valued USOKS researcher for many years. In October 2013, Cecelia was approached by Jim Vieira to document his work along with the work of Ross Hamilton and Micah Ewer. Cecelia has produced the first ever ongoing global report of Giants and their associated information on Google Earth.

    Cecelia is also one of the USOKS most prominent admins both in THE COURTYARD and now in the new USOKS GLOBAL MEGALITHICA group.

    Please welcome a great researcher and a good friend, Cecelia Hall.....

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    HIV Testing: Guest Speaker, Cecelia J. Davis, M.Div

    in Health

      Cecelia "Cece" J. Davis, M.Div is the founder of Cece Jones Ministries, Inc. and Sing For Change, a non-profit organization raising funds for HIV/AIDS programs. She graduated from Howard University in 2002 with a B.S. degree in Sociology.  In 2005, Cece graduated from Yale Divinity School with a Masters of Divinity (Mdiv) and the esteemed Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Worship and the Arts where she concentrated in Liturgical Studies and received a Certificate of Sacred Music.  Tune in as the psalmist shares her the importance of HIV Testing. 
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