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    Guest: Adam de Angeli-Should voters reject MI 1% Sales Tax Increase 2/12 @ 9pmET

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST - Aired each Tuesday & Thursday at 9pm ET.   

    On Today's Show:
    Director of the Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan organization Adam de Angeli stops by to discuss details behind Michigan's 1% Sales Tax Increase May 5, 2015 ballot proposal. Should state voters be very leary of trusting Lansing politicans to do anything promised with an increase in taxpayers revenue like fixing our roads or improving K-12 education?

    And Michigan Dir. of Wolf PAC Eric Hart will stop by the show at in the second hour to talk about the groups initiative to get big money out of politics and upcoming visits to the Michigan Democratic & Republican Party Conventions. 

    Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

    With Our FIFTH YEAR on Blog Talk Radio, syndicated by Tune In, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes, Learn Out Loud and Player FM Networks, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (IURL) have received over 1.5 Million downloads since 2010!!

    Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IUNewsTalk.
    Follow Our Blog: http://www.iunewstalk.com 
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    EVANGELIST CHARLETTE CD new music never heard- Promises.. CULmiMINATION TONIGHT

    in Music

    TONIGHT!         yes   -   TONIGHT ................   The Climax The promise

          Last of the series of   4 parts of music & Emmett Till HISTORY!           ****************                           ****************         ********************

      ------- True Story ------ Hear testimony of kind deep P Diddy Sean Combs did (his staff) while son was dying in hospital  - Hear how I met R Kelly and sang on same stage!

    .......... SONGS I WROTE & RECORDED A FEW YEARS AGO NEVER HEARD! ..........................  over 50,000 wrote and viewed this 

    African song I wrote ...............  THAT TOTAL WITHOUT PROMOTION!

    ********BLACK HISTORY musical - "CULMINATION" of Evangelist Charlette's

    repertoire of songs from her NEW  .....   CD Album that is available this

    week on AMAZON.COM - as, well as, ..............  HER MOVIE!  

       ******************                      ***************

    MOVIE ..... "Pastor Mose Wright" is finally available.  Full of ORIGINAL 

    BLACK HISTORY from the real start of civil rights - August 28, 1955.


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    Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals talks about their new CD /Realtor Catherine Thomas

    in Entertainment

    Home buying advice from a Pro! Is now the right time to purchase a home? Need some help with your mortgage? Find out information on recent home sales. Which way to go talking about Apartments vs. Townhomes vs. Condos? Join us as we talk with Ms. Catherine Thomas of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

    The Casuals were born one spring evening in 1965 accidentally. You see, they were ejected from a house party in Northwest, DC. What are they up to today? Join us as we talk about their new release "Never Gonna Let You Go". That's just one of the breathtaking tunes on the new CD entitled "Good Old Days" The CD is available for downloads at www.skipmahoneyandthecasuals.com and cdbaby.com. 

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    EVANGELIST CHARLETTE's CD Album promotion - 2015

    in Music

    Evangelist Charlette Jones, affectionately called "Evangelist Charlette" has been a singer and soloist since the age of 3 years old.

    She was trained by her mom, Elnora Jones, who taught music to other aspiring artists in her home as Charlette was growing up.  Charlette received music lessons from her mom, but because she was so physically active, she excelled more in the singing aspect of music.


    Over the last 7 years Evangelist Charlette traveled and performed on TV from Chicago all the way to New York.  Some of her songs were recorded in studios in Chicago and others in New York.  SHE WROTE ALL HER MUSIC via internet and some of the music displays her keyboard piano skills.  SHE IS MOST KNOWN FOR HER love song, "Amazing" and extremely know for her AFRICAN MUSIC THAT attracted over 45,000 you tube views without any promotion!

    As a youth, Evangelist Charlette was offered singing contracts by the well known R&B GROUP - Chi Lites, and offered a contract to tour Europe by the Staple Singers R&B group.

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    The Romance Bookmark with Renee Bernard presents: CD Hersch

    in Books

    15 minutes of who-knows-what about authors and maybe even their books.  Lots of laughs, gossip and more laughs! The dynamic duo of CD Hersch returns for another round of fun at The Romance Bookmark to talk about their "Turning Stone Chronicles" and the books ahead for them!  Catherine and Donald are long-time friends of the show but even more importantly, and if you've ever wondered why two heads are better than one, be sure to see the proof at https://cdhersh.wordpress.com.  As they say, "Two hearts creating everlasting love stories!"

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents DeWayne Woods Debuts new CD " Life Lessons "

    in Music

    Over the last few years I’ve experienced extreme ups and downs with life, depression, disappointment with my career and even the feeling of being left behind,” confesses urban inspirational vocalist DeWayne Woods who burst on to the music scene in a big way with his 2006 Top 5 radio smash “Let Go” that was written and produced by Maroon 5’s P.J. Morton. The song spent a solid year on various Billboard Magazine singles charts and won him three Stellar Awards including Best New Artist of the Year. After other radio hits such as “Living on the Top” and “I Won’t Be Afraid,” things quieted down for the Kansas City native and that brings us to the themes that echo throughout Woods’ first CD in four years, “Life Lessons” (Soul Therapy/ Central South Distribution). “When my manager and I started receiving music from songwriters, I always made sure that the songs we chose reflected some part of my life. I believe that’s why `Let Go’ was so special, because I lived it. As the record started to build and we worked with the writers about certain things I wanted to express, I realized it became a teaching record full of lessons that I’ve learned over the years. I’ve gone through these experiences not just for me, but to help someone who may be experiencing the same things.”
    I had broken dreams; I was so full of pain
    But then You came and now I’ll never be the same again
    I had tried it all and I wanted to change
    And right then you came and now I’ll never be the same again
    Whether it’s a new relationship or a renewed sense of faith, many people have been in a similar situation as the one described in the engaging song “Never Be The Same Again.” Much of this thought-provoking Urban Inspirational album revolves around the notions of comfort and hope. There’s

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    Evangelist Charlette BLACK HISTORY - African/Step/Anointed Songs from her CD

    in Music

    EVANGELIST CHARLETTE JONES related to Emmett Till has reached over a million around the world with her AFRICAN MUSIC & has never paid promoters.  ...............Many compare her with "FELA!" .... however, she wrote this music before ever hearing about him!....................

    (She wrote all her own music!)......1) song "He's My Friend"  ... she is singing!  ...... 2) Charlette's Africa! ..... featured in the movie documentary Pastor Mose Wright/Emmett Till .....  3) "Emmett Till Story" from her movie.... "Pastor Mose Wright" .... *** all songs she wrote over 7 years ago and recorded!............... When she first wrote her 1st big African song that made a hit, "GOD LOVES AFRICA" many wrote and danced and loved her impromptu African Dance as she displayed her talent (although injured), as an African Gospel Modern Dancer since age 8 years old.  


    MISS CHARLETTE helped to free "Nelson Mandela" IN THE 70'S and danced with a SOUTH AFRICAN TROUPE as a solo dancer on stage in CHAMPAIGN URBANA, IL when she was 17 years old on U OF I campus at the Amphitheater.  

    Her greatest hits are feature from the 29 songs she has written and recorded over the last 10 years.  ..........................  SEE SOME OF THE FEATURED IN  A MUSIC VIDEO    -  Youtube.com/evangelistcharlette or GO TO HER WEBSITE  EvangelistCharlette.com

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    in The Bible


    Actes 1 :5 // Actes 1 :9-11 // Mathieu 24 :23-24 // Mathieu 24 :25-26 // Mathieu 24 :27-31 // Mathieu 24 :40-44 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :13-14 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :15-16 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :17 // 1 Corinthiens 15 :51-53 // 1 Corinthiens 15 :54-55 // Apocalypse 1 :1 // Apocalypse 6 :12-13 // Apocalypse 6 :14-15 // Apocalypse 6 :16-17 // Apocalypse 11 :15-19 // Daniel 7 :9 // Mathieu 24 :44 // Mathieu 13 :37-43 // Apocalypse 14 :14-20 // Apocalypse 19 :6-20 // Jean 1 :1 // Apocalypse 20 :1-6


    Bataille d’Armageddon où Jésus-Christ établira son Royaume: Zacharie 14 :9 / Daniel 2 :44 / Apocalypse 11 :15 / Mathieu 3 :1-2 / Mathieu 4 :23 / Luc 9 :2  / Jean 3 :1-5 /

    -Accepter Jésus-Christ   2 Théssaloniciens 1 :7-8 / 1Corinthiens 15 :1-4 / Romains : 6 :4 / Romains 8 :11 / 1 Jean 5 :7 / 1 Jean 5 :8 / Actes 2 :37 – 38 / Actes 8 :12 – 23 / Actes 10 :43 – 47 / Actes 19 :1 – 6 / Apocalypse 16 :12 – 16 / Zacharie 14 :2 – 4 / Zacharie 13 :6 / Zacharie 12 :10 / Daniel 7 :9 / Daniel 7 :27 / Apocalypse 5 :9 – 10 / Zacharie 14 :9 / Romains 11 :25 – 26 / Mathieu 19 :27 – 28 / Esaïe 2 :2 – 4 / Esaïe 11 :6 – 10 / Daniel 7 :11 – 12 / Ezéchiel 39 / Esaïe 65 :20 / Apocalypse 20 :6 – 15 / Ephésiens 3 :21



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    The Golden Age Music Show with Ivan Mendez

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” on “The Golden Age Music Show”
    Featuring “Ivan Mendez” by Ivan Mendez

    SuNite, 1 March 2015
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    FREE Autographed CD to the 1st Three Callers
    This is a Spiritual Image Production’s Event

    Singer-songwriter Ivan Lives combines sounds inspired by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson and is best known for his live multi-track artistry along with his ability to appeal to a variety of music lovers. Whether playing as a guest artist in sold-out arenas (Rabobank Arena), as a member of church worship bands (The Bridge Bible Church), or performing for kids and families (Coconut Joe’s)…..Gonzalez has done it all!......for more on this story go to: www.spiritualimageproductions.com/TheGoldenAgeMusicShow

    For more on Ivan Mendez go to www.reverbnation.com/ivanlives

    23 – 30 March, 2015 Diabetes Summit @ https://vj173.isrefer.com/go/summitreg/ANDREWALOHA

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    in The Bible


    Apocalypse 13 :8 // Apocalypse 13 :15 // Apocalypse 13 :16-17 // Jean 8 :24 // Actes 4 :12 // Jean 10 :1 // Jean 17 :21 // Jean 13 :35 // 1 Timothée 4 :16 // Apocalypse 9 :15 // Apocalypse 9 :13-16 // Apocalypse 17 :1-3 // 2 Corinthiens 11 :2 // Juges 2 :17 // Apocalypse 17 :18 // Apocalypse 17 :15 // Apocalypse 17 :9 // Apocalypse 17 :4 // Apocalypse 17 :5 // Apocalypse 18 :4


    Apocalypse 12 // Apocalypse 13 // Apocalypse 8 :6 // Apocalypse 8 :10-11 // Apocalypse 8 :8 // Apocalypse 8 :7 // Apocalypse 9 :1-2 // Apocalypse 9 :3 // Apocalypse 9 :7-9 // Apocalypse 9 :11 // Apocalypse 8 :12 // Mathieu 24 :22 // Daniel 12 : 11-12 // Apocalypse 9 :13-16 // Apocalypse 11 :15 // Apocalypse 11 :18 // 1 Corinthiens 15 :51-53 // 1 Thessaloniciens 4 :16-17 // Romains 8 :11



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    Science & Spirituality with Jeff Lieberman on the America Meditating Radio Show

    in Self Help

    Jeff Lieberman wonders about the questions we all asked as 4-year-olds, but seem to have forgotten as adults. Who are we? How did we get here?  Tune in as Sister Jenna is joined by Jeff Lieberman on the America Meditating Radio Show for a conversation about consciousness, science and spirituality.

    Jeff Lieberman explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness. He hosted "Time Warp" on the Discovery Channel, reminding us of how little our senses detect and understand about reality. He composes music in the duo Knolls and shows sculptures internationally, exploring our unseen interconnectedness and interdependence.  Having finished four degrees at MIT (Physics, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Media Arts + Sciences), he is exploring how the evolution of consciousness can cease human suffering. Visit http://bea.st/about.php.  Watch Jeff’s TEDx Talk on Science and Spirituality

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD & Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.

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