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    ANDREW EGBER AND FAMILY- From Bravo TV's "The People's Couch

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview ANDREW EGBER AND FAMILY- From  Bravo TV's "The People Couch.

    The People's Couch is an American reality television series which premiered on October 8, 2013 on Bravo.[1] It is based on the British television series. It started as a three-episode limited series that featured real people watching and discussing on popular television shows and news from the past week.[1]

    Bravo later picked up the series for a full 12-episode season,[ and expanded the series into one-hour episodes beginning June 3, 2014.[ Bravo renewed The People's Couch for a second season which premiered on October 7, 2014. The third season premiered on October 6, 2015.


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    in Politics

    Donald Trump has his widest lead yet in a new ABC/Washington Post poll. Liberals and S.E. Cupp are pissed

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    Adam Archuleta of CBS Sports talks Broncos vs Panthers in SB50 & Rams to LA

    in Sports

    We start our show discussing the road to Super Bowl 50, where the match up is Broncos vs Panthers. How did the Broncos and Panthers win? We will be joined by Adam Archuleta CBS Sports NFL Broadcaster and Former NFL Player who played in the Super Bowl for the St. Louis Rams. We will ask him to analyze the games and his early thoughts on SB50, plus the Rams move from STL to LA. Now we have Peyton Manning vs Cam Newton, The Sheriff vs Superman. Next up we will look at the NBA standings with Warriors vs Spurs and Bulls big win over Cavs and more. We finish the show with College Hoops Top 25 and should UNC or Oklahoma be #1? Join us 1PM ET Call in 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    The ABC Show: Late Nite Show - Relationships

    in Relationships

    One of the most debated, and most interesting topcs is, "Relationships". While I want to deal with relationships between men and women, this topic is at the heart of our experience on this earth and in this reality.

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    Uplifting Communities

    in Education

    We want to thank Mr Dex Elliott for coming on the Talk Show Uplifting Communities..Mr Dex are doing many positive things in his community..He will be discussing what keeps him Motivated to keep going..He will also be discussing how to stay fucus on your dream..He wear many hats from Acting to being with major music labels..This is a show you don't want to miss..I will let him tell everyone the importants of keeping yourself round..Join us by Call 607 203 5336..press 1 to join us..3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST...A SUNDAY TO REMEMBER AND TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENT..

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    Celebrity DAVE FOLEY Who Plays Pat Hein on ABC’s “Dr. Ken”

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Celebrity DAVE FOLEY Who Plays  Pat Hein on ABC’s “Dr. Ken”.

    Dave Foley – actor, comedian, writer, director and producer -- is best known for his roles on “NewsRadio” and “The Kids in the Hall.”


    Foley began his career in comedy doing stand-up. His early roles in television included “Anne of Avonlea,” then he and his friend Kevin McDonald formed the original “Kids in the Hall” which debuted on TV in 1988. Some of Foley’s most famous characters were “Hecubus,” one of the “Sizzler” sisters, “Bruno Putz Jones” and “Mr. Heavyfoot.”  


    His credits for the big screen include “The Wrong Guy,” “A Bug’s Life” (as the voice of Flik) and “On the Line.” Additional credits for television include “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Middle” and “Hot in Cleveland” -- plus his own stand-up comedy special “Relatively Well” aired in 2013. He was also the celebrity host of “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo.


    Aside from acting and comedy, Foley co-wrote the Stripper’s Union single “Give Up and Go Away.” 


         He is a father of three: Edmund, Basil and Alina.

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    State of The Union: New York Sports in 2016 with Brandon Tierney of CBS Sports

    in Pop Culture

    Talking with Brandon Tierney from CBS on Jets, knicks, rangers, st johns, giants, mets, yankees, and expectations in 2016...

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    in Television

    MONDAY 02/01/16 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guests: DALE WENTWORTH (Survivor San Juan Del Sur)! And MARK SHAFFER w/CHOPPER THE BIKER DOG! In our 1st Segment, DALE WENTWORTH from Survivor San Juan Del Sur will be with MICHELLE to discuss what he's been up to since his season, and what he hopes to see in the new season that premieres on Feb. 17th, with a 90 min. episode! They'll also talk about #RealityRally and how much this Reality Stars Charity for #MichellesPlace, a Breast Cancer Resource Center means to him! Then, in our 2nd Segment, MARK SHAFFER and CHOPPER THE BIKER DOG will join MICHELLE! They'll talk about how CHOPPER became a Service Dog, and what his many talents are! They'll also discuss Reality Rally, how many years CHOPPER has attended, and why it's so important for him to attend again this year! I know we have a lot of Dog Lover fans out there, so I hope you all are here for our very first K-9 Special Guest! As always, if you'd like to participate in the conversation with Michelle and any of our guests there are 2 ways to join us: Call in to chat with us on air at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down till you see our Live Chat Room, where you can also chat with us during the show! Cherry Garcia will be there as Co-Host.

    MICHELLE COSTA: from "Big Brother 10", Hosts the most FUN internet radio show about Reality TV! She has been doing MANIC MONDAY'S year round since July of 2009, with AMAZING Special Guests each Monday! And MICHELLE COSTA knows how to put on an EPIC show! The "Portuguese Princess" doesn't hold back ANYTHING! 

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    The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab - Super Bowl Special

    in Football

    Welcome to "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", the 2015 Online Media Award Winning Podcast by What A Fan, part of The Inscriber Media Network, sponsored by DeWalt Brewing Company, and hosted by "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli and "The Nutty Professor" Andrew Gluchov. 

    This week is our annual Super Bowl Special, and we are so jam packed and loaded with guests, we are going for THREE HOURS starting at 9pm!! To start the show, we welcome Walton Spurlin of Fantasy Sharks and Chris Heil of Dynasty League Football to give their fantasy football picks for those that are in any Super Bowl fantasy games for Sunday. At 930pm we welcome Christopher DeWalt, head brewer of DeWalt Brewing Company,to talk about how he built his brewery, what he is doing for the Super Bowl, and more. At 10pm, we welcome Jerry Coleman of CBS Sports Radio in Baltimore to talk about his career covering Super Bowls, and what he expects for the big game. At 1030pm, we welcome super agent and best selling author of "NFL Brawler", Ralph Cindrich to talk about the clients that he has had play in the big game as well as memories of going to 25 Super Bowls during his illustrious career. At 11pm, we welcome Devin McMillan and B Austin of War Room Sports to get their take on the big game, as well as talk about their beloved Philadelphia Eagles and what to expect in 2016. And at 1130pm, we welcome Thomas Harding of The Denver Post and Turron Davenport of The Baltimore Times, to give their "Keys to The Game" for each team.

    The beacons are lit, the experiments are on the board, and the test subjects are at the ready. The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab is officially open for business.

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    Super Bowl 50 Preview: Broncos or Panthers; race issue? Fantasy done in US?

    in Football

    Our super Bowl picks.  A big game because Boychic and I are both 7-3 in the playoffs.  And that is all that matters.

    Is this a make or break Super Bowl for Cam Newton?  And what about the race question.

    More on the L-A relocation.  We think we know what will happen next season. 

    Will you pay attention to half-time show?

    And fantasy sports is still a jumble.  We don’t really know if it will be here or where.  I’m just back from the world’s biggest gaming convention in London and I witnessed a new fantasy sports site.

    Banks closing down fantasy sports.

    Kap wants to go to the Jets?

    Johnny Manziel might have worse problems than his arm.  We’ll go into some rumors and reports.

    Eric Snyder is the author of a book on the Raiders and Raider Nation.  You can hear him on the Power Hour on 1340 Fox Sports Radio in Las Vegas.

    I have the Panthers winning 23-16.  It think it goes down to the last series and the kickers are involved.  A few days ago I thought this might be a blow out, but as I looked further I think it is going to be a good one.  I am still worried about the Denver defensive injuries -- even though reports say they played at full speed.  Overall, I think the Panthers are loose.  I think they are a better team but I think the Denver experience keeps them real close.  Who you got?

    You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook at John Daly Sports. 

    Folks, thanks for following and tuning in.  Enjoy the game.


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    The ABC Show: How to Think

    in Current Events

    I often refer to the matrix, and how we are "programmed", or told what to think about everything. I want to discuss "how" to think.