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  • 02:01

    Cblogic: Life Advice from Cblog

    in Hockey

    dear cblog, due to circumstances that were out of my hands, i was born and raised in flyers territory. because of this, most of my friends are huge flyers fans. i don't really want to get new friends, but i don't know what else to do. please help.
    - myfriendsareidiots in VA
    Topics we'll discuss include:
    Living in Enemy Territory Anger Management: Dealing with Loss Dating Advice for Basement Dwellers Mixed Relationships: My BF is a Rags Fan Call in or submit your own issue anonymously via email cblogradio at gmail. DO IT.

  • 02:00

    The Cblog Trivia Show Do-Over

    in Hockey

    Let's try this sh*t again!
    We'll ask Cblog Trivia questions and give away hilarious, awesome, and hilariously awesome prizes to the winning callers. Cbloggers, call in and win!
    Guest Co-Host Adam12 will be back by popular demand. We'll also feature GFY with Hobey and JenB's Troll of the Week.
    Prizes include: Charlie Pins, Baby Pens Hats, 25 Dillon Thumbs, One of a Kind Banner, a Personalized A12 Entrance Song, a WetShoes MSPaint Masterpiece, and a Box of Yinzer Chocolates (with or without dicks) and more!

  • 00:30

    PreGame Round 1 Game 6

    in Hockey

    Pens vs Flyers. Again. 
    Wells Farto Center.  Noon game.
    Cblog Radio starts pissing around at 11am.
    With Yinzer, BJFTW (Tom), Leeeny, SidV, and special appearances by Cblog A-listers PAYD & Knitting Lady.

  • 01:24


    in Hockey

    The NHL Draft is in Pittsburgh this year, and Cblog is going to represent. *throws twisted hand signs*
    We'll prepare for Draft Weekend with a look back and a look ahead by reviewing drafts past and present.
    Join Hobey, JenB and Yinzer to pregame the festivities!

  • 02:01

    LLS Fundraiser Finale!

    in Sports

    Angry Panda and Yinzer are ready to kick ass for two hours and then put this thing to bed until next year.
    We've already hit our total from last year. 
    We've already beaten our total from last year. 
    Can we top it by $1,000 and hit $3,700 tonight?
    We have people donating money just for people calling in! That's all you have to do - DIAL THE NUMBER - DO IT!

  • 00:24

    PreGame Round 1 Game 5

    in Hockey

    Pens vs Flyers. Again. Hold on to your butts.
    The Inaugural Cblog Radio Disaster Show - mostly excitable discussions about which button does what. Featuring Yinzer, SidV, Klimas, Akus, PresJLH, NealCity, and LGP.

  • 00:28

    The Launching-the-Wiki Show

    in Hockey

    This will be a quick show to launch the Cblog Wiki site. 
    We have too many hilarious inside jokes over too much time and damn it, they need to be memorialized! Much like The Pensblog wiki, we will provide explanations and definitions to all things cblog - from what is The Book? to who is Vlad? and where did Pancake Ass come from? - the cblog wiki will cover it all.
    Please think of cblog favorites that should be included. All cbloggers will have the ability to update the wiki. So call in with your ideas and get the ball rolling!
    You can register for an account with wikispaces really easily. Just click JOIN in the top right corner, fill out 3 fields and you're in!

  • 00:58

    LLS Fundraiser: The 5k Challenge

    in Sports

    Join Yinzer and Panda for one hour of action packed radio!

    Read your dirty haikus on the air to raise money for LLS - YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!

  • 01:13

    LLS Fundraiser - 2 days to go!

    in Sports

    Join JenB and Yinzer for LADIES NIGHT on WDTR.
    CALL IN!

  • 01:31

    LLS Fundraiser - One Day Left!

    in Sports

    Call in and talk to hosts FITZ, JO and BGW. They have all kinds of stuff up their virtual sleeves!

  • 01:14

    2014 LLS Fundraiser Raffle Launch

    in Sports

    Join Yinzer and two very special guest hosts for the launch of the 2014 raffle options. You don't want to miss this show!