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    Will and Thunder Welcome Dead Serios

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    The time is NOW! Its the 30th Anniversary Concert at the King Center in Melbourne, FL. A show for the ages! Jan 24. 

    Dead Serios is Central Florida's baby. You cannot live there and not know about them. Everyone there who is into rock and metal knows and loves them, and has at least one incredible memory from one of their shows. Will and Thunder will be sharing theirs as well.

    Singer - DL Serios Bassist- Joe Joseph Delcorvo and guitarist, Stephen Pooley join us to talk about the band's storied history, their upcoming show, and future plans.

    We will also be joined once again by Scary Justin for some horror movie trivia!

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    Will and Thunder Welcome ASH ROCK

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    Since this is the show right before Christmas, we thought we'd get into the holiday spirit by celebrating one of the cornerstones of the season: kids! But we are a rock and metal show, so these aren't your typical grade-school carolers! We're going to showcase a certified "school of rock" on our program, to learn a little about these young prodigies who are making the future of rock and metal right now!

    Joining us as a guest will be Preston Nash, an instructor at Sam Ash Music in Indianapolis. Preston is also a seasoned musician in his own right; playing for bands such as Dope and Society 1. He'll be stopping by to tell us a little more about the school, the students, and we'll be playing some tunes from these talented young artists known as ASH ROCK!

    We're also going to have some co-hosts this week; filling in for Will this week will be our friends Rob and Sean from the band Aries! They've been great guests and we're glad to have them back on the show to help us out in Will's absence. This episode features our last guests of 2014, so be sure to tune in!

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    Will and Thunder Welcome The McGrath Project

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    The McGrath Project is a group of musicians, all respected in their own right, drawing from experiences gathered from living and breathing music, touring the globe, and now coming together to create music that couldn't possibly be categorized or pigeon-holed. Catchy, yet innovative, simple, yet experimental, comic, sinister, heartfelt, perceptive, rock'n'roll, punk, blues, psychedelic, country, jazz...you will hear "a new take on classic rock"! After a 3-year hiatus, the band is back, and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Gary McGrath will join us to talk about the new music and all his various musical projects, of which have had him working with the likes of Ted Nugent, The Monkees, and Jon Bon Jovi. Be sure to tune in!

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    The Mountain and the Word - Pilot #5

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    The 5th pilot of The Mountain and The Word.

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    Mimi Foster, Best-Selling Author of Thunder on the Mountain Series

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    Mimi Foster, a long-time realtor, mother to five daughters, grandmother to five grandchildren, and cherished wife, is a native Floridian who has lived all over the country and settled in Colorado in the early 1970’s. She is an incurable romantic who loves to write stories about chance encounters that change lives. Her latest book, Thunder Storm, is Book 3 in the Thunder on the Mountain series.

    As a fifth-generation Real Estate Professional, helping Clients buy and sell homes is something that Mimi knows well and continues to be passionate about. In the early 1970s she left her native Florida (a sixth-generation Floridian) and went to Colorado to attend college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. So enamored with the dry climate, mountains, and people Mimi decided to stay. 

    Follow Mimi's blog tour from October 5th until the 11th on  www.SexyBooksBlog.net


    A joint project with www.SexyBooksBlog.net 

    Music, Song for My Father, courtesy of  www.AnnaFisher.com

  • Will & Thunder Present: ANOTHER PARTY!!!

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    No guest tonight. Just fun, and the phone lines will once again be open to all who want to call in and chat. Talk about some of our topics, make fun of us, anything goes!

    We will also be debuting a new feature, "Scary Justin's Horror Movie Trivia." You can call into that too if you like!

    We'll be back to normal programming next week!



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    Will and Thunder Welcome Chastain's Leather Leone

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    Leather is best known for fronting the '80s metal band Chastain; and after a 20+-year hiatus, she is back and here to talk to us about the band's latest album, Surrender to no One; as well as shoot the breeze with us about her recent tour in Brazil and her onstage performance with fellow metal queen Doro Pesch. Leather is no-nonsense, outspoken, and totally honest, so this is sure to be a great show! Be sure to tune in!

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    Sister Thunder Show recap of last year

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    Wow!  What a year for the Sister Thunder Show.  I would like to thank each of you for your ongoing support.  Because of you there are a lot new things on the horizon.  For the last show of the year we will have some new news and older guests.  Join us as we look back and into the future.





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  • Mountain West football Poinsettia Bowl And Hawaii Bowl Recap

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    This podcast is a must listen as Chris takes the reigns with Matt K. to provide the recaps of the Hawaii and Poinsettia Bowl. To this point the Mountain West bowl season has had a poor showing with just a 2-3 record.

    The Hawaii Bowl saw Fresno State lose their sixth-straight bowl game and their third-straight blowout in a bowl game. Any progress that was seen in the last few weeks of the regular season was washed away. The Bulldogs played three quarterbacks, and zero looked good. Overall, the offense and defense looked bad.

    The Poinsettia Bowl was at least a close game, but San Diego State was unable to get any touchdowns. The biggest play was the decision for Rocky Long to go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter and leading 16-14. That back fired as the play failed and Navy ended up needing a field goal and not a touchdown to win the game.

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    Mountain Gypsies

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    Mountain Gypsies

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