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    HEATHER CATON and RAYMOND DONG interview "The Youth and The Future"

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    HEATHER CATON & RAYMOND DONG Interview – “The Youth and the Future”

    Guest: Heather Caton & Raymond Dong

    Topic: The Youth and the Future

    Children as the "messages we send into the future".
    Global Volunteers: What impact has offering educational opportunities to the youth in impoverished countries actually make?
    How do altruistic organizations such as WGF inspire the youth to develop creative solutions to real world problems?
    Why are topics such as change, freedom, and the future especially pertinent to the youth today?
    How do these topics encourage the youth to develop creative and concrete solutions to real problems in this time space reality construct?
    Why is it that technology is so important to the youth and education in the future?
    Why should the youth to begin considering the potential implications technology may have on their futures and the future of humanity?
    And much more!

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    Greg Caton, is an herbalist and inventor who was founder and president of three companies. One, Lumen Foods, made soyfood products. Another, Preservx, made a food preservative Caton invented and patented that can be used in much smaller quantities than other preservatives. The third, Alpha Omega Labs, sold what the FDA and conventional medicine call “unproven” remedies for cancer and other health problems.
    In 2001, Greg Caton was a victim of “Operation Cure All,” an initiative begun by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. A press release on the FTC’s web site says, “FTC, FDA and other law enforcement agencies move to stop Internet scams for supplements and other products that purport to cure cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other life-threatening diseases.” Unfortunately, the FDA has used this as an excuse to shut down businesses and arrest people whose products, though not recognized by conventional medicine, actually work — and are inexpensive and have few, if any, side effects. 

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    EdNET Insider #3: Education Marketing and K-12 Sales for Common Core Standards

    in Marketing

    Here's EdNET* Insider #3 about the Common Core State Standards and their impact on companies that sell products and services to K-12 schools. Host Glen McCandless, joins Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates  to ask senior managers at the  EdNET 2014 conference important questions about strategies you need to consider now. Hear from SETDA's Geoff Fletcher, Lillian Kellogg, VP at Education Networks of America, consultant, Dan Caton (former president at McGraw Hill),  Randy Jennings president of Educational Technology Partners and Jieun Choe + Mike Morley, from Triumph Learning.  Get expert education marketing and K-12 sales insight! 

    *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company, and are used with permission.




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    EdNET Insider#1: The Buzz About Open Educational Resources (OER)

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    Late September in Baltimore at the EdNET* 2014 conference, hundreds of the education industry’s movers and shakers spent two days discussing trends, opportunites, and challenges that everyone who sells to schools is facing. This show is the first of a four-part series, the EdNET Insider. During program #1 host Glen McCandless and Saul Hafenbredl of C Blohm and Associates get the inside scoop from leaders who are shaping the school market right now. You’ll hear industry veterans Randy Wilhelm, Lee Wilson, Dan Caton, and George Warren provide valuable perspectives and sage advice for a big trend that caused a stir at EdNET – one that is affecting everyone: Open Educational Resources (OER) – that's free stuff being offered to schools.  Make no mistake, competing with free products and services is a reality, and having a sales and marketing strategy in response to this trend is essential for your survival. Listen up! 

    *EdNET, EdNET Insight and the EdNET Conference are wholly owned  trademarks of MDR, a D&B Company., and are used with permission.

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    WMMA Jam Live - Episode 24

    in MMA

    Join Vanessa and Sabrina as they bring you Episode 24 of WMMA Jam Live, produced by Fresh Start Entertainment! Here at WMMA Jam Live, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news from the WMMA world. Tonight we'll be joined by Invicta FC's Kathina Caton and WMMA personality Stacey Miller. We've got all this and more coming up this Wednesday on WMMA Jam Live!

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    Big Publishers: Can the Spanish Armada transform into the British Fleet?

    in Education

    Big Publishers: Can the Spanish Armada transform into the British Fleet?

    Can big publishers change enough to address how today’s students learn, educator’s teach, and shifting business models associated with both? In the US textbook market we have three very large players. Big publishers have process, coordination, and business accountability issues which are far less of a hindrance to smaller organizations. The result is that larger organizations can’t change quickly. While all publishers are concerned with make quarterly numbers and hitting academic deadlines a large corporate infrastructure while necessary for a large organization limits the ability of that organization to adapt to market demands.

    How does the move from print to digital look different for large publishers versus smaller organizations? Schools continue to adopt instructional resources and either ask that the electronic version be included with the print, ask for a class set of print and a digital version for students, or only want the digital version… sometimes only a few chapters! We will discuss how publishers, small and large, can make it through this morass and emerge successfully in a digital first world. We’ll touch on tools and technical standards that can ease this transition.

    Take a seat at as guests take a bite out of questions like:

    What role are big publishers playing in the future?
    What opportunities does this leave for smaller organizations?
    Is it sustainable to provide both print and digital assets?
    Is it the job of the publisher to lead innovation or to reflect innovation and change?


    1.Jaume Barceló, Director, Vicens Vives

    2.Dick Casabonne, CEO, Cassabonne Associates 

    3.Dan Caton, President, Wittel/Morris Strategic Consulting

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    HEATHER CATON interview World Genesis Foundation #57

    in Youth

    HEATHER A. CATON - has a degree in Art Education with a focus in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Creative Arts Therapy. She has an extensive background working in education settings around the globe, working with extraordinary minds in a united goal of supporting education, creating opportunity and hope. Ms. Caton continues to be an active volunteer coordinator and manager for educational programs, both locally and internationally. In 2006 she became a manager and instructor in Eastern Europe, focusing on education programs for youth, working in cooperation with the UNESCO: “United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization” and the “World Genesis Foundation“. In 2007 she was elected as a Senior Director and Advisor for the World Genesis Foundation, joining their mission to “Leave no child without hope for the future.” Based upon her innovative programs, passion, and multiple achievements, in 2010 she was elected as the worldwide Director of Education for all World Genesis Foundation activities. In October of 2011 Ms. Caton reached another milestone in her career, when she was elected as the new President & CEO of the World Genesis Foundation based upon her vision and extraordinary accomplishments. World Genesis Foundation: http://www.WorldGenesis.org/

    Topic: The Need for New Education for Youth: Universities of Tomorrow

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    Roc City Gospel Interviews - The Launch @roccity gospel

    in Music

    This is will be the launch of Roc City Gospel first pocast episode of music and past interviews.
    Show Playlist
    Go Hard Mix 1 Derek Minor - Higher 2 Lecrae ft Thisl - APB 3 Social Club m- Brooklyn 4 Vicktory - Relentless 5 Gideonz Army ft T-Haddy - Jesus Piece Urban Jam Mix     1 FREE - God Did It 2 MiMi - You Made It 3 Nyasia - Dream Maker Favor Pick of The Week Caton Jones - I'm Already Gone

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    Training and Equipping Marriage Mentors in Your Church!

    in Family

    Is your marriage everything you want it to be?
    Would you like the opportunity to learn from those who have walked the path ahead of you?
    Would you take advantage of couple mentoring if it was available in your church?
    Dewey Wilson, co-founder of Marriage Mentors, has witnessed first hand, the positive results of mentoring couples in the church today.
    He joins our host Linda Goldfarb along with Carl Caton, founder of PeopleofFaith.com, as they discuss marriage mentoring, and the impact it could have in the lives of your church family.
    Visit www.MarriageMentors.org to find out more about Dewey's programs.

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    Interview with Christine Caton-Cefa the Cat

    in Books

    Hello, my name is Cefa. Cefa is pronounced SEE-FA and it means C for Cat. I am a Russian Blue Cat. If you like cats and if you like to read about cats then you will enjoy reading my stories. Recently a very nice person adopted me from the animal shelter. He took me home with him. I have a lot of fun exploring my new house and yard. In my first adventure you will see that I get myself into a very scary situation. Read about how I am rescued. My story is a good bedtime story. For my friends who can't read yet, have your Mom or Dad read it to you. If you can read, you will enjoy learning about what I do and how I enjoy myself. You can visit my website at www.cefathecat.com and sign my guest book. Follow me on Facebook at Cefa the Cat. Please click on the "like" button and the "share with a friend" button. You can post pictures of your pets and tell us a funny story about them. You can see a trailer of my adventure on youtube at CefaCaton. (This book is designed for preschool children and older.)