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    Welcome to Catholic Now! Launch Talk!

    in Christianity

    May First, the start to the Month of Mary! How beautiful it is that as Catholics we have true devotion to Our Blessed Mother? On this LIVE episode of Catholic Now, catch the scoop on: The Month of Mary, The Passing of Father Gurner, St. Pergerine and much more on the FIRST episode LIVE at 4:30 PM EST on May 1st! See you then! 

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    Catholic Now: Protection

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    Have you ever got caught in a nightmare? Ever feel a demonic presence coming upon you? or feel like you are about to do the wrong thing? As Catholics we have Spiritual Protection and we need to use it! 

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    Catholic Now: The Ascension

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    A brand new SATURDAY SPECIAL where we will prepare you for the Holy Mass! Now, if you live in the certain states that have already celebrated The Ascension, well guess what you get a second dose! But for the majority, let us learn and hear and reflect on this Sunday's readings, and what the Ascenion leads us to today! Join Seth Ball on Saturday, May 16th at 1 PM EST! You wont want to miss it! 

    Read Saturday's Blog: http://catholicnow.weebly.com/seths-blog/the-ascension

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    Sunday Bible Study and Worship--United States Old Catholic Church

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    Come and worship with the USOCC! We will have the Liturgy of the Word together, along with hymns, prayers, scripture, Gospel, psalms, a homily/sermon, and praise of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. After the Liturgy, we will end with a guided meditation in which we have an encounter with the Risen Lord. Join Deacon Kristina Rake for our long-distance Sunday Worship Liturgy here on My Old Catholic Radio. 

    The United States Catholic Church is an Independent Catholic Church with full Apostolic Authority. Our Archbishop is +James Long, D.Min. The USOCC welcomes all people to all seven scriptural sacraments, regardless of race, culture, language, gender identification, sexual orientation or marital status. God loves everyone. Period. No exceptions. 

    For more information about the USOCC, including how to join our seminary or attend our demonoloy courses, visit: www.usocc.org. For more information about My Old Catholic Radio, go to: www.myoldcatholic.com. Follow us on twitter: @myoldcatholic. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/myoldcatholic. Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MyOldCatholicRadio

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    Sunday Worship and Bible Study--United States Old Catholic Church

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    Join us for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (Corpus Christi)! Our worship will include a Homily on the necessity of the Eucharist to salvation and to Christianity itself! Deacon Kristina Rake, an accomplished and well-versed Catholic Apologist--will give a homily on the Apologetics of the Most Holy Eucharist. Please join us for our Long Distance worship in the USOCC Tradition. Our worship includes the Liturgy of the Word, hymns, scripture, praise, prayers, and a guided meditation in which we encounter the Risen Lord. 

    The United States Old Catholic Church is an Independent Catholic Church with full Apostolic Authority. We are traditional in Catholic Theology, but fully inclusive when it comes to welcoming the people of God. All are welcome as they are and as who they are, not because of us, but because of Who God is! We welcome ALL people to ALL of the Seven Scriptural Sacraments, regardless of race, culture, language, gender identification, sexual orientation, or marital status. 

    For more information about us, go to: www.usocc.org. For more information about My Old Catholic Radio's programs and Religious Catalog of Blessed Products, go to: myoldcatholic.com and myoldcatholiccatalog.com.

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    Catholic Now: Helping Nepal

    in Christianity

    On Tuesday, May 5th at 4:30 PM EST we will talk about the Nepal eartquake and how you can help, the French Court and JPII,  and the Year of Mercy, all that and much more on the next episode of Catholic Now! 

    Enter to win a free rosary blessed by Pope Francis here: http://woobox.com/5qeimr/eslpe0

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    Catholic Now: Meditations on Jesus and Mary with Diane Woodson

    in Christianity

    Happy Monday!! We hope you enjoyed your weekend, and your Mothers Day! Join Diane Woodson, as she hosts Monday (and all Monday's in the future) as she speaks on Monday about the Angelus and meditations on Jesus and Mary! If you are not familar with meditative prayers in the Catholic Church, or you are intertested in Catholic Meditation, then this Monday Show, which is a series is just right for you! Seth will host the After Show on Monday's (15 minutes AFTER the show) and he will discuss the official schedule of Catholic Now, his blog, as well as a little intro into what he will be talking about on Tuesday! It will be a show you will deffinatley NOT want to miss! It all starts at 4:30 PM EASTERN on Monday, May 11th!! Invite your friends and your family!! 

    Link to Monday's Blog: http://thecatholicdesk.weebly.com/seths-blog/meditations-on-jesus-and-mary

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    Catholic Now: Eucharistic Come To

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    As Catholics, one of the main aspects of our faith is the Most Holy Eucharist - in saying that I am very sure that on your social media outlets, especially Facebook you have seen people posting "Eucharistic Miracles" and myself personally see so many posted that if I believed all of them I would think that our world is in perfect shape -it's not! There is a very strong and clear line between TRUTH and wanting FAME. In saying that we all need to learn what is truth and what is false. 


    Read Monday's Blog: http://catholicnow.weebly.com/seths-blog/june-1-an-eucharistic-come-too

    Saint of the Day: http://catholicnow.weebly.com/saint-of-the-day

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    Catholic Now: Dialing into God

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    Don't you need a spiritual 911? We all do, simply by crossing ourselves in saying "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit" + we "spiritually" dial into God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Think about it... when you call your grandmother, your wanting her to answer the phone so you can speak to her, and as soon as you dial in her number on your phone your asking for her to answer. When we make the sign of the cross, at Mass we are asking God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to be present with us at that very moment. 

    BLOG: http://catholicnow.weebly.com/seths-blog

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    Catholic Now: Fatima and Same-Sex 'Marriage'

    in Christianity

    On Wednesday, May 6th at 4:30 PM EST we will discuss Our Lady of Fatima, and how she warned us about 'Same-Sex Marriage', we will do a feature on Inaugural Mass for the National Shrine of the Little Flower that happends at 8PM EST on May 5th, all that and much more on the next Catholic Now.! 

    Win a rosary Blessed by Pope Francis: 

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    Catholic Now: Our Lady of Fatima: Listening to her Words

    in Christianity

    Join myself on my radio show on Tuesday (12) and Wednesday (13) as we talk just about the FIRST apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, and how well we are doing at what Our Mother has commanded! Diane and Elvin will cohost! OUR LADY OF FATIMA, WE CALL ON YOU IN NEED!!! 

    Tuesday's Blog on the First Apparition of Fatima: http://thecatholicdesk.weebly.com/seths-blog/listening-to-fatima

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