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    Flying with Angels - Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George, Guest Nick Fox

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    Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George

    .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164 4 Years Anniversary Show. If you have an Angel story to share please call in. Riana and I will be giving Free intuitive Angel Tarot card readings

    Please welcome our special guest "Nick Fox." Nick says-

    "As a practicing Artist, Medium, Channel, and Healer, I work everyday to spread the light of Creation. I love to create and share, and I strive to inspire others to do the same! After finishing a degree in Fine Arts, in Australia, I have traveled the world, creating art, making movies, and sharing my knowledge of spirituality. A dear friend once called me 'spirit traveler of light' and its seems that name has stuck with me.

    I continue each day to learn, enhance, and grow physically, mentally and spiritually, to anchor my heart in love and joy."

    Join us for a fun and informative show.

    Riana's website http://www.healing-handssanctuary.co.uk/

    Flying with Angels, facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/684347924975453/

    Cathies DistantEchos facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/


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    Welcome to my point of view W/host Dougie Slap

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    What is the meaning of life? Everyone will have adiffering answer, that depends on where one is at and what he or she believes in. Billions of systems theories exist. Some captrue the attention of billions of people, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Chridstianity, Islam, and the New Age. Daunting it is to wade through all the various ideas held asbout what something is and why it exists as it does. reality is Self-defined by everyone and everything thing. Life is what we make it out to be for us and all else. We humanize God and universe according to Yahweh our Creator and Id which brought us to life. There have been millions of Creator Gods involved with this planet over millions and possibly billions of years. This show is my attempt to explain what existence is all about.

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    Flying with Angels.Host Lins Harrison, Co-host Riana George & Archangel Raphael

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    Flying with Angels.Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George & special guest Archangel Raphael

    .. call in number to speak to Lins or Riana push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164

    Welcome Back Archangel Raphael,

    Please join us as we share information and stories about Archangel Raphael of the green ray of healing and who does so much more.

    If you have a connection to Raphael or an angel story to share please call in.

    Please join Cathie Bradshaw, co-founder of Cathies Distant Echos, Lins and Riana for a fun and informative show.

    Riana and I will be giving Free intuitive Angel Tarot card readings for callers.

    Riana will also be sharing a meditation given to her by Archangel Raphael. Come and enjoy the chatroom fun and banter. We look forward to seeing you.

    Cathies Distant Echos, Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/

    Riana's website http://www.healing-handssanctuary.co.uk/ Flying with Angels, facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/684347924975453/

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    Live From the UK is International Spirit Medium Andrew Dee

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    Andrew Dee is an International Spirit Medium and Psychic. He has now completed 2 sell out tours of the UK and has appeared regularly on radio & TV...Spirit Medium Andrew Dee is here to guide you towards your own divine life's purpose, even if you do not know what it is. . he also does Skype or Phone Psychic Readings as well as a free pod cast... please, when you find the time after a reading from Andrew go to his page and leave him a Testimonial....but who better to hear about who he is and what he represents better than Andrew himself .... from his youtube site, here is a little more about him... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo9IZ-x9zIg#t=199 . his youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HLs_I4BE8O8PJVG0MiC2Q

    Andrew's website: http://www.andrewdee.com/ http://www.andrewdee.com/about-me/

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    Perceptions of the Arcane

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    Hangin with the Messengers

    Cassandra and Joyelle join me again tonight for part 2 of a series of shows they are doing with me .  On tonight's show they will be talking about how to develop friendships and bonds with the messengers, along with talking about symbolism and how to use the symbols in everyday life. Join us for a lively discussion on another gut driven, go with the flow show !!



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    Channeling with Aruhatala of Telos by Arian Sarris - Discussed mental rigidity

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    Aruhatala, a woman from Telos channeling from the fifth dimension, has come to help us release our blocks, heal our wounds, and evolve, with an emphasis on personal and planetary ascension.  Her amazingly insightful fifth dimensional teachings have assisted many people.  Aruhatala will gladly answer ONE question from each caller--and the answer may be from one minute up to ten.  She often provides wonderful and powerful healing exercises to deal with your issues.  In most cases, the healing will also help anyone else listening.   

    Arian Sarris has been a channel and transpersonal psychotherapist for over 30 years.  She has written several self help books, including Healing Your Past, 21 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate, and a collection of Aruhatala's channelings called Heart Wisdom.  Her email address is starmaid12@gmail.com.  

    By clicking on this link, you can read short excerpt from Heart Wisdom:


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    Sound Alchemists-Bards of Avalon - Bea Martin and David Johnson

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    Welcome to Flying with Angels with host Lins and cohost Riana with guests Bea Martin and David Johnson-The Bards of Avalon

    They first met in 2003 en route to Stonehenge for a sacred sound workshop with Jhadten Jewall and have been singing together ever since! Trained in a variety of healing modalities, they both found that sound healing has had the most profound impact on their lives. As sound alchemists, they love to share the therapeutic and transformative qualities of sound through workshops, sound baths, and presentations. Their approach is practical and fun, with the aim of inspiring participants to move through life with greater ease, grace and joy.  This follows the ancient mystical tradition of the Songlines/Perpetual Choirs: to chant praises to the land to honour and enchant it! Whilst travelling, people would ask them to make a recording of their sounds. Eventually, with divine help and inspiration, they produced an album in 2010, “The Archangel Transmissions”, harmonize not only their voices, but their energies to become great instruments of healing. They took me deep into the quantum realms and created a loving space for authentic transformation. ~ Erama

    www.bardsofavalon.com                                                         http://facebook.com/BardsofAvalon                                     http://twitter.com/BardsofAvalon

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    Ghost of Rockwood Mansion

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    New Stories 

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    Welcome to my point of view w/host Dougie Slap

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    Life is what we make it out to be for our self and all else. Life humanly is what one feels, senses. thinks, and envisions that can be anything at all or nothing at all. This can be thought of as reality is self-defined. Infinity makes anything possible. Importance of something differs from person to person. Meaning is given by us to everything. What a person represents is showcased by hiser mannerisms and involvement. Meaning, value, function, and purpose of somethig is determined by each one of us for whatever reason/s one has about something or someone. Not easy being human. One can get to that point where little to nothing bothers one's point of view. Acceptance and evenmindedness are keys to evolved consciousness. Holding to the knowing of oneness eliminates any/all judgment. The work is continuous. So is the path that culminates in polarization of both positive and negative energy. It is only service polarity that evolves. Love is what understands. Light is what is wise. Then there is having fun and smiling as much as possible.

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    Flying With Angels Christmas Party - Hosts Lins Harrison and Riana George

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    Flying with Angels. Christmas Party.

    Host Lins Harrison and co-host Riana George

    Call in and wish your family and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    Join in the chatroom fun.

    .. call in number to speak to Lins  or Riana  push 1 on keypad) or to listen: (347) 855-8164

    If you have a Christmas/Holidays or Angel story you'd like to share please call in.

    Two lucky people will win a free private skype reading: 1 from Riana and 1 from me (Lins).

    Join us for a fun, festive and informal show as we come together to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.

    Riana's website


    Flying with Angels, facebook group:


    Cathies DistantEchos Facebook Group:


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    Perceptions of the Arcane

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    Messengers and Guides with Cassandra and Joyelle King !

    Join me and my guests Cassandra and Joyelle as they talk about their daily interactions with messengers, and guides, the bond you can build with them, and how they seek to help you improve your life, along with how to read and understand symbolism.


    Hope to see you there !!!