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  • Jennifer Hoffman Intuitive Life Strategist~ Gets Real with Catherine

    in Spirituality

    Interesting chat exploring with Jennifer Hoffman author of several books, blogtalkradio show, Intuitive Life Strategist, Transformational Speaker and so much more. I wanted to find out how she came to her gifts and what insights she has on today's world. Absolutely profound! This was fascinating!  Many of you will know Jennifer from her work with Arch Angel Uriel and her many blogtalk radio shows.... Very insightful chat! Practical meets Magical!You can watch this episode here. Visit www.lgrcc.com for more information...

  • On Why Yet's Watch with Victoria Catherine

    in Books

    Born and raised in Chicago, Victoria Catherine has been writing since she was a "pure, innocent, and virginal pre-teen". Most of her earlier stories were based on the Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime. Fascinated by anatomy, sexuality and the psychology of what makes people lust, she began writing erotica that she calls "Bathtub Lit". Short stories that are just short enough for bathtime to be fun. Victoria also loves a good secret, anonymity and all the naughty things we hide away - that's how her imaginary friend became her alter ego: and that my friends, is how Victoria Catherine was born. Victoria debuted the first book (ONE: Sex & Lies) of her new series, Secret, July 2015. ONE is about a woman with a childhood dream who finds out that sex (really, really, good sex) might be her biggest distraction.

    In real life, Victoria is a wife and mother with many pets. She has a day job. She loves classic movie musicals, is a foodie and lives in Fort Wayne, IN. Her writing goal is to write at her own pace and have fun while doing it. Join me, Why Yet, as I sit down with Victoria and have fun learning more about her and her series, Secret.

    On Why Yet's Watch, I bring you what's going on. See ya soon, Why Yet

    Call #773-897-6297

  • A Celebration of Woman Foundation- with Catherine Anne Clark

    in Culture

    Please join Frankie Picasso on Thursday, September 17th at 1:00 pm EDT when my guest is Catherine Anne Clark, founder of  A Celebration of Women™ which is the first and only global advocacy organization where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive philanthropic action collectively on one central stage, the world hub.

    Armed with over thirty years experience as an entrepreneur, with a history ranging from hospitality, financial planning, global commodity trade, manufacturing, child care, senior care and of course – motherhood, Catherine now acts as advocate for the Women of our World, celebrating the milestones of achievement of our world’s women leaders working on the front lines creating positive change in all areas of life.

    Catherine Anne a mother of four herself, has devoted 24/7 to this mission since that auspicious day in October 2009, after two years of research into the study of women’s activities, challenges and successes globally.

    On September 20th, 2015,  just a few short days away, Catherine Anne will be promoting and hosting The World Peace Summit 2015 -‘Character & Culture … are an Inside Job!’

    This event features many inspiring woman hosting workshops throughout a full day, and will include viewing the Documentary FEMME- Woman healing the World featuring Sharon Stone, Maria Bello, Maryanne Williamson, Gloria Steinham and as a special treat, the Filmmaker himself, Emmanuel Itier will be attending and hosting a Q & A

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    Divine Dining with Catherine Russo Epstein

    in Spirituality

    Today I have the supreme pleasure of speaking with one of my favorite people, Catherine Russo Epstein, a gemologist, expert on stones and crystals, transformational coach, and expert on Conscious Eating. We are going to discuss her work, Divine Dining, what that means and what it could mean for your life. Join us! We have set the table for you, come on in, sit down and 'break bread' with us! :) For more on Catherine simply go to livinglotusgroup.com and be sure to join her list for some great email content and gifts.

    Buon Appetito,



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    Please Welcome Mrs. Catherine Waters

    in Spirituality

    Please join me as Mrs. Catherine Waters share her journey of music!!!

  • Author Catherine Lagorio discusses #DroppedoffDog on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Pets

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Catherine Lagorio to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the real-life journey that inspired her new book DROPPED OFF DOG and her way of raising awareness along the way.

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    The Ndustry Introduces Authors, Dr. Catherine Barnes and Crystal Lewis

    in Entertainment


    Dr. Catherine Barnes and Crystal Lewis are longtime friends with shared personal and collegial journeys.  Their professional careers include daily opportunities to problem solve with adults from various walks of life.  With over 40 years of experience between them, their credentials include certified life coaching, relationship coaching and educational leadership.  Encountering numerous scenarios involving the need for personal growth and change, they utilize their skill sets to tap into the strengths of others in order to build personal and professional partnerships in strongly cultivated environments that are beneficial to all involved.  With a sound track record, they decided to create a guide for others ready to do the self-work needed to uncover their needs, recognize red flags and find true happiness in pursuit of the relationship that’s just right for them.

    The authors are available for seminars, workshops, retreats and keynotes based on The  Power of the P.  Finding the One that Fits.  


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    Chatting with ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Brenda Thomas, & Catherine onyemelukwe

    in Entrepreneur

    ReShonda Tate Billingsley is taking her craft to the next level. Her latest book, Mama's Boy, a ripped from the headlines story about a young man who films the arrest of his friends. That situation quickly escalates and when the dust settles, a police officer is dead and the young man is on the run. Oh, did I mention the officer is white and he's black...oh, and they're in Jasper, Texas, a town already rife with racial tension. As a mother, what do you do?  And good news on the movie front! Let the Church Say Amen, the movie (directed by actress Regina King, produced by Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit, Royal Ties Productions and Bobbcat Films) is coming to BET August 29, 2015

    Brenda L. Thomas is the author of several books including Threesome and the deeply moving memoir of her 15-year struggle with domestic violence and drug addiction, Laying Down My Burdens. A sought-after and compelling speaker, she's appeared on such shows as CNN, ESPN, Dateline and Entertainment Tonight. A native of Philadelphia, Brenda is currently serving as Executive Producer of the movie adaptation of Laying Down My Burdens.

    Catherine Onyemelukwe graduated from Mount Holyoke in 1962, and began her career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nigeria, where she met her Igbo husband and raised three children. Her teaching career was interrupted by the Biafran War when she lived in her husband's village. After the war she co-founded Nigerwives, an organization for foreign wives of Nigerians, ran her own fashion company in Lagos, returned to the U.S. to earn her MBA at Yale, and became a professional fundraiser. Her memoir of her twenty four years in Nigeria has been published by Peace Corps Writers. She blogs at catherineonyemelukwe.com. She is an advocate for racial justice, serves on the board of the U.S. National Committee for UNWomen.

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    Kinesiology for Healthy Living~IKC 2015 Banff, Alberta

    in Health

    A chat to announce the upcoming International Kinesiology Conference 2015 in Banff Alberta Canada...to find out who it's for, what can be expected and to find out more about the Chair of the conference (Jo-Ann Lee Maritiu) and how she came to Kinesiology...very information chat! Make sure you watch till the end for a bonus gift...Read Jo-Ann's bio at www.lgrcc.com on the Inspiring Guest page  This chat is also available on youtube to watch at https://youtu.be/I1hBFtLhmkY ...You can go direct to their website for all the info, workshops and registration information...health is so much fun! IKC 2015 website

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    Catherine, Tim and David discuss Kim Davis, the LA Gov. race and more

    in Politics Progressive

    Catherine, Tim and David discuss Kim Davis, the LA Gov. race and more

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    Catherine Austin Fitts: A View From Inside Sallie Mae

    in US Government

    Catherine Austin Fitts has operated at the highest levels of both the Financial and Government Sectors.  She was assistant Secretary of Housing under President Bush, founded Hamilton Securities  (A Wall Street Investment bank/brokerage), and was Managing Director at Investment Bank Dillon, Read & Co.. 

    Most importantly, Fitts served on the Board of Directors of Sallie Mae from 1992-1995.  She joins us for this episode to offer a vivid perspective from the inside of the student loan giant, and shares her insights and conclusions from that experience, and more!

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