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    Event Jeannie's 2015 Winter series; Restaurants, Private rooms & Catering too!

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    We are back and more excited than ever to kick off our winter 2015 show series, which will examine restaurants that have catering arms too. It’s a growing segment of the industry and one that has not been properly explored – how to create a great relationship with a restaurant (for smaller private parties) that also has a catering arm for the larger ones.

    “Restaurants, Private Rooms and Catering too!” will cover the small but burgeoning market of restauranteurs that do it all and well.  Tune in on Wednesday, January 14th at noon as BOTH the Director of Catering Sales, Sarah Weisman, and in-house Director of Private Events, Jodi Lynn, for Epicurean Events join us.  Wondering if you should host your next dinner in a private room or at home? We will answer that question, explore cost structures and private space possibilities in the Epiucrean group, which also owns four restaurants in New York: dell’anima, L’Artusi, L’Apicio and Anfora. The Italian inspired cuisine is driven by seasonal products and high caliber service that focuses on being friendly rather than formal; the Italian seeking guests are driven by the amazing tastes, homemade burrata and exceptional customer service.

    After covering everything you ever wanted to know about liquor in our last series, it is time to discover where to find the best food to pair with those cocktails you now know all about!

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    Alberta Blue Catering CEO Patricia Montgomery talks Sponsorship! #TGIFFF

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    Do you know how much time you can save by bringing your money to Sponsors!? Waiting for the right moment will take your right to the top of the Food Chain in your Industry...Speaking of Food #TopFoodee and CEO of Alberta Blue Catering Patricia Montgomery has built her dream of being a local catering success story with great food, good friends, and divine faith that seasons the palate with a fresh soulful taste. Her recent adventure Pat's Chat and Chew mixes food & friends and a new segment is coming soon. Join us for a Thank God I'm Financially Free FRIDAYS Xclusiview that will help you achieve your Goals~! Live chat begins at 11pm EST 626-213-5635

    FB: Alberta Blue Catering

    Smooches Radio is now on IG: Smooches RADIO

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    Join us as we discuss catering with Serentia's Catering

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Diamond Catering!

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    Special Guest: Ms. Mary Lawrence Hayes, Founder & Owner of Diamond Catering

    Join Ms. Mary as she discusses how she uses her catering business to bring joy and inspiration into others' lives!

    In addition, learn about her 4th Annual Best Friends Luncheon:

    Saturday, August 23, 2014
    Heman Park Community Center (975 Pennsylvania; University City, MO 63130)
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm CST
    Vintage Beaded Purse Contest
    Purchase tickets in adance and/or call for your own personal/profesional catering needs: (314) 341-7844

    Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments for our special guest.

    Individual Monthly Sponsor: Connie Curtis; Eddie & Maxine Jordan, II

    Corporate Monthly Sponsor: http://www.williemoorejr.org at WILFLO MUSIC

    For advertising, please contact: carletta@education4allinc.com

    For additional parent and student resources, please visit: http://www.education4allinc.com

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    Wedding Cakes, Wine & Catering

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    Chef Ian, caterer extraordinaire. is back by popular demand and talking about wedding cakes, serving wine at your wedding and who gets to take home the left-overs. Ian has been in the catering and food industry for 10 years and has a passion for making your wedding beyond believable!

    If you are interested in being a guest on Wedding Talk with Nancy at Noon, please contact Contact Nancy at nancy@nancyatnoon.com

    Website: http://nancyatnoon.com  http://nancymurdoch.com

    For all your catering questions and concerns, contact Ian at chefmacvicar@hotmail.com

    This show is sponsored by Dreams Shows Multicultural Bridal Show in Mississauga, Ontario


    (647) 291-9265
    Email  for booth, iDreams Fashion Magazine, modeling and volunteer:

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    The G-Spot w/ Meka Rae: Catering to and Serving Your Lover!

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    On Monday, September 22nd at 10pm we are focusing on catering and serving your lover. When we take care of our partners through service (in and out of the bedroom) we build stronger commitments, encourage effective communication, and help to promote a stronger sense of intimacy/bonding with our mate as well as show our partner how much he/she means to us. How you can use catering/service to help repair your relationship or just enhance it if nothing's broken? We look forward to you joining us and sharing your thoughts. We will have a guest host (Tessie Wilmot) to share her thoughts. Of course we will have music to soothe your sensual soul!


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    26 - Catering Whore Sean Seamus McWhinny

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    A what, now?

    Ca•ter•ing whore, n: someone who works for hire, serving, bartending, at any variety of event or function, bearing no allegiance to one company, accepting any shift possible, working as often and as long as necessary to make ends meet and to buy stiff drinks at the end of the day and/or create art; synonym: catering mercenary.

    Huh? What? Who? C'mon, most of us have worked in the food industry at some point, right? Well, Sean did what we all want to do after that experience, he bitched about it in his very own comic!

    We're gonna hear all about some of these stories from the man himself, as well as the usual geeky-tom-foolery ... cuz that's how we do! 

    Juicy, gossipy, high society catering stories from a geek?! BRING IT!!

    Obviously, a guy who wrote and drew his own comic is up to more than catering and has new projects he's working on ... BUT WHAT?! Listen to the show, and find out!

    Sean-related linky-links...


    Here, go buy his book, too!

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    Catering Solutions Revisited

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    Join our WCHP Broadcasting team today at noon as we revisited our lunch program, Catering Solutions.  If you remember our earlier broadcast, there were some issues both kids and staff had with Catering Solutions.  We voiced our opions via a radio broadcast, and now we will find out if these concerns were answered.  Tune in for our FINAL broadcast of the year.

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    Let's Talk Catering with Chef George

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    Since my graduation party is being catered this Sunday, I figured we would talk all about catering tonight. Catering is BIG BIG Money in the Culinary field. Tonight, ACF certified Chef George Norrell will be joining us to talk about Catering, Listen in to learn what goes in catering, and learn all about Catering. If you own a local catering business feel free to call in  and advertise. Or call in to ask catering questions. Enjoy the show!

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    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy | Holiday Catering | Freelance Chefs | XMas Food

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    In this episode Big and Beefy will be Chewing The Fat about everything from upcoming holiday catering , freelancing as a chef and different holiday foods and how the price goes up with the demand. Chef Rob Burmeister and Chef Clemenza Caserta Jr are always available for your catering needs. How great would it be if Big and Beefy were cooking in your house for you and your guests.

    Also Rob will be talking about his Celebrity Death Pool Draft on Sunday.

    Freelancing as a chef is a great way to work in different enviroments and events without the high cost of a salary for those who need to hire such talent.

    Our new weather girl Jackie will be calling in and giving us the low down on how it really is outside.

    Follow us on Twitter @CTFBBPodcast

    Call in and join in on the fun of the show at 347-215-7771

    Find us on facebook.com/ctfwithbigandbeefy

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    It has been a debate for the last two years.  Do you like the food from Catering Solutions?  Is it a healthy lunch?  Are the serving sizes adequate for all students?  Do you only order pizza?  Can we switch companies?  These are the questions that have been debated for months, possibly years.  This Wednesday our broadcasting club will try to answer some of these questions as we broadcast LIVE at lunchtime.  Our crew will interview students, teachers, and Mrs. Green who serves the students the lunches.  Tune in at Noon Wednesday if you want the answer, Catering Solutions or NOT???

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