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    A Catch Conversation with Dr. Ramon Presson

    in Lifestyle

    Ramon Presson, PhD, a licensed marriage & family therapist, has been in practice for 30 years and is the founder of LifeChange Counseling and the Marriage Center of Franklin (www.LifeChangeCS.org) . He is a newspaper columnist; and with a dozen books in print he is the most published practicing therapist in Tennessee. From 1989 to 2004 Presson served as an assistant pastor in large churches in North Carolina South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee. Ramon has had the unique privilege to serve on staff with and later co-author several books with Dr. Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman wrote the foreword for Ramon’s most recent book titled, "When Will My Life Not Suck? Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned”. Presson is currently co-authoring the teen edition of the book with his 17-year-old son, Cameron. Ramon & his wife, Dorrie, have been married for 28 years, have two sons, and live outside of Nashville. He can be reached at ramonpresson@gmail.com 

  • A Catch Conversation with Greg Wallace

    in Christianity

    A Catch Conversation with Greg Wallace

    "My first day of sobriety is March 28, 2010.

    Joy and I celebrated our 27th year of marriage in November 2014. We live in the small town Indiana town where she grew up. Main Street really is the main street. Della, our weimardoodle, is the focus of all our dysfunction and affection. Now that I'm retired I try to work very hard at not doing very much at all. Prior to that, I served as executive director of Hope & New Life, a ministry to equip Indiana churches for healing the relationally broken." - Greg

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    A Catch Conversation with Don Williams

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    Don Williams is a native Californian. He graduated from Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and holds the PhD from Columbia University. He served on the staff of the Hollywood Presbyterian Church for 10 years as college pastor and was heavily involved in the Jesus Movement in the late 1960's. He has been Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary and lecturer in religion at Claremont MacKenna College. He also pastored the Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church in La Jolla, CA., and planted the Coast Vineyard in La Jolla, California in 1988. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including 12 Steps with Jesus and Start Here: Kingdom Essentials for Christians. He also serves on the Board of Christian Healing Ministries, led by Francis and Judith MacNutt. Don is married to Kathryn. They now live in Los Angeles, CA.

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    The Catch with John Fischer

    in Lifestyle

    We're talking romance on this week's episode of The Catch on Blog Talk Radio with John Fischer.

  • The Catch podcast

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    Join us tonight...

  • A Catch Conversation with C. McNair Wilson

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    McNair Wilson is one of the leading forces for creativity in all facets of corporate and personal life. His powerful, engaging keynote presentations and practical workshops in creative thinking, inventive problem solving, and teamwork are widely regarded as the best available. His client list runs from from Apple, Inc. to the Salvation Army, Chick-fil-A Corporate, Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, and aerospace companies that currently have objects orbiting the Earth..

    McNair draws on his professional experience in: theme park design (as a Disney Imagineer), theatre, graphic design, cartooning and illustration, creative writing, and entertainment design.

    His most recent published book, HATCH!:Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer, is McNair’s muchanticipated book on creative team building and inventive problem solving. HATCH! is on two of Amazon’s top ten lists: “brainstorming” and “theme parks.”

    For more info contact McNair by email :: bigdesk@mcnairwilson.com

    McNair’s BLOG on the actively creative life :: http://www.TeaWithMcNair.com

    Twitter :: @mcnairwilson

    Facebook :: McNair Wilson International Fan Club & Dry Cleaning

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    A Catch Conversation with Joni Rehnborg

    in Christianity

    Joni Rehnborg is a member of the Leadership group of Women of Vision, a voluntary organization of World Vision, responsible for our involvement in Palestine/Israel/Gaza


  • A Catch Conversation with Phil Callaway

    in Lifestyle

    Phil Callaway is the best-selling author of more than 25 books, a speaker, humorist and host of Laugh Again radio which airs across North America, the UK, and Africa. His humorous stories on family life have been featured in hundreds of magazines worldwide. But he insists that his greatest achievement was convincing his wife to marry him. Phil is a father of three adult children and has been married to his high school sweetheart for 33rd years in a row. 

  • A Catch Conversation with Steve West

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    Our special Guest tonight is Lawyer, Writer, and Poet, Steve West. Steve also owned and operated Silent Planet Records for a number of years, a record company dedicated to putting out really fine acoustic folk, and folk/rock music from extremely talented but not the most popular musicians. Eclectic might be the right word. It was a record company with a heart, believe me. I know, because my latest CD, “Some Folks’ World” was on Silent Planet Records and made possible by Steve’s passion to see it made. We are going to talk about music, artistic excellence, poetry, writing and especially, in honor of Marti's story this week for our new granddaughter, fairy tale. What roll does fairy tale play in understanding and appreciating truth?

    Steve’s writing and poetry can be found on his website, outwalking.net as well as on his Facebook page: SlntPlanet. This will be a delightful conversation you won’t want to miss.

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    A Catch Conversation with Glenn Kaiser

    in Christianity

    Glenn Kaiser has been singing the blues - and sometimes soul, R&B or rock - since he was twelve years old.

    Growing up in a poor family living hand-to-mouth in central Wisconsin, Glenn eventually gravitated to Milwaukee’s local music scene where he fronted over a dozen bands, as well as writing and performing solo acoustic music, all before turning nineteen years of age. With his adolescence plagued by drug and alcohol abuse, Glenn got clean through following Jesus after a life-changing spiritual confrontation right around his eighteenth birthday. During this time his music got heavier and in many ways, deeper. His former song writing motif of celebrating drugs, sex and other vices gave way to lyrics about spiritual struggles: personal temptation, institutional sin, poverty, exploitation, racism, materialism and other issues that few musicians seemed willing to tackle.

    Now after more than three decades of making original music, Kaiser is known for his raw, bluesy vocals, firey guitar playing, bottleneck slide and harmonica work on thirty recordings and innumerable live shows. Glenn and his family have lived in Chicago’s inner city for over thirty years doing mission work with people who live as he once did.

    Kaiser has released several acoustic-based cds in between his electric blues and blues/rock albums. His seminal delta blues projects “Trimmed and Burnin’” and follow-up “Slow Burn” (both with harp-player/singer Darrell Mansfield) established him as a singular and authentic christian bluesman. Three contemporary worship albums along with the folk-pop “Time Will Tell”, fill out the acoustic discography. Acoustic cuts also comprise half of Kaiser’s critically acclaimed “Ripley County Blues” project recorded in a log cabin lodge in rural Missouri.

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    What's all the buzz? Why so much talk about the IoT right now?

    in Internet

    Everyone is talking about the IoT right now. Rutgers is offering a Mini-MBA program at the end of this month. A former J&J exective will be teaching one of the five modules. If you work in the supply chain it is vital that you take the program, he says. 

    It's not just retailers who are building e-commerce platforms, the Iot can bring customer satisfaction in many ways.