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    Manifest It Now - Coach Cassie Does a LIVE on Air Coaching Session

    in Spirituality

    Coach Cassie does on-air coaching session and later talks about manifesting with Ginny Gane.  Great Show full of inspiration to keep us on tract for our Champagne Dreams


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    Manifest It Now with Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane

    in Spirituality

    Cassie and Ginny will guide you to align when it comes to manifesting and leveraging the power of the Law of Attraction. The word alignment is used interchangeably sometimes and it’s important to know what alignment is so you can attract all you desire quickly and easily.

    Then Cassie and Ginny define struggle action and inspired action when it comes to using the Law of Attraction. Inspired action is easy and in the flow. You take it because you are being pulled to instead of because you think it’s going to get you what you want. Inspired action leads to manifesting faster and easier. In this episode learn how action can help you attract your desires quick and easy.


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    Dr. Joe Tatta: Interview with Dietitian and Nutrition Expert Cassie Bjork

    in Health

    Cassie--widely known as Dietitian Cassie--is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian as well as Lead Health Coach and founder of Healthy Simple Life—a team of dietitians and personal trainers who provide real food and evidence-based nutrition and fitness coaching online, over the phone and at corporate or community classes. They help people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions through the power of real food so they can live their life to the fullest! Dietitian Cassie and her team are passionate about debunking diet rumors, myths and fads, while teaching people how to eat real foods in balance to help them feel their best. They specialize in meeting their clients wherever they are in their health journey, and helping them achieve their goals without having to count points or calories ever again. She's also the cohost of the weekly podcast Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie & Friends and the featured dietitian for the TV program Twin Cities Live. Please link to: Website:  http://healthysimplelife.com 

    I'm Joe Tatta, licensed physical therapist and nutrition expert and the co-founder of Premier Physical Therapy & Wellness, one of the largest outpatient physical therapy providers in the New York Tri-State area, serving everyone from professional dancers and athletes to baby boomers. I’m also an active lecturer and mentor to health and fitness professionals on all subjects pertaining to health, fitness and wellness. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people just like you to transform their health and live a more vitalized life, and I’m on a mission to reach over 20 million people by 2020

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    Manifest It Now - Understanding Awareness as the Key to Manfestation!

    in Self Help

    During the next 30 minutes, Cassie and Ginny will discuss one of the most important and foundational concepts to manifesting any desire. You must understand and develop your own personal awareness of what is happening in this physical world and the relationship to the non-physical world, in order to most successful Manifest it Now!


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    Being Mary Jane!!! Reality vs Fiction

    in Romance

    Tonight On
    Ladies Tell All Show!
    Hosted by Ms Cassie & Jennah
    Thursday Night November 5, 2015
    @9pm eastern
    @7pm central
    @6pm pacific

    Tonight 'sTopic: "BEING MARY JANE"
    Ladies and Gentlemen it Thursday Night
    So let discuss this RIGHT!



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    Holiday Season Gift Ideas!! Are you ahead on shopping??

    in Romance

    Hosted by Ms Cassie & Ms Jennah
    Monday November 2, 2015
    @8:30pm eastern
    @7:30pm central
    @5:30pm pacific



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  • My Journey, His Plan with author Sharon Shymansky Roberts

    in Books

    My Journey, His Plan with author Sharon Shymansky Roberts

    Sharon Roberts is a sixty-something woman just coming out of the closet where would-be authors live. Fear of failure and rejection had kept her hidden all these years, but a wonderful group of women at her church and an amazing group of talented authors on the Grand Strand helped bring her into the light! She is a shining example that you are never too old to follow your dreams! As the commercial says, "Just do it!"

    Born in Washington, DC, Sharon spent most of her younger years in Prince Georges County, but went away to college and, in the interim, met a wonderful man from a small island in Southern Maryland. Eventually, they married and raised three sons on that island that she still calls the home of her heart. Though God called him home after only 26 years of marriage, he and God conspired to bring a second man into her life. They have been married 15 years. Two years ago they retired and moved to Pawleys Island, SC. There's just something about island life!

    Now, Sharon, her husband Dan, their two aussie doodles Cody and Cassie, and their love bird Piper all live peacefully in the idyllic place near the surf and sand. It is there where Sharon found her voice, and got the courage to write for Him, hoping in some small way her words touch someone and help them on their journey through life.

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    What's Happening in Our School Systems w/ Our Children. BlacklivesMatter

    in Romance

    Tonight on!
    "Ladies Tell All Show"
    Hosted by Ms Cassie & Ms Jennah

    Thursday October 29, 2015
    9pm eastern
    8pm central
    6pm pacific

    We've got the REAL STORY about the assault on the 16 yr old student at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC

    So please tune into this very special segment of Ladies Tell All Show

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    Manifest it NOW! Your Dominate Vibration

    in Spirituality

    In this episode, Cassie and Ginny will help you create awareness around your dominant vibration, what it is and why it is so important when learning to leverage the law of attraction. We talk about taking responsibility for your own experience and finally how you can purposefully raise your dominant vibration to attract more things you want in your life.


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    Manifest It Now - Vibrational Familiarity

    in Lifestyle

    Discovering what this unique Law of Attraction concept is all about, what it means for your life, and how you can use your awareness of your individual vibrational familiarity to create positive change in your life.

  • What are your thoughts on the Presidential election! !

    in Romance

    Tonight on
    Ladies Tell All Show
    Hosted by Cassie Gainey & Jennah Simpkins
    Thursday Night October 22, 2015
    9pm eastern
    8pm central
    6pm pacific

    Show Topic : The 2016 Presidential Debates - Are There Any Worthy Candidates To Place Your Vote For Whether It Be Democratic or Republican?


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