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    in Education

    We will discuss how to effectively manage the group dynamic and negotiate a successful outcome.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Meatballs in Marinara Sauce and the "adventure" recipe will be Jambalaya.

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    Appetite Control and Weight Management

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D., will discuss appetite control and weight management.

    Dr. Clouatre earned his A.B. from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. A Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, he is a prominent industry consultant, author of numerous books and a sought-after speaker. Dr. Clouatre is the New Product Development & Marketing Consultant for Jarrow Formulas.

  • 01:18

    Casino City Gang: Is it clean yet edition

    in Sports

    Casino City's Vin Narayanan and Aaron Todd examine the burgeoning debate on whether betting on fantasy sports is gambling or not, Amaya Gaming's decision to look at possibly selling its B2B business and the WSOP and 888 sharing player liquidity in New Jersey. They also pick the NFC and AFC championship games as the NFL season winds down.

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    Overcoming Bad Habits in Weight Management

    in Weight Loss

    If you have ever tried to lose weight and failed to maintain it, you will want to listen to this broacast. It is a new year, a time when many people make New Year's reolutions.  If yours is to lose weight or eat healthier, we will need to learn how to set a goal and keep it.  We will discuss why people fail to keep their goals and how to set new goals for weight loss and optimal health.

  • Jean Block: Why Social Enterprise Strategies are a MUST!

    in Business

    We welcome from Albuquerque, NM, Jean Block, President of Jean Block Consulting and Social Enterprise Ventures. She is the author of “The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise: Show Me the (Unrestricted) Money!”, “The Invisible Yellow Line: Clarifying Board and Staff Roles” , “FUNdraising! 180+ Great Ideas to Raise More Money” , “Fast FUNdraising Facts for Fame & Fortune”, and “The ABCs of Building Better Boards.” Also one of 25 national consultants featured in “The Nonprofit Consulting Playbook.”

    This show will be great information for both entrepreneurs and nonprofits to maximize your effectivenees in the WE society. 

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    Interop Radio: Making It in Maker Management

    in Technology

    IT is big. Really big. So big, in fact, that it encompasses systems from the very, very large to the rather tiny. It's those tiny systems that are the specialty of our guest this week, Tenaya Hurst of Linino.org and Rogue Making.

    Note: Technical issues prevented Tenaya from being with us for today's show. Instead, we talked about the results of an Intel study reported in MakeHers Report: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing. We will work on having Tenaya as a guest on a future episode.

    Tenaya is a passionate "maker", creating wearable technology and teaching programming (along with a variety of other skills) to interested groups and individuals across North America. 

    Join us for a show that will look at what it takes to be a woman "making it" in the maker community, how the special energy of the maker community has had an impact on her management ideas, and why the DIY spirit of "makers" might just be critical for the future success of your IT projects.

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online!

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    Interop Radio: Management Lessons from Homeland Security

    in Technology

    Everyone knows that the Department of Homeland Security concentrates on keeping things safe inside the borders of the United States. What many people don't know is that their mission includes making sure that software on government systems is reliable, stable, and secure.

    Interop Radio host Curtis Franklin sat down with Kevin Greene, Program Manager for Software Assurance at the Cyber-Security Division of the Science and Technology Directorate in the Department of Homeland Security. In this interview, recorded at the Black Hat conference in September, Greene talked about the role of software assurance at DHS, how assurance is built into the software created and deployed by the department, and the lessons that enterprise software project managers can learn from the work on software assurance that's going on in our government departments and agencies.

    Join us for this outstanding episode of Interop Radio and join us in the online chat! We look forward to having your voice in the discussion about software -- and how its quality can be assured via proper policies and procedures.

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online!

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    Bambeno Da Black Casino

    in Music

    We Network and Promote

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    Casino City Gang: Looking at poker differently edition

    in Sports

    On this week's edition of the Casino City Gang, Vin Narayanan, Dan Podheiser and Aaron Todd discuss WSOP bracelet winner Darren Woods, who is headed to jail for cheating in online poker games, a new Bitcoin poker site that won't hold your currency for you, Faraz Jaka's "homeless" lifestyle, as profiled by CNN Money, and the possibility of Revel in Atlantic City becoming a water park. They'll also take the week off from making NFL picks (since there aren't any to make) and bring back their weekly best bets.

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    Holiday Blues Buster Series Week 9: Solid Stress Management Skills

    in Weight Loss

    Welcome! Soul here, your host for the Holiday Blues Buster Series. Who am I? What I do? Click this link to explore all sorts of details!

    This segment shares a few time-tested stress management tips. Join us to learn how to flip unhealthy stress into healthy energy to learn, laugh and grow. Click this link for more details.

    Step 1:  Listen to this class.

    Step 2: Register to access our LIVE conference call classroom on Tuesday night (8:30 p.m. Eastern / New York USA) phone call.

    Option 1: $12.00 per class (click to register)

    Option 2: $75 for entire series (click to register) - Save $57 when you pay for the entire series in one payment.

    Intro Music:  Wish Background / Outro Music:  Bright Wish  Kevin MacLeod
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    8 Time Management Tips for Small Businesses

    in Business

    8 Time Management Tips for Small Businesses is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. As a small business owner, you know that time is your greatest asset. You can lose money and get it back. You can even lose a business and get it back. But time is irretrievable. That's why you've got to protect it like a hawk. Here are my 7 time management tips for small business owners -- 7 ways you can do a better job protecting your time now! This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc.

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