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    FOLA - Foundation of Local Arts Annual Fundraiser

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    Our guests this morning are Angie Silverman and Rick Norris.

    Angie Silverman is Co-Founder and President of the non-profit Foundation of Local Arts which showcases local arts and raises funds for local arts education. Angie is an active member of the South Bay community and is always looking for ways to enhance the local urban beach lifestyle by working with community and business leaders in the South Bay. Her professional focus and expertise has been, and remains, directed towards project initiatives in the public and private sectors that improve and preserve the community, business and physical environment.  Angie holds a Master’s of Science in Urban and Regional Planning and has practiced urban planning for over 10 years. She was a Downtown Planner for four years and implemented a prosperous downtown social and business environment.  In addition, Angie was a Campaign Manager, bringing Portia Cohen to office as Mayor of Manhattan Beach and subsequently, David Lesser to office as Mayor of Manhattan Beach.  

     Rick Norris is Co-Founder, Board Member, CFO of FOLA and co-creator of its annual Jazz Camp for middle school and high school musicians in Manhattan Beach. Rick earned a Bachelor of Science from U.C.L.A.  and after receiving his Certified Public Accountant certificate, he earned a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law.  In 1992, he founded Rick E Norris, Accountancy Corporation. His firm consults to a variety of individuals and small and medium-sized businesses on a variety of strategic planning and business topics. 

    This morning, we’re going to discuss the upcoming FOLA Annual Fundraiser. The event takes place on Saturday, January 31 at the private residence of FOLA event Honoree Bob Salim.

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    An Independent Point Of View: Interview with CZW Owner DJ Hyde

    in Wrestling

    Show number 2 this week brings us to Combat Zone Wrestling where on December 13(my birthday) they will be holding there 16th annunal Cage Of Death. On tonight's show I will be interviewing CZW owner/wrestler DJ Hyde. We will talk all things CZW including his match at COD against Chris Dickenson. If you want to talk Cage Of Death or have a question for DJ Hyde the number is 323)870-4022. Come join us as we talk the most violent night of the year.

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    An interview with David Gaz, director Kindness is Contagious

    in Motivation

    Amy and Keryl talk with David Gaz, the director of the feel-good-documentary Kindness is Contagious narrated by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the best selling author of the novel and movie Pay It Forward. Find out the surprising source of his inspiration to create this documentary and the series of coincidences that set the project in motion. Also find out how taking on this project changed this man's entire outlook on life. An inspiring and energetic interview you won't want to miss.

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    The Strange Case of Dr. Huxtable and Mr. Hyde

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    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look at Bill Cosby and his current troubles with rape allegations. So many women are coming forward now, they may need to start taking numbers and podium. Is there any validity to their allegations. Why did they wait so long and does it diminish their credibility? What do you think? What now will be Bill's legacy? Let's talk about this and the also the good times of Bill. 

    Call in to the show to particpate and/or just listen at 347-202-0492 or just use Skype

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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    'Kickoff NYC 2015' STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT w/ Shaunes Richardson

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    Dial in, Monday at 6pmEST (661) 554-9123    Topic: Chatting Back!  Empire, R&B Divas, & Whitney Houston Biopic

    Are you desperate to get into the music industry? 

    What means are you willing to get into it as a career? 

    What are your responses of the recent medias of music biopics and tv shows?  How does this relate to Our community? 

    Does it affect Our Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline?  #statebp #bpnow    

    Y'all tell me why everybody rush to tune and engage  into the title of the video "Kevin Gates have Sex with his Cousin (incest)"?

    Do you want to talk about the TLC fundraising?   

    Have you shared and invested in Our crowdfund for Our event, advocacy, research and further invest in the community?


    We are on Instagram.  Share & Engage with us on there.  STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 27

    in Pets

    Hosted By Debbie Dahmer

    Guest: Val Silver lives in northern New York with her husband and Bichon/Shi Tzu mix, Teddy. She is a lifelong animal lover and advocate with a heart for animals and humans in need of compassion and healing. She wrote Rescue Me, her first book, as a fundraiser for homeless dogs, to raise awareness of their plight and needs, and to show what wonderful companions these dogs make when given a chance. Val is a reading teacher, a healer, and a holistic wellness educator. She believes that it takes education, positive action and compassion to create healing and better lives for all creatures-animal and human. Val shares her knowledge and insights on her websites and facebook pages, in on-line groups, in her monthly Bellesprit magazine column, and in the media. 

    About Rescue Me:

    Rescue Me will touch your soul with twelve inspirational accounts of ten dog lovers who rescued the dogs who ultimately rescued them. Read (and listen to) true tales of extraordinary commitment, physical and emotional healing, faith in the midst of challenges, twists of fate, second chances, and the magical joy that comes from the bond of unconditional love and acceptance between humans and their dogs.

    The dog adoption stories in Rescue Me are written for the love of dogs in rescue and shelters, and for the devoted people who save them in little and big ways. It is written to raise funds to help them, to raise sensitivity to their plight and their need, and to celebrate all they have to offer when given a chance.

    Donations from Rescue Me royalties help shelters and rescues meet expenses and fund projects designed to make life better for the animals in their care. The accompanying webpage includes a list of sponsored organizations, home videos, photographs, bonus audio interviews with three of our authors, and more.

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    Good, happy Monday morning, sweet hawks!!!  I'm gonna need all the positive, good energy vibes, you can send, today. Not that anything is wrong, just that, hey, I'll take what I can get, and if you can send me some, positive, good energy vibes, then, I'll be more than satisfied.  Today's topic is, PHYSICAL OUTLET. Hummm, what a topic, seeing as a lot of us, me included, need to do a little more physical outletting, by way of exercising.  With being said, hopefully, at least, you're getting your groove on, when the show starts, with the opening music.  Tee hee hee, I know I do.  Anyway, hopefully you can get a good, daily, walk in, it makes a world of difference.  You can also exercise your right to give, by dropping a donation in one of my donation buckets, here, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow or, here, http://giveforward.com/fundraiser/rd87/a-mother-s-sacrifice.  Any amount will be welcomed.  I thank you lovely, sweet hawks in advance, for your support.  

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    Wow, it happened again, AND I allowed more time.  Today's  topic is AUTHORITY.  Someone needs to take back control of your life, today.  It's time to be more authoritative in your dealings with the situations and relationships that you are encountering in your life.  Since, I have a limited time, before the show, I'll close here, and as always, if you'd like to leave a love offering for the Hawkie, please do so here, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow or here, https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/rd87/a-mother-s-sacrifice.  

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    Good morning, good morning, good morning!  If you're not having a good day, or you want this to be a good day, and it's not, call it into existence.  Sometimes we have to speak things into our life's situations, and creating a good day, out of a bad day, sometimes can be done by changing your mindset.  Anyway, today's topic is DREAMS.  Yesterday's topic, was CREATE, put them both together and you get, CREATE DREAMS.  Yes, it's time to turn those dreams into a reality.  On today's show, I share with you, MY dream.  One that was fulfilled once upon a time, and now I'm trying to recapture it. You, my loyal listeners, can become a part of helping me recreate this dream, one that can become, RECURRING. Talking and sharing is my life, my business, my purpose, and your love offerings, dropped in one of my buckets, will make a world of difference. Do so here,  https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/rd87/a-mother-s-sacrifice or here, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow, and if you can't do that, please share the link to my show.  Always remember, sharing is caring.  Thanks in advance for your efforts.  

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    Matthew Tiger woods Impersonator talk about his life as Tiger Woods Impersonto

    in Entertainment

    I began doing Tiger Woods look alike in 2010 when I was noticed wearing my black Nike hat. I enjoy doing acts and the responses from my fans. I love to put smiles on their faces and I think that is one of the real Tiger Wood's highlights. My acts composes of multiples things: playing golf for entertainment, photo shoots, speaking in engagements, extra in movies, and a little of dancing. You will get your money worth. you find me on Facebook Matthew Tiger Impersonator Matthew will do charity events, visit sick kids in the hospital, photo shoots, play golf, speak at events, be extra in a movie and do anniversary Party, Awards Night, Bachelor Party, Casino, Casting Call, Concert Venue, Convention, Corporate Event, Fair, Fundraiser, Grand Opening, Holiday Party, Reunion, Sporting Event

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    Hey, hey, hey, it's "HUMP DAY"!!!! IHope you all are making it through the week, pretty decently.  I know it's hard for some of ya'll, I know it is, I can feel it in my bones, as I type this, but hold on, change is coming!!!  Speaking of change, today's topic is, TIME TO CREATE.  Wow, really, TIME TO CREATE!!!!  What better topic, to help CREATE change.  If you want a change, sometimes you gotta create change. Sometimes, we sit around and wait for change, wait for change, wait for change, when we should be CREATING the changes that we desire.  Case in point, at the end of the day, sometimes I would feel as if I didn't get anything accomplished, even though I had spent countless hours on this thing, networking and searching, and searching and networking.  And even though I had my nightly show with my co-host, some kind of way, I didn't feel accomplished.  It wasn't until I made up in my mind, that I would start my own show back up, and when I tell you, my TRUE happiness came back, you better believe me.  I'm happiest when I'm doing me, doing my thang, doing what I know I am supposed to be doing.  So with that being said, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, it's TIME TO CREATE!  And by the way, if you wanna help me create a life of financial freedom, please don't hesitate to drop a love offering in one of my two donation "buckets"   http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow or https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/rd87/a-mother-s-sacrifice.  See you on the show!!!

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