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    Enhancing Physical Literacy Programming at your Centre--with Christo Loots

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    Physical literacy is becoming an increasingly important aspect of children's education. Physical literacy programming goes beyond just providing children with opportunities to play a sport. Its aim is to enhance children's well being by providing them with a foundation of knowledge about how to exercise and care for their bodies throughout their lives. While it may include sports skills such as catching or throwing a ball, it also includes rhythmic movement and a host of other activities that appeal to a wide variety of children's interests and tastes. It is also inclusive of all children. Whether you choose an outside company to provide this kind of programming or your staff delivers it directly, it's important to understand the basics. Join ADCO Radio host Andrea Hannen and the very charismatic and always entertaining Christo Loots of Monkeynastix Toronto for a lively discussion about physical literacy, and how it can benefit children and child care staff.

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    Fundraising Literacy By Attending Fundraising School

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall attend Fundraising School to learn about "Fundraising Literacy".  To have  success in legal matters, political matters, and in many other areas of life including business life, one must become "Fundraising Literate".  Having that in mind  we shall cover the very basics of of fundraising, which we shall call the "fundamentals of fundraising".

    This includes various "fundraising distictions", fundraising training, and various fundraising strategies.

    As usual please have pen and paper available or your computer of choice so that you can take notes and please feel free to call in and ask questions or give your comment. 

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    Building Literacy Skills from Birth (Yes Birth) and Beyond

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    Today’s Brains in Toyland segment regards how children learn to read and write.

    Literacy specialist, Lauren Becker, is here to talk about how these skills really begins at birth.

    She’ll tell us how parents are key players in their child’s reading ability development and address questions parents often have.

    We’ll talk about the connection that reading has to speaking, listening, and writing skills and discuss ideas to help children become successful readers and develop a love for this very crucial skill.

    We'd like to answer more of your questions about literacy. Please send questions and show suggestions to info@KidsAtoZ.com

    You can see all of our shows and our SMART ToyStore with ideas and information about what fosters development at www.KidsAtoZ.com


    Dr. T and the Kids AtoZ Team

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    We've got NAMLE Executive Director Michelle Ciulla 

    "Just the facts, Ma'am" as an old TV detective used to say. But it all depends where the facts are coming from in a wired world. Media Literacy is so important these days.. Glad you're here, Michelle.


    Presented by FOLLETT

    www.follett.com. www.follettchallenge.com www.projectconnect.com



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    Technology Literacy…An Important Skill Set for Students!

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    Join me as I discuss the importance of technology and computer literacy for today’s student especially in online learning environments.  This particular topic is very special to me as my wife, Renee Burgher, has returned to college and currently attends Phoenix University in pursuit of her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  All of the academic projects and assignments she submits for grading are completed using either Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft OneNote; learn how she uses the other applications to stay organized and manage the academic part of her life. Listen in so you will know how to maximize the use of these tools, whether for yourself or for a significant other, to ensure academic success.

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    Neuro-scientist /Educator Michael Quinn ,an expert on promoting engagement for students and teachers, is our guest


    Presented by LEARNING BIRD

    www.learningbird.com  @learningbird

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    Municipal Literacy: The 10 Commandments Monetized

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall take a closer look into Municipal Literacy and look at its orgins and link that into everyday life today.

    We shall use the 10 Commandments as our foundation and see how governments have turned those sacred commandments into profit centers for municipalities.  Many towns and major cities have taken what the Great Law Giver Moses presented to us as a tool to build cities, but often times at the expense of it's citizens.

    If you U are not Municipal Literate you can be a prime victim of "house hijacking", "weaponized banking", & "weaponized water".

    This podcast will open your eyes into the world of Municipal Literacy.

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    Fundraising Literacy with Candace "Candy" Lightner - Grassroots Icon

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    Today on "It's My House" we are honored with the opportunity to speak with a grassroots icon, Candace "Candy" Lightner who is the founder and first president of M.A.D.D. (Mothers Agaisnst Drunk Drivers).  In addition, she is  involved with "We Save Lives" which is an organization that promotes "responsible driving".

    Ms. Lightner also is president of CL and Associates.  She provides consulting services for clients as a legislative advocate, manager, fundraiser, trainer, advocate, and counselor to both businesses and issue driven groups across the country. These issues include traffic safety, arts and music education, victims rights, alcohol and other drugs, youth oriented programs, hunger, anti-discrimination, and grief support. She has consulted with senior executives and board members on all aspects of nonprofit management. 

    Ms. Lightner is a prolific fundraiser as she has raised over $50,000,000.  Of course our topic today is "Fundraising Literacy".


    Twitter:  Voice4Safety

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: LEAP into Literacy

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    Special Guest: Barbara Primm, Executive Director of LEAP, Inc. (Literacy & Education Applied with Purpose), located at: 12127 Bellefontaine Rd., Suite 16; St. Louis, MO 63138

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, 1 in 4 children grow up without learning how to read (2010).

    Tune in as Barbara shares how she assists both children and adults in overcoming challenges to literacy.  Barbara offers services in individualized tutoring, small group sessions, ACT Prep, enrichment programs, Adult Basic Education, and GED instruction.  Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments!

    For more information, visit LEAP's website: http://www.weleap4literacy.com

    Also, contact Barbara Primm: 314-281-3228 or barbara@weleap4literacy.com


    Special thanks to our Corporate Sponsor, Mr. Willie Moore, Jr. Founder of WILFLO Music & The Young, Fly, & Saved Movement: http://www.williemoorejr.org

    If you would like sponsor a show, please contact Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington at: carletta@education4allinc.com

    Business or upcoming events announcement: ONLY $10 or 4 announcements for $30 (Save $10!) 


    To learn more about Education 4 All, Inc. visit: http://www.education4allinc.com

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    Should Literacy Training Be A Prerequisite To Being A Childcare Provider?

    in Self Help

    The State laws are now changing and some state are requiring that a Certified Childcare worker be crendentialed and certified in English as, The New Language Learner. How do you feel about these practices? Do you feel that they are considered,as best practices for a child? Please join us in a scholarly discussion. You May call in at the number below.

     You may call the number below:







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    Information to help you gain knowledge using D&C Finance Educational Services every Thursday at 6:30 pm est.\

    Mon.- Sat. 9am -7pm. teaching and mentoring
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