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    Pose, Wobble, Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction

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    How can we promote personal reflection and growth in our professional practice, collaboration with colleagues, and in our classrooms with students?

    Join us for a talk about the Pose, Wobble, Flow Framework and how it can be used to address educational challenges and to meet the needs of all students. We will be in conversation with the Cindy O'Donnell-Allen and Antero Garcia, authors of Pose, Wobble, Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction, along with students from Cindy's graduate class on Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

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    Talk! with Marie Presents Michelle Ciulla Lipkin NAMLE & Media Literacy Week

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    Today is a show of firsts! This week (November 2-6) marks the First Media Literacy Week in the US. The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.To celebrate and increase awareness about this historic event, Marie interviews Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, the first Executive Director of the National Association for Media Literacy Education.  The NAMLE vision is to help individuals of all ages develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression that they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today’s world. Listen in to learn more about NAMLE's mission, events happening this week and ways to join NAMLE as a member. Check out a recent PSA, written by Alicia Haywood. Featuring Joey Papa. Produced by Skies Fall.  Spread the word: #MediaLitWk

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    Frank W. Baker talks to Young Media Critics about importance of Media Literacy!

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    Replay - On Tuesday,  July 1, 2014, 5 p.m. EST, Young Media Critics talk with Frank W. Baker, media literacy education consultant and author about the importance of medial literacy education to children, parents and other concerned adults who work with young people. 

    Frank W. Baker is a media literacy education consultant and the author of three books, including Media Literacy In the K-12 Classroom (ISTE, 2012). He contributed two chapters to Mastering Media Literacy (Solution Tree, 2014). In November 2013, Frank was a co-recipient of the National Telemedia Council‘s annual Jessie McCanse Award given for individual contributions to the field of media literacy over at least 10 years. Follow him on Twitter @fbaker.

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    MyOn reader presents Dr. Rich Long, Managing editor of the social platform, 'The Reading Challenge". Today, FYI, is International Literacy Day.

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    Social Media's Impact on Literacy Live Panel Discussion from St. George Book Fe

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    The St. George Book Festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

    As part of this year's activities, the St. George Book Festival has asked its community one very important questions many readers, teachers and libraries have asked, "What is Social Media’s Impact on Literacy?"

    The St. George Book Festival will be airing live here on BlogTalkRadio's featured World of Ink Network on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, starting at 5 pm Pacific - 6 pm Mountain - 7 pm Centeral - 8 pm Eastern and will offer a free community forum on “Social Media’s Impact on Literacy.”

    The National Assessment of Adult Literacy defines literacy as "using printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential."  The illiteracy skill level is based on a fourth-grade level. The reason for the reference to the fourth-grade level mentioned above is that in nearly all U.S. schools, the only reading taught after the fourth grade is remedial reading. If that is all they can read, however, they are functionally illiterate. This means about 23% of the national U.S. population falls under the category functionally illterate.

    The discussion will take place at DXATC, 610 S. Airport Road in St. George at 6 pm Moutain fon October 21, 2015 for those who live in the area. Panel members include Lenore Madden, Casie Forbes, Stace Hall, Kristy Pike, and students of DSU. This discussion will tackle the expanding role in Social Media on literacy.

                            For more information on these and other events associated with the 10th Annual St. George Book Festival, please go to www.stgeorgebookfestival.org

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    FOLLETT LEARNING brings us Dr. Susan Neuman, Professor and Chair of Teaching and Learning at NYU. A prolific author and expert on the subject, we'll learn more about Follett's "World of Words" which she helped develop.

  • 9PM CT/10PM ET Dr. Sylvia L. Brown will deliver '2015 STATE OF LITERACY ADDRESS

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    GRACE Media Network -the Legacy will present Sylvia L. Brown will deliver our '2015 STATE OF LITERACY ADDRESS' to the nations. Sylvia L. Brown (SC) is author, reading consultant, motivational speaker and private tutor. Brown states, “Literacy is the most important subject that our children encounter in school. It has proven to be the subject that African American students are ‘suffering’ from..."

    Graduated with honors from South Carolina State University, and received her Masters Degree from the University of Virginia. She served as a public school speech pathologist for over 26 years, and an elementary school administrator for 4 years. Brown is an expert at training teachers to increase literacy skills with children and adults. Her client roster & their testimonials will impress you acknowledging their & her successes.

    Lines are open to Educators, Parents, Church/Community Leaders, Policy Makers & Youth  questions & comments.

    Pastor Devin Miller (TX) heads Clear Faith Christian Ministries - personal, tailor-made services that will help you make life decisions with sound information from experienced staff dedicated to creating a plan of success for you. We offer individual and family counseling along with life and career coaching.  

    If you have a question or comment, press #1 to engage the Host. Get it on your digital device Live & OnDEMAND presented by GRACE Media Network -the Legacy. Follow http://tobtr.com/sbbarbermorningshow; Twitter@GMNetwork; Facebook@GMNLiveTv; Instagram@GMNLIVETV

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    Plantation Literacy : Africa The Orginal Plantation

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall continue our series on Plantation Literacy 101. 

    Our topic today is:  "Africa - The Original Plantation"

    For those of you who have missed the "definition" of PLANTATION it is a "farm system that has been monetized".

    Africa via its almost infinite "plantation systems" have been a money maker for many people in many nations. Just to name a few:

    Coffee Plantations
    Tea Plantations
    Rubber Plantations
    Diamonds Mines (Mines are "Underground Plantations")
    Gold Mines

    We shall explain "The 1 Mile Radius Rule" plus we shall give some food for thought when it comes to race.

    White Supremacy Redefined.........when black people do not take advantage of the opportunites that they are surrounded by and protect and regulate those opportunities, then someone else comes in and does so.  

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call to listen to "It's My House Radio" @ 712-432-8863

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    Solving Adult and Family Literacy with Travis DiNicola of Indy Reads

    in Moms and Family

    The National Center for Family Literacy reports that research shows children’s literacy levels are strongly linked to the literacy levels of their parents, especially their mothers. Literate adults raise healthier and more successful children.

    The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 defines literacy as an individual’s ability to read, write, speak English, and compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society, to achieve one’s goals, and develop one’s knowledge and potential.. 

    The term functional illiteracy refers to those individuals who, even knowing how to read and write simple phrases, do not have the basic aptitudes to satisfy the demands of their daily needs nor to develop themselves personally and professionally.

    Indy Reads is a literacy nonprofit transforming lives in Indianapolis. Indy Writes Books, unites local authors in a cross-genre anthology celebrating the love of reading. The book features fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and puzzles centered around bookstores and reading. Featuring best-selling authors John Green and Dan Wakefield. All proceeds from Indy Writes Books support Indy Reads’ adult and family literacy programs in Indiana.

    Join Travis DiNicola, the executive director of Indy Reads, and me on Tuesday, September 8, 10-11 A.M. CT US. We will be discussing how they're changing lives through the love for literature/reading.

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    "New Heights Show on Education" Reading Time Host – Shannon Williamson

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    Join me online and follow along while I read this educational story.


    Just so my listeners are aware, I have a physical disability called Friedreich's ataxia which is a form muscular dystrophy and it affects my speech. But I try my best to speak as clearly as I can! I do hope that any child with or without a disability can look up to me and realize that as long as you do your best, you can do whatever you want in life too.

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities; and acquisition of materials.

    We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.