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    Ears on the Prize - Episode 6

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    Why is Pierre McGuire continually so hard on the Halak trade?
    Why are Habs fans instantly obsessed with every player who goes on waivers?
    Those questions and the week in review are coming up on Ears on the Prize.

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    Reach For The Prize

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    Reach For The Prize

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    Racism - Theory of Liberalism - Obama peace prize

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    HR1  Eating 3 meals a day is racist? Yet another example of watering down the true meaning of racism.

    Evan Sayet stops by to talk about his Heritage Foundation speech 8 years ago that's still making waves. In what he calls his Unified Field Theory of Liberalism, he says modern liberalism has NO values!

    Netanyahu's speech and why American Jews vote the way they do. Modern liberalism is the antithesis of Judiasm. Voting Jews see 2 parties: 1, the party of NO values and 2, the party of Christians.

    HR2  Nepal official says human waste on Mt. Everest is a major health and environmental problem affecting the pristine nature at the world's highest peak

    Students at the University of California Irvine vote to remove the American Flag because it's offensive. Maybe they should move to a different country.

    Xander Gibb stops in for a chat tonight - a little Xandermonium. It'll be a lively discussion, to be sure! Talking LGBT alphabet soup and redefining common words, a lack of leadership in the White House, and cavorting with the enemies of our allies. Regardless of our political affiliations, we're Americans first!

    HR3  US approves manure as acceptable to feed seafood that will be used for human consumption. EWWW!

    Did Vice President Joe Biden just enter the Betty Ford Clinic?

    Does Nevada need a bill to allow children to pray at any time & place in school? Think it through before you answer...

    Police officer man-handling an 80 year old woman bringing cupcakes to her grandchildren in school.

    1st time a Nobel Peace Prize Chairman has ever been removed after controversy surrounding 3 out of 6 prize winners (including President Obama!)

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack HotNewHits ft Future TKN Cash & ChrisBrown

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight's show is like we're spotlighting songs that "can radio really play these cuts"?  First off we have a new Future "F*ckUpSomeCommas", this ones a legit street smash already so it's really a gimmie.  2 we have TKN Cash "Mind Right". These kids have a song thats gameday.  great for radio and the clubs are already liking it.  3 we have a new Chris Brown ft Tyga (I know back to back cuts right) "Bitches N Marijuana" great new cut ( I know how's radio gonna play this song?).

    Call in tonight at midnite (347) 826-7743

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    Cash-Generating Curriculum 10-11 am,Winners Summit11-11:30 am,Social Media 11:30

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    10:00 AM-11:00 AM Creating Cash-Generating Curriculum

    Jéneen Barlow is a dynamic professional speaker, clarity coach, and consultant.

    She is the CEO and Co-founder of Barlow Enterprises (BE). Through her Global Destiny Institute Jéneen has helped thousands of educators, executives, and speakers, and entrepreneurs to achieve maximum levels of clarity, productivity, and flow.  
    Her zest for life, love, and work has earned her a reputation as The Renaissance Woman. Her audiences rave of her as a master teacher, speaker, coach, and genuine inspiration.  She and her husband, Omar Barlow, a renowned educator, national speaker, and the CEO and Founder of a popular Charter School in Philadelphia, are highly sought after for keynote addresses, orientations, retreats, and seminars. Jéneen is the adoring mother of her three "little-loves," Joshua, Grace and Nathanael.  

    11:00 AM-11:30 AM Deborah Hardnett, CEO, Wealthy Sistas Media Group and Founder The Winners Summit  Register at: The Conference Site: http://www.thewinnerssummit.com The 4th Winners Summit March 27 & 28

     11:30-12:00 NOON Miriam Slozberg Social Media Expert. Miriam Slozberg’s objective as a social media consultant is to help entrepreneurs of all types to stand out and be influential in their niches through social media. Since social media has become so prevalent, it is a necessity for any business owner to have a strong social media presence and Miriam is there to guide along the way.

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    You can win CASH every month from Naked Girls Radio!!

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    NEW CONTEST FOR 2015: Get on NGR - make friends, promote your page, upload photos, videos, audio, write blogs, forums and be social to win cash!!!

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    My name is Cash Johnson i was born in Irvington Nj. my mom passed away when i was four years old. and i lived with my two grandmothers. One who lived in a condemned project building and one where we were more privileged. my grandmother moved us to Old Bridge Nj to have a better life. in my late teens i got my self into a situation where my life could of been taken away from me. through prayer and having family support i got through it and im here today dedicating my life to music.


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    January Jones- Cash Under The Mattress-Sally Lamb

    in Family

    Meet: SALLY LAMB

    Cash under the mattress by Philip Giroux and Sally Lamb

    Our goal is to help others get organized and to minimize the guess work that accompanies a death. We know, first hand, that not knowing what to do, adds unnecessary anxiety, stress, and grief to already painful circumstances. The loss of someone you love is never easy, but there are things you can do — preventative measures you can take — to smooth the path before you. That is why we have written this book.

    In spite of all of our advance planning, it was only in the aftermath of their deaths that I realized a lot of critical information had been overlooked. The emotional transition of dealing with death was more layered and demanding than I had anticipated.



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    Reach For The Prize part 2

    in Religion

    Reach For The Prize part 2

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    Become a Client Magnet - Get Clients & Cash with Speaking, With Alysa Rushton

    in Marketing

    Have you tried public speaking to generate new clients with little to no luck? Public speaking is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert in your industry and generate new business if done right.

    Alysa Rushton is the creator of the Get Clients with Speaking System, and she’s going to share with us her pointers for using speaking to become a cash magnet.

    Tune in and find out if you are making one or more of the 3 biggest mistakes speakers make that kill their talk right from the start!

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    Forex Cash Snipper Review

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    Forex Cash Snipper review. Let's talk about a new trading system: Forex Cash Snipper - Secrete Strategic For Profitable Trading. The Forex Cash Snipper trading System makes it super-easy for anyone to enter high-probability trades. The Arrows appear on the close of the bar and a trade could be immediately entered on the open on the following bar. What people say about it? Lewis Bennett (200 Hoffman Avenue New York, NY 10013) says:

    "Hard work does not equal having a lot of money in the bank! Now you can stop wasting your time and effort on things that won't pay off and instead turn your attention to a truly working system that will make money for you fast. This system boils everything down into a few simple steps and allows you to quickly start winning over 90% of your trades. Over-thinking and worrying about trades are completely thrown out the window. This system:

    - Eliminates emotion and "thinking" – you just follow the simple steps

    - Lets you get your trading down in just 30 minutes or less a day

    - Works with any currency pair

    - Does NOT require a subscription to a Forex signal service

    - Takes the wide variety of technical indicators out there and cuts them down to a simple few

    - Lets you get started with as little as $100

    - Requires no experience

    With system I am $2490 in pure profits for December 2014."

    Click Here to Learn More about Forex Cash Snipper

    We wish you all the success today and always! 

    Thank you!

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