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    Jackie Zeman

    in Entertainment

    Jackie Zeman joins OutTakes to talk about her roles as "Sofia Madison" on the internet series The Bay and "Bobbie Spencer" on ABC's General Hospital.

    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/JackieZeman

    The Bay website:  http://www.thebaytheseries.com/

    General Hospital website:  http://abc.go.com/shows/general-hospital

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    23 Days in India to End Violence Against Women with Ben Atherton-Zeman

    in Culture

    Live broadcast times for India (7:30PM) and Nepal (7:45PM).

    Live broadcast time for the US East coast: 10 AM

    Ben Atherton-Zeman returns to Men…Women…and Other Truths in this special broadcas to share his “life-altering” experience: A 23-day tour of India and Nepal, presenting stories, and comedic – yes, comedic - presentations on eliminating violence against women, and transforming centuries old beliefs.  

    But it wasn’t just what Ben was teaching that altered his life, it was the people, their stories and their courage to continue standing up in the face of heinous abuse. This is a journey you won’t want to miss!

    Ben is a spokesperson for the National Organization for Men against Sexism (www.nomas.org), and is a public speaker on issues of violence prevention. He visited India and Nepal on behalf of the U.S. State Department Speakers Bureau. He identifies as a “recovering sexist” and believes that every man must challenge violence and sexism in the world, and in themselves. 

    Jeff Hendler hosts this special broadcast.

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    Casey Seiler shares his thoughts on the election

    in Politics

    Casey Seiler of the Times Union shares his thoughts on the election

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    Day of Days Interviews: True O'Brien and Casey Moss

    in Television

    Diva of DOOL correspondents Cheri Henry and Carrie Garfield interview actress True O'Brien who portrays Paige Larson and Casey Moss who plays JJ Deveraux.

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    TRUNEWS 11/24/14: Gary Kah and John Casey

    in News

    Monday’s edition of Trunews is power-packed with interviews with global governance expert Gary Kah and former NASA space shuttle engineer John Casey.  Rick and Mr. Kah discuss how the normalcy bias is anesthetizing people from taking actions to prepare for extreme danger due to a financial collapse, social unrest, and world war.  Scientist John Casey, author of Dark Winter, tells Rick that Buffalo’s seven-feet of snow is the opening act on decades of bitterly cold, snowy weather that will eventually produce food riots and mass migration.  

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    BLT - Business Life Transitions with guest Casey Novak

    in Marketing

    This week's guest is Casey Novak.

    Casey Novak currently works for Food & Drink Magazine.  His extensive culinary background spans 20 years.  After receiving his degree in Culinary Arts, his focus was recruiting students for a renowned culinary college in Chicago by doing gourmet cooking demonstrations at high schools throughout the country.  His focus at Food & Drink Magazine is bringing the best and most innovative in the food and beverage industries to the rest of the trade community. He enjoys researching and highlighting the next big trend.

    Join Brian Basilico & Jan Marino every Monday Morning at 9am CST.

    Brian Basilico

    His best selling book, “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World!” simplifies the way social networking can help you grow your business.

    Recognized as one of the Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014.

    Jan Marino

    YOU are the product. YOU are valuable. YOU are on a mission and Jan can help guide you become even more successful.  She's the manager of the Linkedin Chicago group (87,000 members) and a business owner-High Gain Companies, Inc.

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    SLENDERMAN Special with Urban Legend Filmmakers JOSH ZEMAN, RACHEL MILLS

    in Paranormal

    On May 31, 2014, SLENDERMAN went from fictional Internet meme to household word when two 12 year-old Wisconsin girls lured a friend into the woods and stabbed her 19 times in an effort to earn the favor of the faceless, elongated, dark-suited figure. A few days later, an emotionally disturbed 13 year-old girl near Cincinnati attacked her mother with a knife in their kitchen in the guise of Slenderman.

    These real life homages are all the more disturbing because the creation of the character is readily traceable to writer Eric "Victor Surge" Knudsen on the "Something Awful" Internet forum in 2009. But as the most powerful memes do, this one seeped into the very fiber of online culture to the extent that five years later young girls were willing to kill for it.

    Interestingly, AMHRadio was ahead of the Slenderman Zeitgeist. On the March 11, 2014 episode with documentary filmmakers JOSH ZEMAN and RACHEL MILLS, whose urban legend films CROPSEY and KILLER LEGENDS expose the terrifying truths behind the myths, we discussed the the Slenderman meme, with Zeman uniquely declaring the character to be the very personification of the Internet.

    Now Zeman and Mills return to discuss developments in the Slenderman saga and what may lie ahead.

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    The Role of Men in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

    in Culture

    Gender-based violence effects more women than men though men are also sadly at the receiving end of this. We are here on the planet as a human race. Both men and women are in this together and we wont make a dent in finding a way to move away from violence. Today we are speaking to the marvelous and relentless Ben Atherton-Zeman and Joe Samalin of Breakthrough.

    Both using creative means to influence and educate people to stop discrimination and violence against women and girls.

    We are so fortunate to have them both on the show not long after they have just been at a conference in New Delhi all about how to get men involved.

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    Something's Brewing with Judy Beedle

    in Entertainment

    Join  Casey and John at 11:30am on Monday, December 1st, as we speak with Judy Beedle Photography on Something's Brewing!

    We will be asking questions but would also love for you to send us questions to ask Judy. 
    You can email somethingsbrewingblogtalkradio@gmail.com with questions or suggestions. 

    Judy's bio:

    A 1994 graduate of Ithaca College, with a degree in Cinema & Photography (concentration in still photography), Judy Beedle was raised in Maine and calls Portland home. Following her time at Ithaca, Judy returned home to Maine and completed a three month program at the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies, which involved creating two stories published for Salt Magazine. It was at Salt that she learned the value of voice, vision, and story telling.

    After Salt, Judy worked on a cruise ship, traveled, waited on more tables than she cares to admit, and worked in various capacities for other photographers and custom photo labs. She currently lives and runs her business, Judy Beedle Photography, in Southern Maine, where she edits her images of people, life, and pretty stuff.

    In addition to her photography life, she plays roller derby, eats gluten free, and believes in always having her toes painted. She loves snacks, laughing at inappropriate times or things, and any chance to reference the 80’s. And in case you were wondering, Nikon not Canon.  Find her at www.beedlephotos.com 

    We want to thank you for your support!  Please spread the word of our show and support your local artists.  Thank you!  John & Casey



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    Kathy Casey, Celebrity Chef, Mixologist Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Cocktail

    in Food

    Kathy Casey, celebrity chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement. She played a key role in bringing Northwest cuisine and women chefs to national prominence and, as one of the first female executive chefs in the United States, she was named one of Food & Wine’s “hot new American chefs.” She has also been touted as being the original Bar Chef. 

    50 Shades of Gin

    We created this cocktail for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar and was inspired by the book series 50 Shades of Grey which was written at the Heathman Hotel in Portland. A Sin’sual Seasonal Blend of gin, fresh tangerine, pomegranate juice, lemon, fresh thyme.

    Makes 1 cocktail

    1/2 a tangerine or clementine (cut crosswise – use 1/4 if large) 1 1/2 ounces gin
    3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
    3/4 ounce simple syrup*

    1/2 ounce POM pomegranate juice
    Garnish: fresh thyme sprig – and mini hand cuff garnish “thumb cuffs”

    Squeeze tangerine and drop into a mixing glass. Measure in gin, lemon, simple syrup and pomegranate juice. Fill with ice then cap and shake vigorously. Strain drink into a coupe or large martini glass. Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig.

    *To make simple syrup: combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup boiling water. Stir until dissolved. Store refrigerated.

    Recipe by Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen® for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar - www.LiquidKitchen.com 


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