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    Playoffs? Yeah, lets talk about playoffs.

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    Dave and Rusty are in a jubliant mood for this week's podcast. There's plenty of Marcus Mariota love, discussing Oregon's thrashing of Arizona, and the college football playoff. Of course, there's also a large segment of Talkin' 'Bout The Noles, as the Ducks look forward to their Rose Bowl berth against Florida State.

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    Really!!! Oh yeah this is the United States

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    Words on how jacked up the United States is. Not understanding why the United States do the things that they do. How can the United States run and help other countries and want help their own. Why is the United States such bullies.

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    Dance, Dance, Yeah

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    It is time to dance yet again. What kind of music will be playing? Well, come to this page and find out. Let's get grooving. 

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    ThomasNet: How eProcurement Technology Should Have Evolved?

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    ThomasNet.com recently re-launched with new applications to make purchasing professionals’ lives easier. Whether buyers are trying to meet supplier diversity targets, find qualified job shops, secure competitive pricing on off-the-shelf prices or locate hard-to-find parts, they can use ThomasNet.com to meet these challenges.

    Now ThomasNet is training more people to make the most of the platform. They’ve launched a program called ThomasNet Onsite to give any purchasing or engineering team the chance to learn—from the convenience of their office—how it simplifies their supplier discovery process.

    But there is much more to the ThomasNet story than meets the eye.

    Joining me today to talk about this next step in the evolutaion of a seminal brand are Donna Cicale, Director of Marketing, Audience Development and Kristin Carty, Audience Outreach Manager.

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    After Ferguson: Yeah, Let's Have a Conversation Mr. President Read more: http:

    in Politics Conservative

    TONIGHT, On the Dr C Robert Jones Sitiatuion Report

                         THE CONVERSATION


    The liberal ladies at Thanksgiving dinner were muttering about a new “conversation” about race. Bless them; their 30 million liberal hearts beat as one with President Obama's post-Ferguson remarks:

    Conversations, Mr. President? Here's a conversation for you. We've been having this liberal “conversation” about race, man and boy, for about half a century, in which, nobody gets a word in edgewise except white liberal hypocrites and black racists, and about which most Americans are fed up to the back teeth

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    Shrine of the Sacred KOK #134 (rebroadcast)

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    THE SHRINE OFTHE SACRED KOK - serving under benign occupation from the last free country in the World - The Conch Republic - Live Fridays at 9 PM EST exclusively on KEYWESTGRIND.COM a workingman's Network focused on your amusement. [Currently being hosted at KEYWESTSPORTSNET.COM]


    THE SHRINE OF THE SACRED KOK a weekly wormhole into unknown dimensions as a TOOL to make you look more sophisticated, yeah, even smarter in time for the weekend. Let the KOK run free! Also the best music in the known universe.


    THE SHRINE OF THE SACRED KOK - Making YOU look better since 2011

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    New Music Inferno's 2014 Holiday/End Of Year Special!!!

    in Music

    The annual Holiday/End Of Year Special....We have some fun with previous guests...Give away some New Music Inferno awards...spread some holiday cheer & some possible giveaways...

    Follow us on Twitter @NewMusicInferno or like our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Music-Inferno/197853530258308

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    WOW, here we are again nearing the end of another year. What has 2014 been like for you? Have you reached your Goals? Did your Visions manifest? What are you going to roll over into 2015?

    Well, I AM A SUPERWOMAN (Tina Hobson) & THE B.O.S.S LADY (LaKetria Cornelious) want to hear all about it along with giving you a glimpse at our 2014 and 2015.

    This is a totally interactive show and we look forward to hearing from you all,. Let's start 2015 with a bang by telling it Right Here, Right Now exactly what we want...

    Yeah, we can do it because we are SUPERWOMEN!!

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    30 Wins Away From 100-0 I Won 22 Fights this year I am the Greatest Boxer Ever

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    22 Wins in 1 year ? Beating Geo Zavala by UD then 1 shotted a huge heavyweight in the alley the guys blood trails were on the ground, then I destroy Gonzalez On video a huge power punching Boxer 260lbs Im 160lbs the weight disparity solidifys Im Still #1p4p Beating guys much bigger then Me with Ease. And lets not forget how i started the year an Epic Right Hook to Virgils Face that tkod him on his feet in seconds. I am The Best 2015 Will Be Another Year Of Domination For Charlie Zelenoff Im only 26 years old and im 70-0 "boxrec" and mainstream boxing is finished. thier era is done like i said im 26 years old and im already 70-0 Im gonna reach 100-0 i might even continue on when i do reach the milestone 100-0. yeah everytime i Win a Fight and its uploaded On Youtube it makes them look bad and ive won 22 fights in 2014.

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    D.A. Pupa, Author of "The Magician" -- a Jersey Shore Thriller!

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    David Pupa is a first time author who has written a can’t put it down thriller involving a serial killer striking during Hurricane Sandy. From the back cover of the book The Magician: "Hurricane Sandy ravages the Jersey Shore while simultaneously providing the backdrop for a horrible crime. A serial killer takes advantage of the night’s ferocity and inflicts his own damage. The madman then disappears leaving a famed FBI agent broken in the process. The intrigue builds as a young man with an intellect rivaling that of Einstein and Da Vinci is tragically connected to the Bureau’s top agent. As the investigation is renewed, the murders begin once again. While the mystery unravels, no one is truly safe." Yeah, I read it straight through in a single sitting, because I couldn't go to sleep until I knew how it ended. But we’re definitely not gonna spill the beans on the ending! David was a Wall Street stockbroker, and post 9/11 decided on a career change. He returned to school and become a psychotherapist – who better to get into the mind of and write the character of a genius sociopath? David has always been an avid reader, mainly enjoying suspense and thrillers. The Magician has gotten excellent reviews, but the journey to publishing a novel isn’t quick or easy, and David will share his experience with us. After the interview, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    After years of futility, how can Villa finally beat Manchester United?

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    Aston Villa lost to the Baggies last weekend. And this weekend they've got the resurgent Manchester United, who they'll have to face without Ashley Westwood, Tom Cleverley, Kieran Richardson (yay) and heavens knows probably someone else. So, yeah, we'll talk about that.

    But let's look at some other stuff too. Namely, it's only two weeks until the January transfer window opens. With injuries seemingly never going away, what can Aston Villa do to make themselves better on what will likely be a limited budget? Will making Cleverley permanent be a thing that the club do, and if so, will it be the only thing? Is there any chance of a Fabian Delph for Mousa Dembele swap with Spurs?

    As always, you can watch on YouTube or subscribe to our audio on BlogTalk Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcasting service you can think of! 

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