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    Cereal & Cartoons

    in Culture

    Do you remember getting up on Saturday Mornings as a kid grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons??

    Do you remember coming home from elelmentary/middle school and grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons?

    Do you remember coming home from high schoo/college, getting stoned grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons?

    Are you all grown up now (maybe your still getting stoned.maybe not) eating a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons?

    This show is for you.


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    The Hidden Messages In Cartoons! What Do They Really Say?

    in Radio

    The Hidden Messages In Cartoons! What do they really say? We will have our own sister Queen Sistar Sun Ra with us. On this topic we will be decoding the hidden messages from with in. We will touch on the Incredible Hulk and who and what he truly represents. Who are the true Ex-Men and also Sponges Bob, Barney ect. what energies from our passed/present do they represent. These are just a few. It is time to really see from our children's eyes how they see it. And what is been planted and even awakened in them from the cartoons of today. Come vibe with us on the topic. Hotep family Ase' your Sis Star Queen Latiqua and Bro. Khaos (Black)!

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    Love cartoons such as TMNT, Animaniacs, The Mask? Listen to this! INTERVIEW

    in Television

    Today's Guest: Voice actor Rob Paulsen, whose talents can be heard on "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Animaniacs," "Pinky & the Brain" and many more. He is also host of the "Talkin' Toons" podcast.

    ROB PAULSEN podcast excerpt: "In Season 4 of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,' we have a lot of celebrity talent. We've got a 13-story arc with David Tennant -- the 10th Doctor Who. I'm not a big Whovian but I love him in 'Broadchurch.' He is a Turtle fanatic!”
    Key interview moments:

    • 12:00 Rob Paulsen reveals a sort of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Doctor Who crossover in the animated series' fourth season;

    • 25:40 Learn what characterizes the best voice actors;

    • 44:20 Hear Paulsen, fast as Yakko, then as The Mask.

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    The end of Saturday morning cartoons?

    in Politics

    Did anybody notice?

    As of last Saturday, Saturday morning cartoons on major networks have become a thing of the past.

    New rules under the affordable care act as of January 2015 as Obama care otherwise known as the job killer is taking a new set of victims as large retailer start cutting off health care for those employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week.

    one packet of ketchup? Michelle Obama's unhappy meal.

    plus, This week we have two recipients of Robin's "what they are currently thinking award."

    who will it be? Tune in to find out.

    Catch us this Saturday, October 11 2 PM Pacific time.

    Call us 646-721-9887

    email: talk@KRBNradio.com


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    Old School Cartoons, Do You Remember Your Favorite??

    in Social Networking

    Join the show as we talk about cartoons from the earlier years when cartoons had meaning and you could follow them. Join the show at 6:30pm. Call (818)301-5834.

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    in Entertainment

    I remember a lot about my youth. If it didn't involve sports, it was a close second to television. Back when things where still drawn in this country, their existed shows that relied on a lot of current events. Spies and space travel was the order of the day and a lot of cartoon shows back then were based on that. Jonny Quest had the espionage and the suspense, The Herculoids had strange creatures on other worlds and the Banana Splits showed just how kooky we all had become because of it.


    From the late 50's to the early or middle 90's, animation rules the weekend mornings. Only shows like Quest or the Flintstones had the attention of the prime time audiences but showed that studios such as Hanna Barbara were the kings of their day.

    I want to retain knowledge of what kept my spirits up back then. From Bugs to Daffy to Space Ghost and Grape ape, I remember my happiest time as a child. I remember the songs and the marketable items associated with what I enjoyed the most. I enjoyed cartoons and old tv shows of all sorts.

    Welcome to CARTOONS AND CEREAL. Escape the day to day and come here if you can. I'll roll back the tape for you. I'll send you back to your youth.

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    The End of Saturday Morning Cartoons as We Knew It

    in Sports

    This Fall will mark the end of saturday morning cartoons on broadcast television after a 6 decade run. If you were a kid anytime after 1960 you will remember what is what like watching cartoons after a long hard week of class and homework

    Also a sports update including a wrap up on the NBA Finals 

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    We pay tribute, as the end of Saturday Morning Cartoons is upon us

    in Entertainment

    On this Retro Episode of the The Black Geeks Radio Show, we are talking about the long coming demise of Saturday Morning cartoons.

    What happened to the days of waking up, grabbing a bowl, a box of cereal, a carton of milk, and a serving spoon while dressing in you finest pajama and then planting one's self in front of the TV for the 4-6 hours on a Saturday morning. 

    What does this say about your youth of today?

    What brought about an end to this era? 

    Come with us down memory lane as we reminese of over you, Saturday Morning Cartoons. 

    We'll also have some other topics.... I'll add those later. 

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    ISIS needs a hug! - DC police Chief shifts on guns! -

    in Politics

    Hr1  President Obama says he’ll rebuke ISIS by talking about climate change

    Talking Thanksgiving (and Christmas) traditions with media personality Xander Gibb #Xandermonium.

    And President Obama's Medal of Freedom recipients. Did you get one?

    Hr2  Washington DC police chief says should a Paris-style attack occur, citizens should take action to stop attackers. That's great! Maybe she should think about allowing citizens to be armed.

    Some students at Vanderbilt University are calling for black conservative Carol Swain’s head, accusing her, a law professor, of “unprofessional intimidation on social media, discriminatory practices in the classroom, and unclear representation as a Public Figure with invocations of the Vanderbilt name on her Facebook page,” and other acts. Basically... she said something liberals don’t like.

    Obama will not read intelligence reports on groups he does not consider to be terrorists, according to journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Dangerous arrogance.

    Yes, we still have free speech AND religious freedom, and it IS ok to say Merry Christmas!

    Hrt3  Atheists not even based in Texas demand the city of Port Neches remove a cross on display at a tax-funded park or hide it. Christians (and possibly unbelieving freedom lovers) refuse to give in to either option.

    Some lessons are hard-learned. Austria teen ISIS bride has been beaten to death trying to escape. So sad.

    As part of an event on diversity and inclusion in the labor movement, professors at Cornell University displayed cartoons depicting Republicans as knife-wielding terrorists, raving lunatics, and even molesters.

    EMU speaker tells students France brought terrorist attacks on itself.

    Obama says Americans having guns is worse than Islamic terrorism.

    Washington Post forgot to fact check themselves before criticizing Trump and Carson. Oops!

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    Refuge Culture - Dealing with Others

    in Christianity

    Refuge Culture is looking at issues and news from the refugee crisis, the California School district ban on drawing religious cartoons, the attack on Christmas by Starbucks and the federal government telling schools that male students have to shower with female students. 

    In these stories, we see the different views and stances taken by the world. How are we as Christians to deal with their views. What does God's word instruct us to do.