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    Chakra Talk with Blanche Blacke New Moon in Virgo

    in Spirituality

    Blanche Blacke leads in channeling guidance for the energy of the new moon in Virgo.

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    Author Jackie Lapin on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Jackie Lapin! 

    Jackie Lapin is the founder of The Conscious Group of Companies, serving people and organizations that are changing the world. Her companies provide a wide range of resources for authors and businesses to grow and expand their message, influence, client base and sales — one-stop shopping for the Conscious and Transformational marketer!

    Among the Conscious Companies is Conscious Media Relations, a media relations agency specializing in all matters relating to mind/body/spirit and conscious living--with its signature radio media tours introducing authors to more than 3,000 radio hosts who are seeking interviews in personal development, spirituality, wellness and inspired living. 

    Jackie serves her clients by providing comprehensive or à la carte publicity services, but she also creates special resources for those who wish to do their own publicity. Most recently she launched Conscious and Transformational Speakers, a speakers’ bureau designed to advance opportunities for those people yearning to have a wider audience for their message.

    Jackie is also a best-selling author. Her most recent book, Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires (Findhorn Press) was chosen best spiritual book of the year at the International New Age Trade Show.


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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of Faverney, France***1608

    in Religion

    In the city of Faverney there was a Benedictine Abbey whose monks had departed a great deal from the rule of their founder. They held only the highest esteem for the devotion to the Lady of Notre-Dame la Blanche, known in all the area for its many miracles. Through her intercession many miracles had in fact been verified, among which was even the returning to life of two infants who were not yet baptized.

    In 1608, on the Vigil of the Feast of Pentecost, the monks decided to prepare an altar for the exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The lunette of the monstrance was very large, and because of this, they decided to put in two Hosts. When Vespers had finished the monks left the monstrance exposed on the provisional altar. On the next morning, the sacristan opened the church and found it full of smoke, with the provisional altar completely reduced to ashes. He started to yell, and immediately the religious and other people hastened and proceeded to remove the ashes with the hope of finding some part of the monstrance.

    When the smoke began to clear, they were astonished on seeing that the monstrance was suspended in the air. The multitude increased and crowded to see the Eucharistic marvel, in which the Hosts had remained unharmed regardless of the fire. The religious were astonished and unable to make a decision.  They asked the counsel of the Capuchin friars of Vesoul. The friars immediately prepared a new altar over the burned one and celebrated Holy Mass. During the elevation of the Host, the monstrance slowly descended upon the new altar.

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    Chakra Talk with Blanche Blacke New Moon in Gemini, June 2015

    in Spirituality

    Join Blanche Blacke for this New Moon Chakra Talk in Gemini on this Summer Solstice.

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    Getting Back in Touch With Our Humanity with Documentarist Stefan Verstappen

    in Social Sciences

    Today's special guest, Stefan Verstappen is best known for his writings and talks on psychopaths and their influence on society. His video Defense Against the Psychopath, is based on his book, The Art of Urban Survival.

    From his study of psychopathy, Stefan draws the ominous conclusion that every hierarchical structure will eventually be under the control of psychopaths. When that happens they will create a toxic society that will quickly spiral into collapse. He explains this in his article, Historical Cycles, Are we Doomed to Repeat the Past?

    Stefan has written books, articles, given dozens of talks and radio interviews, and continues to create videos on how to survive the dangers of living in a sociopathic society: How to Survive War, How to Survive Corruption, Paradise Stolen

    But Stefan's true passion lies in art, music, and nature. To offer a message of hope, Stefan had designed an art installation called Tri-Monic that has already been chosen to be exhibited at Toronto’s largest all night arts festival known as Nuit Blanche Oct 3rd. It has also been selected as the feature installation for the igNIGHT art festival in Ft. McMurray Alberta.

    Listen to Stefans March 2015 interview on A Fine Time for Healing.

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    Chakra Talk with Blanche Blacke New Moon in Taurus

    in Spirituality

    Blanche channels guidance aligning your chakras to the New Moon in Taurus.

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    Les incantations du Cheval Blanc

    in Spirituality

    Aujourd'hui, Marc nous lit une série d'incantations du Livre des Enchantements, extraites de la "Bibliothèque du Cheval Blanc" : pour la stabilité, le discernement, l'allaiance avec la nature, dissoudre les apparences illusoires, se libérer des liens qqui lient, etc.

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    Unity in Diversity, Diversity in Unity ~ Let's Start Pulling Together

    in Self Help

    Call in to give your helpful ideas!  Guest Call-in (646) 668-8170

    We all want our best benefits served; our desires filled.  Everyone wants to feel safe and to have choice.  Today's world is a hotbed of conflict and powers overturning treaties, laws and rights of people while giving carte blanche to big pharm, the food and chemical industries.  How can we take back our power?  Politics is renowned and constantly proving itself to be dishonestly serving a few while exploiting the people.  Once we might have believed that government were the "servants of the people" but it is blatently demonstrated repeatedly that if ever true, that has gone by the wayside.

    What can we do to prepare for survival in such a day and age?  How are you facing these issues?

    Reverend Irene Windhorse is available for nondenominational and interfaith ceremony of all kinds, , created specifically for you in your beliefs and traditions.  Vitalist Circles, as she calls them, are gatherings of a group for sharing and meditation to promote health and wellness.  With her RV, Windhorse can travel to your location.  Reiki sessions are available in person or by distance transmilssion and Counselling in person, over the phone or Skype.  Aromatherapy Sessions are often combined with the use of Sound and Crystals, and Windhorse has the finest Medicinal Grade Aromatherapy Essences available.  Windhorse also offers fine Arkansas Quartz Crystal for sale.

     Rev. Irene Windhorse, Transformative Spiritual Services   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rev-Irene-Windhorse-Transformative-Spiritual-Services/148294730618?ref=hl

    Skype:  iwindhorse  (state your purpose when you send a request to be in my contacts, and I will look at your Profile.)

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    The Round Table Ep.17 (The Agenda Of The Conscious Community)

    in Current Events

    Sista Amunet



    Black Jesus Minister Blanche


    Israel Doctrine



    LaRon Campbell



    Brother Hayes



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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this special edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. During the broadcast we will feature our regular PANW reports with dispatches involving developments on the four-year aftermath of the imperialist-engineered war of regime-change in the North African state of Libya; also a Memphis police officer was shot dead yesterday just two weeks after an African American was killed during a traffic stop; a Cincinnati police officer has been indicted for murder after shooting an African American during a routine traffic stop; and a look at the character of police training where they are taught to shoot to kill. In the second hour we continue our focus on Black August, a monthlong tribute to the resistance of African people against slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism. This segment presents a 1968 lecture by Hosea Williams, a leading member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), who speaks on the Poor People's Campaign of that year. The final hour looks at the contributions of Blanche K. Bruce, a Mississippi politician and US Senator who served during the period of Reconstruction in the late 1870s and early 1880s. Bruce was the first African American to serve a full term in the Senate. He died in Washington, D.C. in 1898 at the age of 57.

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    Are The Original Arabs Africans? (DEBATE) Rahim Ali Vs Minister Blanche

    in Spirituality

    Check out the SEASON 5 finale of Debate Talk 4 U.  

    Rahim Ali


    Representing Islam

    Email - Rahim4411@gmail.com

    VS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Black Jesus Minister Blanche