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    Author Louann Carroll Takes It To The Streets With Jennifer Perry!

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    Word On The Street Team

    Have you heard? Authors have gotten wise to what marketing firms and musicians have been up to for eons. That’s leveraging the talent and enthusiasm of a group of fans with a goal of raising the profile of an author and their books to drive sales. How is it done and where do you get one?

    Even before I studied Entertainment Publicity at UCLA I saw how the excitement of fans can rouse the herd to follow and hop on the proverbial bandwagon. Sadly a lot of authors just aren’t getting with this secret weapon.

    Author/writer/blogger Louann Carroll gets it and has kindly agreed to be my guest and share her experiences with a street team. I believe that Carroll, author of Gemini Rising, A Shadow Of Time, The Light And The Flame, Journey-The Adventures Of Leaf and others, may be ready to recruit more for her team. Hint: Like all insider groups membership has its privileges!

    Another exciting guest and another chance to learn more about how to promote your own books. Remember, my webinar, Promote This! DIY Publicity For Authors, is still an excellent and affordable way to jumpstart your own book's publicity!

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    Ted Nugent, American Patriot or "Motorcity Madman?" Kathleen Carroll speaks out

    in Politics

    1. A look at Ted Nugent, his extreme inflamatory remarks about Hilary, Obama, gun rights, and immigration.

    2. Kathleen Carroll, whistleblower against the Commission on Teacher Credentialing 

    3. Brown Family Attorney Speaks Out "The Grand Jury Process is Broken"

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    Going Om with Melissa Carroll

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    Welcome to the Coach Cafe, where you can get your weekly cup of inspiration with your hosts, certified law of attraction life coaches, Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin.

    This week Estra and Kathleen welcome Melissa Carroll.  Melissa is a writer and yoga instructor who believes in the power of being present. Based in Tampa, she guides more than 200 students every week at the largest yoga class in Florida. Melissa also helps run the teacher training programs at The Yoga Loft, leads retreats all over the world, and teaches creative writing at the University of Tampa. Melissa is the author of the chapbook The Karma Machine, and her work has appeared in many literary journals and magazines.

    Melissa will be speaking with us about her new anthology, Going Om: Real-Life Stories On and Off the Yoga Mat.  Unlike books on yoga that provide instruction on technique, Going Om: Real-Life Stories On and Off the Yoga Mat is a unique collection of never-before-seen personal narratives from celebrated authors.  For example, Ira Sukrungruang shares his heartbreaking struggle as a 375 pound yoga student discovering self-worth on his mat; Gloria Munoz explores the practice of stillness with lyrical elegance in the midst of her busy mind; Neal Pollack’s signature sarcasm leads to surprising turns at yoga class with his dad; Elizabeth Kadetsky uses yogic wisdom while coping with her mother’s devastating Alzheimer’s.

    Come explore with us the peace and presence that is found through the practice of yoga and how it enhances your everyday life.

    Discover more at www.MelissaCarrollYoga.com.

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    Kryon Channel Lee Carroll: A Glimpse of The New Human

    in Spirituality

    Lee Carroll, PhD, is beloved worldwide as the original Kryon channel, having channeled this entity of Love and Light for over 25 years.  In anticipation of his upcoming Portland, Oregon Kryon weekend event November 22-23, where The Frontier Beyond Fear broadcast is based, Lee shares a wide range of insights originating from his work over the years with Kryon, including a glimpse of what it means to be "A New Human". 

    Lee is the author of the Kryon Series of 16 books in 24 languages. Well known in metaphysics, Kryon books have made the top seller’s list within months of release. One of his books, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented 7 times at the United Nations and in 33 countries overseas, Lee attracts audiences in the thousands.

    SHOW NOTE: In a rather spontaneous situation, Lee had not yet changed his clocks, having just returned from out of the country, so the interview with Lee begins at approximately 48:00.  Prior to that, host Susan Larison Danz discusses her journey as an awakening evangelical and computer scientist, reflecting on how she first discovered Lee Carroll and Kryon. Susan will be hosting the Kryon event in Portland.

    Lee Carroll's Kryon web site:  Kryon.com


    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    Jason Carroll is a contemporary smooth jazz artist and producer known for his skillful multi-instrumentalism.  Many people are misled by his compositions, believing that there is a live band playing when it is astonishingly only Jason by himself.  For this reason, some people have identified him as the “Prince” of Smooth Jazz.  Jason received raved reviews for his debut cd Cool and his follow-up cd, 2 Smooth.  We’ll talk to Jason about his new release, Let It Flow, dedicated to his mother Barbara Ann Carroll who asked him to do another smooth jazz cd before her death.

    Follow Jason on Twitter.

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    Full Spectrum Radio with Michael and Lisa Carroll!!!

    in Hobbies

    Join Hosts Matt Maziarek and Dennis Estlock of CPR as they discuss not only the paranormal but subjects including everyday life issues!  Join Live! Tune in tonight when Dennis and I talk to Michael and Lisa Carroll about some interesting topics like Geocaching, Marfans, Collecting, Antiques, and Travel!!!

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    Project Empowerment - Linda Carroll

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    Project Empowerment is thrilled to have on author, Linda Carroll to discuss her new book, Love Cycles: The Five Essential States of Lasting Love.

    The notions that passion always peters out, that there’s a “seven-year itch,” and that the honeymoon is over as soon reality sets in have some truth to them. But, Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love, promises that long-term, wholehearted love is still possible.

    Author and veteran couples therapist Linda Carroll explains that love is cyclical and comprised of five distinct stages: the Merge, Doubt and Denial, Disillusionment, Decision, and Wholehearted Loving.

    We'll be discussing this and more!

    You can visit her website at www.lindaacarroll.com and more about her new book at www.lovecycles.org

    Please also visit my web partner www.weZENu.com

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    Carroll Blair joins Kevin Bull following The Earth Needs Rebels Show SECRET NEWS

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    The ‘SECRET NEWS’, the NEWS BEHIND the NEWS, then Carroll Blair, Author of over 20 books including Human Natures: Of Animal and Spiritual explaining human evolution through spiritual growth. Carroll Blair joins Kevin Bull with Katie (Research) Re-broadcast on Free Thinking Voice [The Earth Needs Rebels Show] broadcast on http://freethinkingvoice.tv on Wednesday the 12th of March. Re-broadcast at 12pm-2pm PST; 1pm-3pm MT; 2pm-4pm CT; 3pm-5pm EST; 8pm-10pm GMT London/Dublin.

    Originally broadcast live on Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show on http://oriontalkradio.com on the 5th of November 2013.


    Free Thinking Voice - The Earth Needs Rebels Show
    Email theearthneedsrebelsshow@freethinkingvoice.tv
    Broadcast on Free Thinking Voice Radio http://freethinkingvoice.tv

    Monday to Friday from 3pm-5pm ET; 8pm-10pm GMT.
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    Free Thinking Voice Radio Broadcast 24 Hour/ 7 Days per Week Quick Listen URL link:- 
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    LIVE Monday to Friday 10am-12pm PT; 1pm-3pm ET; 6pm-8pm GMT

    Re-broadcast Tuesday to Saturday 3-5am PT; 6-8am ET; 11am-1pm GMT



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    Paid Actor Features Actress Blair Bowers

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    Host, Trena Bolden Fields interviews Blair Bowers about her acting career.

    Blair Bowers is an LA-based actor, who started her career in Washington, D.C.  She most recently produced and starred in the short film, The Drive, which is currently being submitted for festivals.  She can also be seen in Geographically Desirable, which will be shown at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, as well as the DC Reel Independent Film Extravaganza.

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    Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love: Linda Carroll

    in Self Help

    Linda Carroll is my guest today.  She is author of the new book entitled "Love Cycles". In this book Linda presents a groundbreaking model of the five natural stages of romantic relationships.

    1. The Merge 

    2. Doubt and Denial

    3. Disillusionment

    4. Decision

    5. Wholehearted Love

    Love Cycles helps readers understand where they are in the cycle of their relationship and provides a clear strategy for love to stay happy and committed, even in difficult times. For more information visit www.lindaacorroll.com 

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