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    Jekalyn Carr - Greater Is Coming

    in Religion

    Join Dr. J on today's show as she dialogues with Evangelist Jekalyn Carr about:

    Her Childhood
    Preaching & Singing
    "Greater Is Coming" Success
    Sophomore Project "It's Gonna Happen"
    Sisterhood Summit 2014, and much more

    Sisterhood Summit 2014

    Hope McCants
    The Last Apostle (Eric Haylock)

    2nd Pastoral & Church Anniversary

    Abraham Ogunlade

    Sarah Magazine

    Sheree Carradine

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    A Smooth Conversation w/Jim Carr of New Latitude

    in Music

    Looking for some seriously mellow and melodic acoustic contemporary jazz? Join us (Ron Jackson, Aira, and Mike of The Smooth Jazz Ride) as we present acoustic guitarist Jim Carr of New Latitude, a smooth, laid-back acoustic guitar duo (also featuring Dave Erickson) with a wonderfully embracing, warm sound. Their debut release Convergence is bound to find a home in many a heart. Come check out some of the tracks and hear what Jim has to say. If you like Acoustic Alchemy, you'll dig this music, too!

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    #18: Personal Trainers Unveiled - Donal Carr

    in Health

    Donal Carr, CHEK Faculty and one of the finest minds in the Australian Health/Fitness industry, joins us on our show this week to discuss Personal Trainers - a role he has been involved in as a trainer himself, an educator and a veteran of the industry.

    Donal shares with us his thoughts on:

    - What the difference between a good trainer and a bad trainer is

    - What changes Donal has seen come in to the industry, and where he sees it heading in the next 20 years

    - Who Donal thinks the MOST important players in the entire health industry are.

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    A Libertarian Debate With Special Guest James Carr

    in Politics

    Join Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, Alex Butler, and Jeffry Sanford at 7 PM Eastern for another evening of Libertarian news and views from Virginia and beyond.  James Carr returns to discuss his Libertarian Congressional campaign in Virginia's 7th District.  We'll update you on the Randolph Macon Debate, James' most recent press release, and much more!  We'll also be discussing the latest developments in the Middle East.  Don't miss this engaging and challenging episode of our program!

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    Kick-off Miracle Event for Chad Carr

    in Self Help

    Today is the kick-off event for Chad Carr. I am asking believers to unite for 3 days & 3 nights for Chad Carr by fasting, praying, &  taking action. Join the "Pray on the Hour Campagin" by praying Chad's intercessory prayer @ www.ManifestTheTruth.com or include the following sentences in your prayers, “Father, I stand in agreement with all Godly prayer requests that are being prayed to you, today, & that the three crucial events; the Start of the International Spiritual Awakening & Revival, Laws are Ratified & Reform Occurs for America not Keeping Her Promise to Liberate the Descendants of Slaves Forever as stated in the Emancipation Proclamation & Justice & Freedom for the “Secret” Lifetime, Generational Involuntary or Unwitting Human Subjects in America & International will occur now in Yeshua’s name. I rebuke, bind, cancel, & destroy by fire all ungodly prayer requests now in Yeshua’s name."  The enemy does not want this MIRACLE to happen, but let's show the enemy that it is not what he wants, but what God and his mother wants when she made the request. I responded to her request.  Will you? Here's the link to her story http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/09/27/michigan-mom-turns-to-prayer-and-social-media-for-miracle-to-save-her-son     On the 9/26/14 show, we taught kids about forgiveness & prayed the Aaronic's blessing at Numbers 6:24-26 over the  children. We also asked the parents/guardians to start praying it over their child/children. Gospel legends Fred Hammond & Pastor Donnie McClurkin started shifting the atmosphere with their Festival of Praise Tour. Visit www.FestivalofPraiseTour.com for dates.

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    Jekalyn Carr on the NiACOM Platform tonight @ 7pm CST!

    in Entertainment

    The West-Memphis native has been singing gospel music since the age of five.

    "Actually my mom and dad, they heard me singing around the house and were like, it's something that God has given her," Carr said of her vocal savvy.

    From home, Carr would go on to use her God-given talent in her local church, and then around the country.

    Without any formal training, her father Allen Carr said he knew early on his daughter's gift was something special.

    "One day her and her brothers and sisters were singing and she stopped them and said, ' All are singing out of key,'" he said.

    He went on to say, "It just caught us off guard and it was so amazing to see a five-year-old (say) hey, we're out of key, let's get this thing right."

    Not only has Jekalyn Carr met gospel music greats, she has sung with them, including the artist she most admires.

    "It has to be Kim Burrell," she said. "She's my favorite."

    In addition to her music, Jekalyn Carr is also a motivational speaker. She receives so many requests for appearances, her parents decided it was best to home school her to accommodate her rigorous schedule.

    "My parents, they have invested a lot into me and into my ministry and you think, wow, it's just amazing to have the parents that I have."

    She has already released one CD, "Promise", and is hard at work on her next project.

    Jekalyn Carr said singing is her passion, and it is what she plans to do for a long time to come.

    "I remember telling my dad that singing was my passion. This is what I always wanted to do, and I also want to be a fashion designer and act," she admitted while laughing.

    Join us tonight. D

    Let's welcome Jekayln Carr to the NiACOM Platform!

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    Re-Play - 'Jekalyn Carr'

    in Motivation

    This is a replay of the Jekalyn Carr Interview.  Re-Play by popular demand. 

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    Nikki Carr - NBC's Last Comic Standing Finalist

    in Entertainment

    NIKKI CARR, one of the top 8 comics and the only female comic left on NBC’s popular summer series “Last Comic Standing,” will be available for radio interviews to talk about the special “Last Comic Standing” episode with Ellen DeGeneres and comedy mentor Wanda Sykes airing the next night, July 10 from 10 -11pm (eastern) on NBC. 

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    NFL 2014 Kickoff: Fantasy Sports Added: Manziel, Carr, Tebow, Sam

    in Football

    It’s time.  The NFL Season opens officially today.

    It is Thursday September 4, 2014.

    Coming to you from Las Vegas, NV.

    Manziel won’t start but will he play?

    Michael Sam is on the practice squad.  Is he another Tebow?

    Welker is out on PEDs.

    Derek Carr starting in Oakland

    And talk about coaches on the hot seat already.

    And Tight End Tim Wright is impressing them in New England.

    Plus, We’re adding some fantasy to this year’s show.  So who do you pick?

    Our man with the answers is my man Boychic.  You know him as Eric Snyder.  He too is coming to us from Las Vegas.  He is our Informed Not Inflamed Football Insider.  Plus, he’s on the Power Hour with Paulie on 920 AM in Vegas.

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    Quality Comedy with Quincy Carr

    in Comedy

    Laughter is truly good for the soul! Join me with "Fun February" as we welcome some of the best clean, quality Christian comedians to The Journey to Legacy Show.

    February 2, welcomes Quincy Carr to talk about his life as a comedian, "The Quality Comedy Series," and "Cuts and Styles by Quincy Carr." Quincy believes that with a strong faith in God, and a strong belief in oneself with hard work, all things are possible! Tune in at 8:00am EST to hear more about the vision of Quincy Carr Inc.

    Upcoming comedians are 2/9 Michael "Mike Gee" Goodhope, 2/16 Vernard "Laugh Therapist" Hines & Peaty Ray-Red, and 2/23 Cletus Kassady.

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    REAL Conversations with Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Wiener of WPN!

    in Motivation

    This weeks guests are the unstoppable co-founders and sisters of Women's Prosperity Network, Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr and Susan Wiener! 

    Women’s Prosperity Network is dedicated to guiding and empowering women through learning, connections and laughter – to love the life they live and to create a life they love. www.WPNGlobal.com 

    They state: 

    That your success is how you define it, and that it’s available to you through connection, collaboration and continuous growth. Determined women, committed to supporting each other’s pursuit of excellence make a significant impact in our world.

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