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    ROCKIN THE CAST - Show# 2 "Carp Kills"

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    Rockin' the Cast - Show# 2 - "Carp Kills"

    Hosted by: Jimmy & B.T.

    Produced and Audio by: B.T.


    Jimmy talks about the 1st Razoryak Tournament of the year and his 8th place finish. An interview with 1st Place and Big Bass - Tim Hotchkins. A tackle review of Custom Bait Companys - Drop Shot Jig (DSJ) -- www.CustomBaitCo.com. Jimmys words of wisdom as he calls out a friend. How to properly hold a fish and what happens when Social Media meets the Fishing world. What to do when Carp attacks!


    Music contained within this podcast is not owned nor does Rockin' the Cast claim ownership. (John the Fisherman by Primus & Screwing You on the Beach by The Bloodhound Gang)

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    Great Loop Information--Asian Carp in the Great Lakes

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    This should be a very interesting show when Gold Loopers, Joe Pica and Gene Schnagl, discuss their opinions on the Asian Carp issue. The main topic of discussion will be a recently introduced bill that demands complete seperation of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River to prvent the spread of Asian Carp.

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Irish Beth Maddock

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    The Great Carp Escape~

      Tadpoles, clams, and minnows—wow! For siblings Beth and Paul, growing up on a lake is fun... until they’re startled by a “fishy” find along the shoreline. When they discover the scaly, moustached carp, they become afraid.
    Seasons pass, and Beth and Paul avoid the swampy reeds at all costs—until a flood brings about a life-or-death situation for the creepy looking carp, right in their own backyard!
    With guidance from their father, will Beth and Paul be able to overcome their apprehensions about the carp and help save them before it’s too late?

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    Great Lakes Asian Carp Invasion - Rumors Exposed

    in Sports

    Join us "LIVE" via the internet with Capt Tom Marks as we bust some of the rumors of the Asian Carp and the Great Lakes.
    Rumor or Fact, A lot of anglers are left in the dark from the studies and reports from the Michigan DNR and others.
    Tune in LIVE for some cold hard facts that you just might not know about..- Rumors Exposed
    Live 1:00 PM EST on Fish Bait Radio

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    Mike Carp

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    Hear Mike Silva in a brief interview with Binghamton Mets 1B/OF Mike Carp. They will discuss how not being invited to spring training provided motivation for his solid season and his thoughts on being passed over for major league promotion.

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    TANYA'S GUEST: Jonathan Carp, Creator of The Miracle Noodle

    in Entertainment

    Join Tanya Memme, host of the long running T.V. show, Sell This House Extreme and her Guest Co-Host, Dylan Dawson for tonight's episode. They will chat about today's most compelling topics of home, health, family and fun. *Tonight's special guest will be Jonathan Carp, who is the creator of Miracle Noodle.* Twitter: @Tanya_Memme & Facebook: www.facebook.com/tanyamemme
    Website:  www.TanyaMemme.com
    # # #

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    How to Catch Carp - Carp Fishing Tips

    in Sports

    Your host, Johnny Wilkins 3-Time World Championships Angler for Team U.S.A. and the Illinois Single-Day Fishing Record Holder of 2,011 Fish Caught - helps you rig up, bait up and hook up with more and larger fish. 
    This week carp fishing urban waters near you. Catch the biggest, most-powerful fish in many of North America's lakes, streams and rivers- the Carp - stocked over 100 years ago nationwide. Line-snapping, hook-bending, rod-ripping power you can experience in hooking up with what many consider the world's best gamefish and the native Carp. Learn how to catch carp.
    The Live Bait Fishing Talk Radio Network. Information on fishing live bait, bank and boat angling all species fishing radio showgram.

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    The worlds woes are because of the GOP - Just ask Obama!

    in Politics

    Hr1  White House blames GOP for San Francisco illegal alien killer... Because Obama couldn't pass immigration reform during 1st term when Democrats were in TOTAL control?

    Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely with Stand Up America talks about recent Russian incursions on US shore, martial law, and does Obama have a secret police?

    The General also suggests: "Obama's definitely got something on (Justice) John Roberts... 5 people shouldn't be making decisions to affect every American" talking about recent SCOTUS 5/4 rulings.

    Hr2  Was Thomas Jefferson really GODLESS? Are Liberals manipulating internet search results?

    Atheists can try to bury history, but there are actual, handwritten letters between Founding Fathers. You can't hide their blantant references to God, Providence, and Jesus. Get over it.

    Thomas Jefferson had weekly church services in the Capitol. Boo-YAH!

    Freedom From Religion Foundation wants Christian Chaplains who oppose homosexuality removed from military. How is that fair to Christian service personnel?

    Hr3  Calling a fish from Asia an 'Asian Carp' is 'hurtful' and offensive. PC run amok.

    Border fence is too high, illegals are getting hurt in the jump. Now we need to make it safe for criminals to commit crimes?

    Are they really implanting IUD's into 11 year-olds without parental consent? These kids can't even buy a candy bar on campus or get an aspirin. LUDICROUS!

    Black professor blames whites for menstrual problems. Do white women have to blame themselves?

    White professor says pure reason is a white male construct. Is this racist implying that non-whites couldn't have had anything to do with "reason"?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    DISCOVER MUSIC - Jordan Carp (Indie Rock)

    in Music

    Jordan Carp, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, just released his 5th CD, "Slam Pig."  This album, which chronicles Jordan's move from Boston to San Fransisco, as an anti-pop culture CD.  In it he addresses what is good and what is contempible about current culture.  His music can be dark, honest and raw, yet tender and heartbreaking, with a sense of humor.
    Jordan Carp graduated cum laude from the Berklee College of Music.  He soulds like and has been influenced by Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Peter Gabriel and Cat Stevens.

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    Great Loop Information--Great Lakes and Carp Issue

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    Our guest hosts this week will be Mike Ahart, news editor of Waterway Guide and a rep from the Great Lakes Commission, Matt Doss.  We'll be discussing the proposal to close the Illinois River off from the Great Lakes to control the Asian Carp.

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    Blueshirt Underground Radio: New York Rangers Playoff Talk 4/27/15

    in Sports

    Tonight the great Rick Carpiniello joins us. Carp is a beat reporter for the New York Rangers from the blog Rangers Report and LoHud news. It's always fun when Rick joins us, So this promises to be a dandy.

    Blueshirt Underground Radio was founded in June of 2009, and is now in its sixth year of being the only live radio broadcast devoted to the New York Rangers. Hosted by lifelong Ranger fans Eddie "The Mouth" Gieck and Jim Schmiedeberg, Blueshirt Underground Radio is not some boring podcast that just drones on and on. It's a lively discussion of everything related to the Rangers, where nothing is off-limits. Rants about the players, announcers, and opponents are commonplace, and no one is off limits. It is a show that prides itself in dishing out tough love to the team it adores.

    Not only is the show funny and entertaining, it is also fully interactive. It's the only radio show you can call into any time of year and talk Ranger hockey. We love taking calls, and we also chat with you in our live chatroom throughout the show. You can log into our chat using your Facebook account, or by registering on blogtalkradio.com

    We are also active on Social Media!

    Follow the show on Twitter: @blueshirtradio

    Follow the hosts on Twitter: Jim: @BSURadioJim Eddie: @RangerCrisis

    Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/blueshirtunderground/

    Instagram: jrs1940

    Ranger fans around the world have become part of the Blueshirt Underground, it's time you do too. Remember, if you want to find our old shows, you can download them right from the show page, and all our old shows are available on iTunes. Blueshirt Underground Radio: The One True Voice of the New York Rangers Fan.