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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: The power of ritual with Carol Woodliff

    in Self Help

    Many people dismiss rituals as superstition but living a ritual or ceremony free life may actually be making it harder to get where you want to go in life. 

    Join Shaman and author Carol Woodliff as we talk about ritual and ceremony and what needs they fulfill and how they work with your brain.

    What's your feeling about ceremony and ritual?   Do you dismiss it?  Embrace it or are you somewhere in between?

    We love to hear from our callers. Call in to comment or ask up questions

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    The Pain of Betrayal with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach knows that the trauma of betrayal that occurs when loving a sex addict is huge. How do you heal and live with the person who has betrayed you? Listen as Carol the Coach interviews Hope Ray who is an expert in treating partners. She has studied a model called Complex Partner Trauma that helps partners work through the pain of betrayal. This is an opportunity to feel encourageed about living with a Sex Addict and finding the hope to stay true to yourself and deal with the pain of loving a sex addict.

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    Incremental & Cyclic Weight Loss Programs: Build Metabolism-Dr. Carol Francis

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    Dieting and weight loss typically mean deprivation especially when food and social meals also satisfy emotional desires and entertainment purposes.  However, once an individual has attained a healthy metabolism, healthy muscle to fat ratio (BMI-Body Mass Index), quality sleeping, regular activities, and an easy as well as conscious food selection, then social eating, eating for entertainment or delight or even the periodic emotional eating does not typically cause weight gain problems.  So, lets configure weight loss programs which actually promote a good metabolism along side periodic emotional eating moments.  Dr. Carol Francis, author of over 10 books with "If You Can't Stop Eating, Maybe You're Hungry:  Reset Your Cravings" and "Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women" are two books most related to weight loss and conscious living related to eating.    Dr. Carol Francis can be contacted at drcarolfrancis.com or at 310-543-1824 as a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist and Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, practicing in Los Angeles Beach Cities communities.   

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    Shifting From Scared to Scared: The ego and our superpowers with Carol Woodliff

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    We hear so many spiritual people talking about getting rid of the ego or making the ego "bad." What if that approach is blocking us from fully embracing our gifts? What is we started looking at the ego as part of the human operating equipment that we need to learn how to drive?

    Join Shaman and Author Carol Woodliff with her co-host Susan Kay Wyatt as we talk about an entirely different way to think about our egos that will empower us to own light and use our gifts for the world.  Carol sees so many sensitive, creative, intuitive people being blocked by their fear of claiming their special powers in the world.  Let's claim and own our superpowers for the good of all!

    Superheros. Photo: by AKARAKINGDOMS at FreeDigitalDownloads.net

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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred with Carol Woodliff

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    Does Holiday time with your family push your buttons?  Holiday time can be challenging.  No matter how much we love our families, there can be conflict and drama. After all, many of our buttons were installed by our families! 

    In this pre-recorded episode, Carol talks about healing our family and ancestral wounds and holding love for what we feel is unloveable in ourselves, our family and the world.  

    Any time we are activated it is the perfect time to move out of the action/reaction cycle and into the healing power of compassion. 

    This episode contains a reprise of an episode from the Soulful Sunday Experience on 7/14/13, new information and an offer to help you do some healing over the holidays.

    Holding hands photo © Melpomenem | Dreamstime.com .

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    Deeper Recovery and the Formula to Heal with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach will be interviewing Paul Hartman who has 30 years of treating clients and their partners. Paul will be speaking about his double mission. First is helping the addict get sober, stay sober, and progressing to deeper recovery. That includes healing past and present trauma wounds, exploring family of origin issues, accessing emotions that may have been repressed or stuffed, reducing shame, claiming self esteem, and living life as a functional adult. His second mission focuses on the couple. He believes the original relationship wounded by sexual betrayal cannot be healed. Even when both partners want to preserve the relationship, the wounds are too deep and the old relationship must be allowed to die. The good news is that if the addict establishes consistent, relapse free sobriety and the partner chooses to believe that partner is a new person in recovery who is honest and trustworthy, they can create a brand new relationship together. With willingness, help, and hard work over time; the new relationship can be better than anything they have ever had together including going back to a time that predates the addiction.     

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    Clear Your Hidden Blocks to Maximize Recovery from SA with Carol the Coach

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    There are all sorts of ways to heal the wounds that contribute to sexual addiction. Tonight Carol the Coach will be interviewing Tom Prah who will be speaking about RIM which is a technique and scientific method of re-generating images in memory and re-scripting the experience to heal.

    RIM initially began as a synthesis of techniques that access the subconscious mind directly-Somatic Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Interactive Guided Imagery  has continued to expand and evolve. Originally, the acronym RIM stood for Deborah Sandella's Ph.D RN. book Releasing the Inner Magician so it could be conveniently referenced as a research intervention for people suffering with stress relatied illnesses and condition, Her study found that RIM significantly decreased the symptoms of stress-related illness and significantly increases one's quality of life.. As it has evolved into a scientific method, the meaning of RIM has become both: Re-generating Images in Memory and Re-creating the Inner Movie. 

    Tom has been using this successfully with individuals who suffer from Sexual Addiction.

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    Is Attachment Trauma the True Cause of Addiction with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach will be interview Eric Gentry, PhD who is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress.

    Eric will be speaking about the hope for addicts, survivors of trauma amd the addicted survivors of trauma. He will be talking about how trauma effects the brain. He also believes that atttachment trauma may be the true cause of most addictions.

    If you or your paartner has suffered from PTSD, or addiction, you will really benefit from seeing the relationship of addiction and trauma!

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    Fat to Fearless (R) Weight Loss System w/ Creator Asher Fox - Dr. Carol Francis

    in Self Help

     Fat to Fearless® system  created by Asher Fox is far from a quick fix-change-your-diet, journal-what-you-eat, get-some-more-exercise, or fad weight-loss book. This 400-page manual and guide book is a full-on assault on the subconscious that requires from 8 to 12 weeks to do, if followed as directed. Every chapter is filled with illuminating information about how our subconscious minds can sabotage us and the very specific methods to transform it into an ally.

    You will discover the three ways the subconscious subverts every effort to change - The Critical Gateway, the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) and the Inner Critic

    How to lure these systems into supporting you in your campaign to regain control over your life 

    How the Inner Critic and the Inner Child are locked in a shouting match for your attention

    How the pain-pleasure balance is critical to getting to and sustaining a healthy weight

    How the hidden belief systems from childhood affect your relationship with food and your body today, in ways you can't imagine!

    How there is one question that moves you to action: Have You Suffered Enough?

    How to search out and identify those hidden, mostly subconscious programs that have you trapped in the weight gain/weight loss cycle-and you just don't know why.

    Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist and Marriage, Family & Child Therapist for over 38 years has helped individuals with complex issues which individuals, couples, parents and children face.  She can be contacted at drcarolfrancis.com.


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    Shifting From Scared to Sacred: Healing Circles with Carol Woodliff

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    Are you trying to live your purpose and from your heart?  Having supportive people around you can help you stay on track.   Support circles, masterminds and healing groups are very powerful tools, IF YOU CONNECT with people who have similar mindsets and goals.

    Join Western Shaman, Carol Woodliff with her producer Susan Kay Wyatt as we talk about the different types of healing and support circles available and how you can decide if one is right for you.  We'll discuss how to hold space for each other that keeps us aligned the highest and best good for all!  And when do you need to find a new circle or go it alone?

    Not everyone has a group near them.  The beauty of the Internet is that we can connect with like-minded people anywhere in the world.  Carol will also share about the healing circle classes she hosts to help you be aligned in energy, story and action!

    Circle image courtesy of sheelamohan  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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