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    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    Barbara Boxer took out Fiorina, ‘the most negative campaigner I’ve ever run against,’ by 10 points. The senator’s new goal: to ensure her one-time foe does just as badly in 2016.

    Barbara Boxer, the senator from California, leaned over her press secretary, Peter True, as he sat at an HP desktop computer and tried to find an old campaign ad from 2010.

    Boxer wanted me to see the ad because it featured interviews with former employees of HP who had been laid off by the storied technology company’s one-time CEO, Carly Fiorina, who in 2010 challenged Boxer for her seat and now, five years later, seeks the Republican nomination for a somewhat higher office: president of the United States.

    For Boxer, who defeated Fiorina by 10 points—or as she likes to point out, by 1 million votes—in 2010, ensuring that the former CEO gets no closer to the White House than she did to the Senate has become an unexpected end-of-career crusade

    When she first learned the details of Fiorina’s record, Boxer said, “I was shocked.” It wasn’t just that she had fired 30,000 people but the apparent callousness with which she had done so. They were, Boxer said, "summarily dismissed like some kind of garbage." Even now, so long after the Senate campaign, Boxer sounds like she still can't believe it. “That comes back to haunt you! You cannot do that. You cannot step on people when you're going up the ladder, because they don't forget.”

    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    The Ad Is Called "Workers," and it was released on 10-20-10.  [About The 30,000 Fired From Hewlett-Packard By Fiorina.  Jobs Shipped 2 China/India & They Had To Train their replacements.


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    Fiorina comes across as an old fashioned no-nonsense school-marm who likes to dish out "discipline".  I can almost envision her as a Dominatrix in high leather boots and tight fitting bodice with a long, wicked leather whip.  Ooohhhh, Yeah! That really conjures up some Delicious thoughts, doesn't it.  We'll take this any day over John Boehner & Mitch McConnell. Don't You Think?

    Think of it, Carly Fiorina as Dominatrix-In-Chief.  That's what our Republic desperately cries out for.  It's not "Make America Great Again" but rather "Whip It Good"  or "Whip Us Good or "Whip Us Into Shape" Dragon Lady.   Ohhhhhh, Yeahhhh, Now that's what I'm talking about.  Are you feellin' me now.

    This will make TRUMP melt like an ice cub.  You saw Trump in the last HOUR of the 2nd GOP debate, he was wilting like cotton candy in your mouth.  The Dragon Lady just needs to keep "cracking the whip" on to Donald Trump.  Frankly, I think he would take to it like a cat to catnip.  I think deep down, Donald Trump is a sadomasochist who needs a Dominant Woman To Bitch-Slap him into oblivion.  Oh, Donald, we're on to you now, Donald.

    For all my listeners out there in RoughRiderz-RADIO LAND ----> All 7 of you, I envision Carly Fiorina going into Cat Woman mode --- aka --- Julie Newmar on the old 1960's Batman TV series.  Oh, pointy stiletto-pointed black boots, tight-fitting black leather tights and body wear up to her chin.

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    Carly Fiorina didn't pay Widow $30,000 she owed her

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    Carly Fiorina didn't pay widow $30,000 she owed her!




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    The altruistic devotion to be on school board; plus the Donald and Carly...

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    Well, I have 5 days to make a final impact and see if I can win an election primary.  I have received four good endorsement letters but not many in the way of local endorsements.  I am a fighter but in a good way.   Please vote for me in the Primary.  I would like to make a substantial difference in local politics by putting the student first and fixing all pertaining budgetary matters.   Jon Yoder will join me at midnight Pacific time to chime in about the fiasco of the 2016 presidential race.

    Today marks the 14th Anniversary of 911 as well.

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    Best-selling Romance Author Carly Phillips joins The Librarian

    in Books

    Host Tabatha Pope welcomes Carly Phillips to THE LIBRARIAN on Authors on the Air.

    After a successful fifteen year career with various New York publishing houses, and over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels published, N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips is now an Indie author who writes to her own expectations and that of her readers. She continues the tradition of hot men and strong women and plans to publish many more sizzling stories. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She’s a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she’s a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. Find out more about Carly and her books on her website: carlyphillips.com.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook.

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.


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    2nd GOP primary breakdown - Did Carly WIN?

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    Hr1  The 2nd GOP primary debate was tonight. We'll be debriefing with:

    Kira Davis, Editor-at-Large for National Sentinel. She says Carly nailed it and Cruz hit his ceiling.

    Our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... we're moving to a new time slot this Friday. 9p-12a ET / 6p-9p PT.

    School choice and vouchers... it works.

    Vaccines & autism. Link, or no?

    Hr2   PART  II - The 2nd GOP primary debate was tonite. We'll be debriefing with:

    Author Michael Hausam, who says Donald Trump is a condescending jerk. I don't hear him saying anything about getting govt out of our lives.

    PolitiChick, Ann-Marie Murrell gives us a 1st hand account... she was actually in attendance at the debate.

    Hr3  Is it the school's job to teach kids how to balance a checkbook? Or should that take place at home?

    Susan Sarandon weighs in on the issues of homelessness and personal responsibility.

    Students say #1 Forbes ranking of Pomona College creates unhealthy competition & stress? How many students? 3% of the school population. Why do 3% of the students get to squelch the achievements of all?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

  • Show #008- Carly Alyssa Thorne’s message is unmistakeable… Reach out!

    in Self Help

    Carly’s voice is strong and pure. Her message to the world unmistakable. Reach out. Find someone… be it a counselor… a fellow survivor/thriver… but find someone that you can share your story. Carly advocates that there is a place for Western medicine for some. Her story takes her through the system, where many of us get lost Carly found healing and a foundation to begin to live.

    Life has many twists and turns and many modalities for getting to that next level of consciousness and healing. The message here is it doesn’t matter where you find it just begin the search. Before long the solution begins to search for you.

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    Scott Walker is Out, Carly Surges, Trump-ets attack Tonight on Women Patriots

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brenda Ward and Barbara Buffing as they talk about the latest on the 2016 primaries.  Call in with your questions or answers or just listen in. Tonight at 8:00 pm ET

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    Team O Keeping Homeless On Streets, Carly Needs Islam 101, & Big Bang's Mayim

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    Betsy McCaughey-Former Lt Gov of New York, Constitutional Scholar and Patient Advocate explains, Team Obama’s fight to keep the homeless living on the streets.

    Audrey Russo-Columnist for ClashDaily.com handling Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues says Carly Fiorina needs a crash course on Islam, quick.

    James Hirsen-Big Bang Star Mayim Bialik’s Un-Hollywood Faith as explained by the New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.

    Harlan Ullman-Thinking The Unthinkable--- A Sanders Versus Trump Presidential Race? The former naval officer and chair of The Killowen Group that advises  leaders of government and business at the highest levels including presidential candidates here and abroad discusses the possibilities.

    Lowell Ponte-Author, columnist and former think tank futurist says he's not all that surprised by this roller coaster stock market.  He and co-author Craig Smith have been warning us in their new book, "Don't Bank on It."

    Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson-He's an alcoholic and she's not.  He's the Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe-winning Hall of Fame songwriter and President of ASCAP.  She wrote the films “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” “The Guru,” and “The Other End of the Line,” among others.  Together they have written and discuss "Gratitude & Trust, Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life."

  • The Don & his women: Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton & Carly Fiorina; Real news

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    Being from the South I learned a long time ago...Do not say derogatory or suggestive things about women, especially in public! If there is anything making me question Donald Trump's intelligence it's his persistent "verbal attacks on women". On the other side of the fence, HIllary Clinton needs no help in destroying her image and campaign. Another hat has been thrown into the arena to be the next President of the United States (hint: famous for security). 

    Bring your issues and  join us "In the Pickle Barrel". The online Chat Room will be open and you can call (toll free) 855-236-2486 to join me live on air.


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    Anything Goes Monday and this week's POTUS Spotlight is on Carly Fiorina

    in Politics Conservative


    Anything Goes Monday means you bring your topics to the table for discussion and commentary. If they are in the realm of the political world bring it on!

    In addition, Carlly Fiorina won (or loss depending on how you look at it) the weekly POTUS candidate drawing and will be under the spotlight as we examine everything we could find up to this date. This will be a very interesting morning with some odd predictaments and opinions.

    I hope you will jump "In the Pickle Barrel" with us and share you issues/concerns. The online Chat Room is always open. If you would like call in at 855-236-2486 and share your thoughts live on air.