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    Carly Monet

    in Entertainment

    Host B Rich Interviews Model Carly Monet who's a model that has been published in magazines for her modeling and writing in multiple publications such as 86Blvd Magazine, and more.

  • 97% of Scientist Agree On Global Warming? Why Carly & The Budget Deal

    in Politics

    Alex Epstein-How Does 97% of the Scientific Community Agree On Global Warming? Alex Epstein, founder and President of the Center for Industrial Progress helps us understand.

    Heidi Ganahl-Why Carly Fiorina is the most qualified candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.  Colorado Co-Chair for Carly, Heidi Ganahl who is also the founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow, one of the nation's largest pet care franchises explains.

    Steve Moore-Moore talks the specifics and disappointments of the Obama-Boehner budget deal.  He is the Heritage Foundation's chief economist and is an American economic writer and policy analyst, and an economic consultant with FreedomWorks.

    Jennifer Burke-The 18 RINO Traitors Who Voted FOR the Bloated Obama-Boehner Budget Deal. The Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief calls them out.

    Leanne Ely-New Study: A Majority of Families Spent 30 minutes or Less at the Dinner Table; internationally known certified nutritionist and the host of SavingDinner.com suggests we get back to the table.

    Dr Tom Borelli-Explains the Real Reason Big Business Is Bowing To Obama's Climate Change Agenda. Borelli is a contributor with Conservative Review and is an authority on energy policy and crony capitalism. 

    Bob Waliszewski-Director of Media and Culture for Focus on the Family discusses the weekend box office results.

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    Hackers Feeding ISIS Info, Why Carly Fiorina, Jay Law's Comments May Hurt Box Of

    in Politics

    Michael Daugherty-Hackers Feed ISIS Info, ISIS Deploys Killers Based on the Data reports Daugherty, Senior Writer for Cyber Defense Magazine and Board Member at Snoopwall the powerhouse cyber-security firm. He is author of The Devil Inside the Beltway.

    Marilinda Garcia-New Hampshire Carly Co-Chair explains why Carly Fiorina is the only candidate qualified for the Republican presidential nominee.

    James Hirsen-Jennifer Lawrence’s Political Opining May Cost Her At The Box Office explains Hirsen,  New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.

    Dr. Glenn Bassett-Expert Psychologist says, "Don't Be Fooled By The Candidates's Carefully Selected Words." Bassett is a retired professor of management, Dean at the University of Bridgeport, and former member of the General Electric corporate team.

    Dr. James Kiley & John Walsh-Raising Awareness about the Third Leading Cause of Death in the US-COPD.  

    David Rubin-The Former Mayor of Shiloh, Founder and President of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund and Author of four books, including The Islamic Tsunami, as well as his most recent book, Sparks From Zion discusses The GOP and Israel.  


  • Carly Alyssa Thorne: Conscious Business Collaborations

    in Entertainment

    This week, business coach and Creative Empowerment Implementer, Carly Alyssa Thorne, joins the show to discuss how she empowers and inspires others by harnessing the power of the interconnected mind, body and spirit.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    Women in the News: Carly Fiorina Punches Back & Fortune's Most Powerful Women

    in Current Events

    We're back and kicking off with an action packed episode of women headliners on the Power Lunch Radio.

    Fortune recently published it's 17th annual Most Powerful Women in business list, and this year's list is impressive.  From IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty to Ivanka Trump; General Motors CEO Mary Barra, we cover the top names and movers and shakers, as well as the MPW Summit.  Then onto another list, in the world of Sports 13 WTA players have now crossed over the $20 million mark in prize money.  

    In the headlines, we cover some of the big stories such as Bonnie Ross, who was on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, "The Real Master Chief", the woman behind the success of Halo 5, Microsoft's biggest hope for gaming success this year.  Other Silicon Valley women powerhouses include Elizabeth Holmes and her company Theranos and their recent struggles, to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and her quest to make YouTube the model for breaking the gender gap in technology. Oprah makes headlines with her newest investment in Weight Watchers, creating a stock market frenzy doubling the stock price the day after the announcement.  Then music sensation from the U.K. Adele, breaks every record this past week with her much anticipated new record and new release, "Hello".  Katy Perry breaks the bank as Forbes ranks her the highest paid female artist topping the charts at $135 million.

    Lastly, onto the world of politics where both Carly Fiorina and Hilary Clinton continue on their quest for their party's Presidential nomination. Who's not talking about Carly's visit to The View today.  Get all your updates on women in the news by downloading our podcast and listening on your time at www.ewnradionetwork.com/power-lunch 

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    The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show "Reed Masterson of Impossible Magic"

    in Paranormal

    Even before the Great Houdini, Magic has fascinated the entire world. This week Reed Masterson of Impossible Magic stops by to give Shaun and Nathan a behind the scenes look of the Art of Dark Illusion

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    in Politics Progressive


    Fiorina comes across as an old fashioned no-nonsense school-marm who likes to dish out "discipline".  I can almost envision her as a Dominatrix in high leather boots and tight fitting bodice with a long, wicked leather whip.  Ooohhhh, Yeah! That really conjures up some Delicious thoughts, doesn't it.  We'll take this any day over John Boehner & Mitch McConnell. Don't You Think?

    Think of it, Carly Fiorina as Dominatrix-In-Chief.  That's what our Republic desperately cries out for.  It's not "Make America Great Again" but rather "Whip It Good"  or "Whip Us Good or "Whip Us Into Shape" Dragon Lady.   Ohhhhhh, Yeahhhh, Now that's what I'm talking about.  Are you feellin' me now.

    This will make TRUMP melt like an ice cub.  You saw Trump in the last HOUR of the 2nd GOP debate, he was wilting like cotton candy in your mouth.  The Dragon Lady just needs to keep "cracking the whip" on to Donald Trump.  Frankly, I think he would take to it like a cat to catnip.  I think deep down, Donald Trump is a sadomasochist who needs a Dominant Woman To Bitch-Slap him into oblivion.  Oh, Donald, we're on to you now, Donald.

    For all my listeners out there in RoughRiderz-RADIO LAND ----> All 7 of you, I envision Carly Fiorina going into Cat Woman mode --- aka --- Julie Newmar on the old 1960's Batman TV series.  Oh, pointy stiletto-pointed black boots, tight-fitting black leather tights and body wear up to her chin.

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    in Politics Progressive

    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    Barbara Boxer took out Fiorina, ‘the most negative campaigner I’ve ever run against,’ by 10 points. The senator’s new goal: to ensure her one-time foe does just as badly in 2016.

    Barbara Boxer, the senator from California, leaned over her press secretary, Peter True, as he sat at an HP desktop computer and tried to find an old campaign ad from 2010.

    Boxer wanted me to see the ad because it featured interviews with former employees of HP who had been laid off by the storied technology company’s one-time CEO, Carly Fiorina, who in 2010 challenged Boxer for her seat and now, five years later, seeks the Republican nomination for a somewhat higher office: president of the United States.

    For Boxer, who defeated Fiorina by 10 points—or as she likes to point out, by 1 million votes—in 2010, ensuring that the former CEO gets no closer to the White House than she did to the Senate has become an unexpected end-of-career crusade

    When she first learned the details of Fiorina’s record, Boxer said, “I was shocked.” It wasn’t just that she had fired 30,000 people but the apparent callousness with which she had done so. They were, Boxer said, "summarily dismissed like some kind of garbage." Even now, so long after the Senate campaign, Boxer sounds like she still can't believe it. “That comes back to haunt you! You cannot do that. You cannot step on people when you're going up the ladder, because they don't forget.”

    "She Crushed Carly Fiorina in 2010. Now She’s on a Mission to Do It Again."

    The Ad Is Called "Workers," and it was released on 10-20-10.  [About The 30,000 Fired From Hewlett-Packard By Fiorina.  Jobs Shipped 2 China/India & They Had To Train their replacements.


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    Why Keep Homeless On Streets? & Carly Needs Islam Crash Course

    in Politics

    Replay of Wednesday's Show

    Betsy McCaughey -Former Lt Gov of New York, Constitutional Scholar and Patient Advocate explains, Team Obama’s fight to keep the homeless living on the streets.

    Audrey Russo-Columnist for ClashDaily.com handling Middle East/National Security/Terrorism/Cultural Issues says Carly Fiorina needs a crash course on Islam, quick. 

    James Hirsen-Big Bang Star Mayim Bialik’s Un-Hollywood Faith as explained by the New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor. 

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    Carly Fiorina didn't pay Widow $30,000 she owed her

    in Politics Conservative

    Carly Fiorina didn't pay widow $30,000 she owed her!




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    The altruistic devotion to be on school board; plus the Donald and Carly...

    in Elections

    Well, I have 5 days to make a final impact and see if I can win an election primary.  I have received four good endorsement letters but not many in the way of local endorsements.  I am a fighter but in a good way.   Please vote for me in the Primary.  I would like to make a substantial difference in local politics by putting the student first and fixing all pertaining budgetary matters.   Jon Yoder will join me at midnight Pacific time to chime in about the fiasco of the 2016 presidential race.

    Today marks the 14th Anniversary of 911 as well.