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    Provocative Thought with Carlton Steed: Casual Sex

    in Self Help

    Join us Saturday 2.6.16  Time: 8:00pm till 9:00pm EST for Provocative Thought with Carlton Steed.  Call 3479890180 to speak with the host.

    Carlton Steed is a self proclaimed student of life in the search, discovery, and revelation of life on life’s terms.

    Topic: Casual Sex

    This is a journey into the idea of self, social, media, and cultural subjugation, exploitation, and objectification of sexual energy. Is it simply a matter of opinion or do the conditions that we choose to behave sexually in define who we are, what we are, and how valuable our sexuality is or isn’t. Is casual sex an esteemed behavior? Are there more admirable and ethical conditions to initiate, perpetuate and maintain a sexual relationship? This is definitely a heavy topic to discuss. Make your opinions known call in 3479890180


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    Provocative Thought with Carlton Steed: The Pollution of Sexual Energy

    in Motivation

    QueenMother4real Media proudly introduces a new show Provocative Thought with Host Carlton Steed. A self proclaimed student of life in the search, discovery, and revelation of life on life’s terms. The First Show: The Pollution of Sexual Energy. His first Guest: Paris Harden A contemporary philosopher brings his unique perspective on: This is a journey into the idea of self, social, media, and cultural subjugation, exploitation, and objectification of sexual energy. Every Saturday at 8:00 pm to 8:45 pm Eastern Standard Time, You can join him online or Call 3479890180 to listen and to speak. Provocative Thoughts will offer diverse historical and contemporary philosophical viewpoints. .


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    The Great Carlton Debate: NBA

    in Sports

    This NBA debate is between two brothers. The elder; IB Network founder: RC Carlton and his younger brother Cory Carlton. Argument and debate between the two is almost as old as their relationship itself. In fact, their determination in choosing the opposite side of arguments has shaped many of their long-held sports beliefs. 



    1. ESPN just released a controversial top 5 players all-time. Who are yours?

    2. Who is the best all-around player in the league?

    3.The pace of today’s game has picked up, everyone seems to want to run. Will we see the classic center position that used to be so important disappear in this era?

    4.Who has the better all-time rank? Tim Duncan or Kobe Bryant?

    5. The 2005 collective bargaining agreement introduced what we know as the “one-and-done rule.” Do you feel that this rule has helped, or hurt professional basketball?

    6. Sticking with the theme of younger players; Cory, in your opinion which player under 23 has the most upside?

    7.The Lakers are one of the NBA’s most important franchises. Who is the greatest Laker of all-time?

    8.Just like the NBA has given us some amazing players, most of these players have had some incredible coaches behind them as well. Who is the better coach all-time? Pat Riley or Gregg Popovich?

    9.Shifting back to players, let’s talk about a couple of great quick scoring performances. hich was better Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks, or Tracy McGrady’s 13 points in 35 seconds against the Spurs?

    10. Is LeBron currently the best player in the league, and if not who is and where do you rank Lebron?

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    Innovation Women With Bobbie Carlton

    in Entrepreneur

    Innovation Women is an online speakers bureau for entrepreneurial and technical women that help women get visibility for themselves, their careers and companies. We help event managers gender-balance the speakers at their conferences, trade shows and events. Founder Bobbie Carlton will discuss the importance of elevating the voice of women in innovation and business.

    Bobbie will also discuss Innovation Nights, which started just outside of Boston as Mass Innovation Nights (“MIN” -- supporting Massachusetts companies), and has launched more than 650 new products; she will share that every month 10 companies launch new products at a local event and the social media community comes out to support their local entrepreneurs and more! Please join Renee, Wanda, and Lea as we put Bobbie in the Innovaiton hotseat! 

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    Skid Row Chatter slums with Josh Stallings & Steve Lauden with host Tom Pitts

    in Books

    Skid Row Chatter host and author Tom Pitts goes slummin' with Josh Stallings and Steve Lauden.  Join us for a two-in-one episode with guests SW Lauden and Josh Stallings. We'll grill these two about what drives a man to drink.
    That's LIVE at 6pm PST/9pmEST.  This is a live broadcast at this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheair/2016/01/21/skid-row-chatter-slums-with-josh-stallings-steve-lauden-with-host-tom-pitts.  Call 347-633-9609 to chat.

    Josh Stallings is the massively dyslexic award winning author of the Moses McGuire hardboiled crime novels, the Anthony Award nominated memoir All The Wild Children and glitter rock disco heist novel, Young Americans. Raised by hippy activists in the mountain above Palo Alto, he now happily resides in Los Angeles with his wife, two dogs and cat named Riddle.     S.W. Lauden is a writer living in Los Angeles. His short fiction has been published by Out of the Gutter, Criminal Element, Dark Corners, Dead Guns Magazine, Akashic Books, WeirdBook, Spelk Fiction, Shotgun Honey and Crimespree Magazine. His debut novel, BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION, was published by Rare Bird Books in November, 2015. His stand alone novella, CROSSWISE, will be published by Down & Out Books in March, 2016.  

    Tom Pitts is the author of HUSTLE, Piggyback, and Knuckleball. He's an acquisitions editor at Gutter Books and the host of Skid Row Chatter on the AOTA network.  http://tompittsauthor.com/

    This is a copyrighted podcat solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Thank you to sponsor Poised Pen Productions Inc for your continued support.

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    Author Chris Walter in the hot seat on Skid Row Chatter with host Tom Pitts

    in Books

     SKID ROW CHATTER host Tom Pitts gets Canadian author Chris Walter in the host seat on tonight's show. 

     Chris Walter, a recovering drug addict and hope-to-die punk rocker, began writing purposefully in 1998 after realizing that his life up to that point had been largely meaningless.  His first published novel, Punk Rules OK went largely unnoticed except by detractors, inspiring him to take a DIY approach to the game. He started GFY Press and began to write, publish, and distribute a steady stream of fiction novels and music biographies. In 2001, GFY Press expanded to include unschooled troublemakers Simon Snotface, Stewart Black, and an Australian, Drew Gates, drawing further criticism from the established literary industry. 16 years later, Chris Walter and GFY Press remain unrepentant and committed. Chris is the author of more than twenty-five books, many of which are also available electronically. He has also contributed to numerous publications including The Georgia Straight, Nerve, Razorcake,The Big Takeover, Mass Movement, Vice, Loud Fast Rules, and Absolute Underground.  

    Host Tom Pitts' short stories have been published in the usual spots by the usual suspects. His novella,PIGGYBACK, and his novel, HUSTLE, are available from Snubnose Press. His new novella KNUCKLEBALL is out now.  Tom is an acquisitions editor at Gutter Books and editor of Flash Fiction Offensive. http://tompittsauthor.com

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.




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    Strategic Rewards for Indemnities with Casuel D Pitts

    in Business News

    ?Casual D. Pitts will be our featured guest on the show today. Casuel D. Pitts if the founder/CEO of Ultimate Discounts Services INC His educational history consist of a Master Degree in Business Management, Bachelors in Marketing & Advertising, Associates in Psychology, His objective is to increasae employment and to provide leverage the economy with innovative ideas that I have created with Ultimate Discount Services. With only being in business for 18 months; this has allowed my business to be selected for an award in Small Business Alliance. The Small Business alliance nominated my company as the best isea since "Apple." I always place God first for business. God has positioned my company as first and allowed me to obtain a valuable asset for business; fomer Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis. Mrs. Diane Winbush, our CEO and radio host will hosts this braoadcast. For more information about Women Who Rock with Success, just go to our website at www.nationalextraordinaryprofessionalwomen.com.


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    Skid Row Chatter with Tom Pitts goes in the ring with Todd Robinson LIVE

    in Books

    Skid Row Chatter host author Tom Pitts welcomes crime fiction author Todd Robinson to the studio for a LIVE discussion about noir, crime fiction and other topics.  TODD ROBINSON (Editor) is the creator and Chief Editor of the multi-award winning crime fiction magazine THUGLIT. His writing has appeared in Blood & Tacos, Plots With Guns, Needle Magazine, Shotgun Honey, Strange, Weird, and Wonderful, Out of the Gutter, Pulp Pusher, Grift, Demolition Magazine, CrimeFactory, All Due Respect, and several anthologies. He has been nominated three times for the Derringer Award, thrice shortlisted for Best American Mystery Stories, selected for Writers Digest's Year's Best Writing 2003, lost the Anthony Award both in 2013 AND 2014, and won the inaugural Bullet Award in June 2011. The first collection of his short stories, DIRTY WORDS and his debut novel THE HARD BOUNCE are now available and his upcoming novel, ROUGH TRADE will be released by Polis Books in 2016.

    Skid Row Chatter host Tom Pitts  received his education on the streets of San Francisco. He remains there, working, writing, and trying to survive. His novel, HUSTLE, and his novella, Piggyback, are available from Snubnose Press. His new novella, Knuckleball, is out now on One Eye Press.  Tom is an acquisitions editor at Gutter Books and editor of the Flash Fiction Offensive. http://tompitts.com

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.


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    Enriching Words Of Life Men's Ministry Speaker Deacon Carlton James

    in Christianity

    Enriching Words Of Life Men standing Firm In God Fellowship Worship Service - 6:30 PM EST Speaker Deacon Carlton James Join Via Phone Or website Call in Number (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 110910 log in to join the service at - http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/110910

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    RC Report: Special Guest Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report

    in Sports


    IBN's RC Carlton and Bleacher Report Lead Writer Brad Gagnon get you ready for this weekend’s AFC and NFC title games, tackling the following subjects and much more:

    Julian Edelman's impact
    Can the Broncos Defense get pressure on Tom Brady?
    Is Peyton's lack of arm strength overblown? 
    How big of an impact withy Chris Harris's injury have? 
    Which Qb do you trust more? Palmer or Newton
    Can The Cardinals deep passing game expose the Panthers secondary?
    How has Cam Newton's game evovled? 
    Can Cam surivive against the Cards blitz happy defense?