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    The Aftermath with Carlos Beltran

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    News, classic hip hop, RP philosophy. Come check us out!

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    The Aftermath with Carlos Beltran

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    Guest host for the night is Eddie Dunne. Me, Eddie, A Mike D'King, Jason and a few others are going to be talking about our favorite sex-acting lunatic TMOT. This should get interesting. CALL IN!

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    The Aftermath with Carlos Beltran

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    We are redoing the show format, name and starting on a new path. We need to proceed forward in this movement and we need to start it soon. I know people are divided, and some think one solution is better then another. We need to make a plan. 

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    YGY Radio Show: Carlos Beltran

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    On this episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show presented by BaldVinny.com, Ricky discusses the latest news that the Yankees are interested in signing Carlos Beltran this winter. Is it a good fit with an aging outfield? The special guest on the show is Daniel Solzman, the editor of RedBird Rants. Ricky and Daniel discuss Beltran's impact in St. Louis as he was brought in after the team lost Albert Pujols. Plus, they look ahead to Game 6 in the NLCS between the Cardinals and the Dodgers. 
    Finally, Ricky talks about the ALCS that is tied 2-2 between the Tigers and the Red Sox. 

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    The Aftermath with Carlos Beltran

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    Tonight coming to you from a secret cave deep beneath the earth, Carlos Beltran delves into the 2012 conspiracy theories and the coming apocalypse. We have 3 weeks, time to get busy.Catch us at 8PM EST ONLY on LMRhttp://libertymovementradio.com

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    The Aftermath with Carlos Beltran

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    Join us tonight as we discuss current events, a real time path forward for the R3VOLUTION and a few suprises along the way.

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    #RealTalk :: Carlos Gil Marketing Keynote 2015

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    Today, marketing is not defined by how many people you reach but by how many people you influence. 

    Marketing is not about print circulars, or online ads, it’s about connecting customers with solutions that meet their needs. 

    Customers are connected, influential, and they expect that you engage with them – it’s not an option anymore. 

    Customers who are informed, and connected to your brand, are more likely to shop with you. Creating loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, which requires listening to what your customers are saying about your brand, and reacting to their sentiment whether it’s good or bad. 

    The challenge for brand marketers today isn’t just how-to keep up with the evolution of the customer but being a storyteller within a media company. 

    Listen to Carlos Gil's passionate keynote on the "State of Digital Marketing 2015", presented on February 20, 2015 at the 54th Annual American Marketing Association Conferene in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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    Bert joined by Brad Williams, David Laughlin, Susan Butler, Carlos Conejo

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    Brad Williams has over 25 years of addressing the financial concerns of retirees and business owners. After first listening to his clients’ needs and concerns, is able to simplify and explain in everyday language even the most complex concepts and alternatives. He treasures the trust his clients place in him and safeguards it by his words and actions.  His reputation for unquestioned integrity is far more important to him than any fee or commission

    Susan Butler CEO of SBB Institute for the Development of Women Leaders, which helps women and girls be all they can be. She is also the author of two books: Become the CEO of You, Inc. and Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World. Through speaking engagements, social media and her blog on Huffington Post, she advocates for equality for women and girls in the workplace and beyond. As a leader of Vision 2020, the 30 Percent Coalition and other organizations, she is working to bring true “equality in sight” for women by 2020 

    Carlos Conejo Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, a highly sought after leadership and management consultant specializing in Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies.  He is the 2014 recipient of the Lean Crystal Award, for “Best in Kaizen” out of 5,000 companies in California. He is the author of three books with numerous articles appearing in various national magazines and trade journals. He Executive Produced a new video and workbook for the Public Sector, titled.  Excellence in Government 

    David Laughlin Plant Pathologist from Texas A&M University. He is currently the Coffee Rust Program Project Director for World Coffee Research He is based out of Guatemala and coordinate projects throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and Peru

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    Bad sentences beware of Washington Post nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada

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    Woe be unto you writer, should you land in a Washington Post article titled “The five worst sentences I read in January.” When I read that post written by the new nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada, I knew two things. First, I needed to interview Lozada. Second, I was afraid to write him an email.

    Lozada’s voice engaged me because in addition to rhetorical smarts, he’s pretty funny. Though he’s been at the paper for several years, he began his new role at Book Party in January.  I’m proud to announce the March 22 episode of Behind the Prose will feature an interview with Lozada. In classic Behind the Prose fashion, I’ll learn how he approaches his own writing craft and process and what it’s like to read and write for a living.

    Besides the five worst sentences he read in January, we’ll discuss his Book Party posts including the hilarious book review “Reggie Love on life as Obama’s “chief of stuff” and the ballooning list of journalism cliches forbidden in the The Post’s Sunday Outlook section.

    Oh, and if you do find yourself in one of Lozada’s worst sentences articles,  don’t be upset. He just shames your offending sentence, not your entire book.

    Unless, I suppose, it needed it.

    Carlos Lozada is associate editor and nonfiction book critic at the Washington Post, where he has worked since 2005 in various capacities, including economics editor, national security editor and Outlook editor. Previously, he was managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and a Knight-Bagehot fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University. A native of Lima, Peru, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Princeton University.

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    Carlos Monzón held the Undisputed World Middleweight Championship for 7 years. He successfully defended his title 14 times and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

    Carlos monzon vs Nino Benvenuti 2 5/8/71

    Carlos monzon vs Bennie Briscoe 2 11/11/72

    Carlos Monzon vs Jose Napoles 2/9/74


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    Sandra Wilson Interviews Celeb Chef Carlos

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    Sandra Wilson of Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews Celeb Chef Carlos. To hear dial 1-347-215-7005

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