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    GoCaribbean! Expo 2015: Moving the Caribbean Agenda Forward

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    "It’s a small world: Harnessing the Power of the Caribbean People".  

    September 30th and October 1, 2015, Go Caribbean! Expo will take place at the BNY Mellon, 101 Barclay Street, NY.  Go Caribbean! 2015 is a trade and investment expo that aims to galvanize the economic and social power of Caribbean Americans and the Caribbean region. The event brings together export and investment-ready firms, international trading companies, financiers, government agencies and other business entities seeking investment or commercial opportunities with Caribbean businesses and organizations globally.

    Go Caribbean! presents strategic opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for avenues to grow and expand your business in the Caribbean. With over 700 expected attendees, the Expo is great platform to showcase your business and make strategic connections with the Caribbean Diaspora and Caribbean-focused businesses in the US.  Join me, as I talk with Kevin Howell, Anchor Strategy Group - Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora Consulting Firm.

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    Yardie Skeptics (S.03, ep.15): Judges and the Justice System in the Caribbean

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    The Yardie Skeptics return this Sunday, September 20th at 12:30pm EDT (11:30am Jamaica time) to take into the very private, rarely investigated professional life of Caribbean judges. What kind of training is required to be a judge in the Caribbean and what is the philosophical framework which informs the notion of "justice" in the Caribbean - is it restorative or simply about vengeance? What is the role of the judiciary in the establishment and protection of human rights and what ideologies influence such rights - secular or religious?

    Joining us live on air will be Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius of the High Court of Barbados; Justice Douglas Mendes, former Court of Appeal Judge for Belize; and Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith also from Belize. This promises to be quite an educational episode so do tune in and land a coveted opportunity to talk justice with a Caribbean judge! 

    Be sure to catch us at the beginning when we explore the interesting Jamaican-Nicaraguan connection as seen from the perspective of the Bacons - a family brought together by a whirlwind romance between two love birds on different sides of the Caribbean. 

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    Discover Kenya and the Caribbean

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    World Footprints will introduce the African country of Kenya--considered to be the Cradle of Civilization because its history can be traced back six million years ago.  Kenya is also considered the heart of Africa and the safari epicenter of the world.  We'll learn more about this ancient country from Jacinta Nzioka with the Kenyan Tourism Board.

    During the latest Caribbean Tourism Organization conference we met over a dozen of country representatives to learn what distinguishes their country from another Caribbean nation.  We also discovered some interesting history and traveled deeper through our conversations.   Listen. Learn. Explore. as we speak to:

    St. Maarten
    Trinidad & Tobago
    US Virgin Islands
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Turks & Caicos
    Antigua and Barbuda

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    Join me 8 dont be late.....great Caribbean JAZZ

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    Last week we had a fantastic playlist,....hmmm... can I do it again?   We'll see...Join me 8pm sharp for some of the best Caribbean jazz you won't hear  anywhere else.

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    you wont hear this music on main stream radio, so join me 8pm est.Caribbean

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    This show will be the last, for the next two months. Thanks so much for tuning in.

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    Best Caribbean Vacation Destination

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    Welcome to Crowd Talk on Crowd Radio!  The Power of the Crowd. Powered by The Marketplace & The Crowd www.themarketplace.us - Topic of discussion on today's Economic Roundtable & The Marketplace show:  Where to Vacation in the Caribbean and Best Caribbean Vacation Destination.

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    Scott - 7XL Productions & Kasim Allah

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    Part II: This week's show is a continuation from last week.  Kasim Allah and Bigg Scott of 7-XL Productions will tell the audience of a more "in-depth" of their current projects.

    Kasim Allah is a multidimensional literary, visual and performing artist whose vocals can be currently heard nationally in Sheetz and Big Lots commercial rotations. Additionally, he narrated VH1’s Playa’s Guide to Scarface was a featured poet on BET’s Lyric Café, was signed to EMI with his group The Inviseez who co-wrote Emphatically No for Salt n Pepa’s Very Neccesary album, was featured on Redhead Kingpin’s Who Am I? God, Lord Jamar’s 5% Album and released the single Haggen Daj on Henchmen Records, now Czar Entertainment.

    As a free agent he has become one of the most slam-winning and captivating performance artists in New York City. He was additionally a member of the 2003-2004 Hottest Poets International Slam Team. Kasim has also authored and published LOVE, LIFE & LIBERATION (selected poems) and has been published by Yale University press and Signifyin’ Harlem Literary Journal (volumes I and II). This man has also written and released several CD’s JUST WORDS (2001), THE WET SPOT (2001), GHETTO MESSIAH (2002), HOOD POLITICS (2005) in addition to writing & co-producing SUBWAY BOMBER (2007) and now, he prepares to release his new CD, “Da Food Stamp Champ”.

    Scott - 7 XL Productions is also a free agent and responsible for the music production of many well-known artists.

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    Education in the world today pt 2

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    Let us take a moment to educate our youth, and our adults in todays world on all subjects. It's just not the schools where you will get education, and proper education. We all know that there is good and clean education on the streets, and most of all in the home. So lets talk about all sides of the education world, and what we can take from it and what we need to leave. Join me on Monday 9/21/15 on CRS Radio for a good learning experience on all sides of education. The number to dial in on is 661-467-2407 at 6pm with Sista Tracey the Game Changer. 


  • Out, Award-Winning, Caribbean Singer/Songwriter Nhojj: Soul Pioneer

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    Nicholas Snow is truly honored to welcome to the show Nhojj to dicuss his music (three tracks featured in this episode) and Michael Burlingame's powerful documentary, Out On The Tracks, which centers on the Nhojj and a man who heard him sing and was so moved that he wanted to share his voice with the world.  With a 25 year age difference and coming from contrasting social, ethnic and racial backgrounds, these two men share the core belief that music can transcend barriers and bring people together: thus Nhojj enters the recording studio giving birth to the groundbreaking "Made To Love Him" sessions.  Affirming the LGBTQ community through same-sex renditions of classic love songs, this gentle and human documentary touches upon the themes of love, hope and self-acceptance, and explores the recording process and the power of music.

    At his offiical website we learn, "With a force that exudes his passion for love and life, a tone that resounds in both whisper and wail, and a consciousness that, without being preachy, speaks truth to power, Nhojj has spent more than a decade becoming what some regard as a “soul pioneer”. “I want to make the world better…one song at a time!” Nhojj says, a statement that underscores a classic soul tradition of having a “message in the music”.

    Visit NicholasSnow.TV for videos, and NicholasSnow.com for everything else!