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    DJ Nia Boom Interviews "Candis White" @SheisHipHop

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    Wus Good Fam! this week we welcome up and coming Female Emcee @sheishiphop. Known to the industry as Candis, this burgeoning female artist has the lyrical poise to fall in line with some of the greatest of MCs, both male and female. With more than a decade of caressing line paper with an ink pen, Candis is solidifying her spot as one of the best to emerge out of the Big Apple. Compelled by the likes of Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Tupac, it is her very own life experiences growing up in Brooklyn’s Farragut & Fort Greene Projects that allow Candis to demolish any microphone she encounters speaking truth whenever she breathes air into the mic. Hit us with your questions and comments Lets GO!

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    My Sensuality: The Darkest Touch At The CrossRoads

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    Welcome to the CrossRoads with your host Dr. JazziSol. Tonight on the CrossRoads we will explore our sensuality through intimate touches, sensual thoughts, caressing interests and flaming fantasy. This show is centered around the concept of social and cultural discussion. Discussion is faciliated through roundtable discussion, poetry, music, and news. You the listener are an important part of this discussion. With our individual world views we can walk together witth the common goals of a unified deeper level of understanding.

    Through our thoughts, experiences and art we will move through this wondrous topic without pause as we explore every corner of possibility.

    Tonight we will here the first segment of the serialized story The Whisper. It was previously leaked on SoundCloud. Now we embrace its depths.

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    Tonight #tellallradio is reaching deeper into the moment. Embracing it. Caressing it. Leting it sedate us mentally. Come take a ride inside of your most wildest dreams with me. 

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    Tonight we are celebrating as always the art of touching, licking, sucking,caressing and loving. Sex is our topic of discussion and what better way to set it off right than to be joined by the man himself the king of love making and sexing R kelly. So come through and join the fun 9-11pm lets get intimate. Host @princezzjazzy1 and @ll_cool_gramz

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    SEXY SUNDAYS: Your favorite slow jams for that special someone. Log onto my facebook: REGGIE REG English or my twitter:@reggie923

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    Why Am I A Repeat Offender?

    in Spirituality

    During the wee hours of the morning of Monday, November 20th, I stepped out on my patio. The clock on the wall said it was one hour and thity minutes passed midnight. Already I had begun a new day. I immediately felt the cool but gentle breeze caressing my face softly.  The King had summoned me by my spirit. I heard Him call me and I responded. It was quiet and still it appeared that everyone had finally fallen asleep. I was alone with Him. Just me and Him...alone. He who my soul loves, the one and only true deliverer, the potentate Himself - YaHoVaH. I glanced up into the sky anxiously searching for a glimpse of one of Yah's planets that twinkle like stars in the sky. I've noticed for many years that whenever life has me in a state of perplexity IF I CAN lift my eyes up into the sky SOMETHING HAPPENS! Somehow when I lift up my head I can suddenly hear the declarations of the universe affirming that He is IN total control. That nothing has caught Him unprepared. Me yes, Him no! Something happens inside of my soul [thoughts, emotions and will]  when I look up into the pitch black skies it's as if all my cares and problems are wiped away like the wind chases drives a tumble weed across the desert floor.  Suddenly I heard my heart say "Why Do I Struggle to Trust You, You HAVE ONLY been faithful! ALWAYS providing for me. YOU have NEVER Failed me. At that moment I felt like I had failed the tests AGAIN. My performance of trusting Him was unsatisfactory.  I MUST bring this area of my life to a place where I will never allow anything or anyone to INFLUENCE me to not trust you! 
    Does this seem familiar? Have you ever grown weary of doubting especially Elohim? Are you tired of being a repeat offender? Do we offend Elohim with our distrust? We are Grown but like children who have a tantrum when things don't go their way, falling out, crying and screaming.  Can you "feel me" on this? Listen now...

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    "Trespassing" Play Party! Adam Lambert's New Album

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    We tried to be pure and maintain our Adam Lambert “Trespassing” virginity until our actual hard editions arrived, sealed and untouched, awaiting our caressing fingers to unwrap and behold them in candlelight and place them gently upon the turntable or insert them into the CD player.
    On Wednesday night’s show, we will play the songs during an extended time and encourage listener comments in the chat room as we attempt to put words to our reactions.
    Livestream on MuchMusic http://www.muchmusic.com/music/firstspin/adamlambert/

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    Annarita Guarnieri

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    Host David Cleinman welcomes Annarita Guarnieri, who tells us:
    I suppose I had a writer hidden inside even since I was a small child. I remember playing and inventing stories, using my dolls as props for other characters. Then I started telling myself stories before falling asleep, at night, and finally I tried to write a short story… a western. Of course it was awful, and I threw it away a few years later, when I attempted writing a western novel instead. I still have it, but I can tell it will not come out of my attic, ever!
    Then for some years I was too busy (and drained) with the University to think about writing, I got married, became a mom, and that, together with my translation job, absorbed most of my time. Then I met a writer that was my “idol” at the time, Mariangela Cerrino. Together with a few other people, we found the Star Trek Italian Club, and soon created a couple of fanzines. I was asked to write a few stories, and I discovered I was doing a good job… “How do You Feel” won the award as Italian best nonprofessional SF short story! At that point, I tried with a Star Trek novel, “The Caves of Arcadia”, (it got a third placement as best nonprofessional SF novel of the year).  Life then got in between my writing and me. I divorced, and for a few years I was too busy raising two young daughters too think about anything else.
    Then, just when I thought my occasion had slipped by me, I met that Italian publisher and got that offer for some cat books, an idea I had been caressing for some time. Through Book Junkies, I then met Inknbeans Press, and that made my biggest dream (being published in the US, since I have always written in English) get real. I’ll be forever grateful to Boss Bean and all the staff for giving me that chance, for believing I could make it!

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    Lincoln MKX Presents MUSIC: Billy Beck of the Ohio Players

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    LOTL Radio host Reginald Ford hangs with Ohio Players founder Billy Beck, who has a plan for returning R&B to its glory days. "There's nothing as good as a love ballad. It goes straight to the heart," says the keyboardist who penned the band's 1975 smash-hit single, Love Rollercoaster. "You can catch a young lady's attention by impressing her and caressing her through your lyrics, without every having to put a hand on her or go underneath her clothes. Make her want to take them off herself. The art of romance seems to have gotten lost and we need to bring that back. Bringing romance back is also bringing sexy back." 

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    Love Making Wednesday:It's A Love Story: Romeo DNati

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    Join The BAR tonight for The Continuance of HipOpera featuring Romeo DNati and BlaqueRose. It's S.E.X.I and Erotic. It's a new twist addition to THE BAR a sexy , sensual , caressing , breathtaking and lip dropping  episode .
    Close your eyes and let this segment of LoveMaking Wednesday caress your spirit, hold your breathe and give you pleasure beyond belief.
    Dare you to tune in ! Dare you to let your senses to be touched.
    Show Starts at 8 EST
    Hotline: 917-889-7491

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    Jean Adrienne - Aleya Dao

    in Spirituality

    Aleya Dao is a Sound healer, energy practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and spiritual guide.  Her mastery is teaching and helping people activate their own energetic intelligence and access higher states of consciousness. She produces and delivers 5 minute audio meditations each weekday via e-mail that help people find greater clarity and balance. The daily meditations are the quick deep fix. 
    Aleya has a unique ability to sing using tones and a language that sounds like angels singing. She uses her voice and the universal life force to clear and transform blocks that prevent people from moving into happiness, abundance, and higher states of consciousness. She has a unique ability to read the energy of individuals and groups, and produce the sounds and light language that shift the energy into higher frequencies. “Upon listening to Aleya Dao's other worldly voice the inner flame of your soul's calling will be ignited and rekindled. Aleya brings forth new healing tones, sacred chants and a language of light that moves through every cell in her essence and is gifted to you, Aleya is truly representative of a the new wave of sound healers moving within the tide of love and gently caressing the shores of our hearts.