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    Tips For A Happy Holiday Season

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    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio is about having a simple conversation about life with dementia.  We want all voices to have equal say and would love for you to join us.  You can do so by using the chat box or calling in live to the station.

    Today we will be discussing tips for having a joyful holiday season.  We would love for you to join the conversation and share what has worked and what has not; and what you have learned along the way on your own personal journey with dementia.  By sharing our knowledge we can make the path a bit more pleasant for the next person.  So many times we forget the wealth of knowledge we have gained on this journey with dementia.  Here on Alzheimer's Speaks we like to empower people to share their insights and help others.

    For more information on dementia and caregiving check out our Webstie as Alzheimer's Speaks

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    Dementia:The Black Hole and Aspects of Being A Carer

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    Our 1st guest in Eileen Smith, from New Zealand.  She is a wife, Carer and Author of "The Black Hole,"  a book about Early Onset Alzheimer's disease.
    Eileen's husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2001, at age 54. After his diagnosis Eileen spent 8 years on the local Alzheimer's Board plus 3 on Alzheimer’s New Zealand board.
    Eileen is a strong and sometimes outspoken advocate for young onset Alzheimer's and more especially spent a lot of time lobbying for subsidies on anticholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon).

    In 2011 Eileen retired from work and has recently published a book telling of the last 12 years caring for Ray and the challenges that they faced, specifically related top young onset Alzheimers.
    Why do we need to build awareness especially around Younger Onset?
    What do carers need to know at the start of their journey?
    What could we do better for people in this situation?
    How do we as carers move forward when the partner goes into care?
    You can contact Eileen at
    Our 2nd Guest will be Jan Hughes will discuss he differences and similarities to giving care.Jan is Care Partner for her Husband Michael.  Jan believes when you've met one Caregiver, you've met just that, one Caregiver. 
    This will be a very interesting disucssion and we would love you to join the conversation with both women!

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    Living in Jamaican Country

    in Culture

    We take a visit to the cool town of Mandeville the capital and largest town in the Parish of Manchester, a popular location for British returnees in Jamaica where ‘Herbal Doctor’ Derek Morgan now resides after spending most of his life living in Dulwich, South London. With the rising cost of property in London versus an inherited property in Mandeville, Derek decided to explore greener pastures and convert to the country lifestyle. Now raising animals, farming, growing and creating herbal remedies for locals, self made Dr Morgan has now become the local carer. 

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    Giving Hope To Those Dealing With Dementia

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    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Giving Voice To All Dealing With Dementia

    Today our guest will be Karen Truman, Ph.D. from Dementia Caregiver Resources, Inc..  She will be talking to us about her new book "The Dementia Caregivers Little Book of Hope." 

    Come and join the conversation.  We would love to have you call in with your questions or use the chat box to tell us your thoughts or ask your questions.

    Click here to contact Karen Truman

    We will be having OPEN MIC after talking with Karen.  Feel free to call into the show and share your thoughts.

    For additional information on dementia and caregiving visit Alzheimer's Speaks website

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    Pro Fighter Sarah McLeod

    in Sports

    Having a fighter carer for the past four years, Sarah McLeod won her pro debut this past May with a rear naked choke over Shawnee Anderson. 

    McLeod looks to conitnue her winning ways in a match with Heather Denny in Denver.

    We will talk to McLeod about training for the fight and her achievements inside and outside the cage.

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    How Can a Caring Caregiver Take Care of Their Own Financial Situation?

    in Lifestyle

    On this episode of Power Up Living, host Kelly Galea interviews Gillian Pritchett about a topic many of us in the "sandwich generation" find ourselves faced with. How can we take care of our own financial situation as caring caregivers?

    Why is Gillian so passionate about this topic? After an international corporate career spanning many years, Gillian solved a redundancy situation by emigrating from the UK to Canada where she rapidly got hired to a senior position in a corporate travel company. After 9/11 she again faced redundancy, moved back to Montreal and into marketing. After her father died in 2005, she started a consulting business in order to spend chunks of time each year with her mother. In the end she moved back to the UK and ended up becoming a full time carer for her mum. As her mum became frailer Gillian organised her life so that she could be her full time carer. Using her business - The Business Launchpad - as a platform she drew on her knowledge and business experience to create home study courses for people who wanted to start a business or run an existing business more efficiently and successfully. She is now developing a programme to help other caregivers who need an income whilst being at home to care for a loved one.

    During this conversation, we’ll focus on two very specific groups of people that Gillian very much enjoys working with – the carer who needs an income and the former carer and people made redundant in later life. We’re going to look at their challenges and how Gillian is able to help. We’ll also look at how carers and older workers are treated – comparing North America and the UK.

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    It's Work! How Will You Show Up? with Author Kelley Cornish

    in Jobs

    Kelley Cornish will be Rod's guest on Own Your Career to discuss her new book, "It's Work! How Will You Show Up?

    Kelley Cornish:

    Author, HR expert, speaker, mother, confidante, mentor/mentee matchmaker, career advisor, panel of one — and so much more, too. A driven, experienced and successful HR leader with a proven track record working at some of the biggest names in healthcare across the country, Kelley’s had a career for the books. In fact, it is a book! "It's Work! How Will You Show Up?" (Amazon, iTunes, e-book) Kelley’s mission? To help you make the most of your career by sharing her personal and professional experiences, tried-and-true tips and expert opinions.


    See you on the radio …

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    The Importance of Dementia Awareness & Training

    in Caregiving

    Welcome to Alzheimer's Speaks Radio where we listen to all voices on dementia. Join the conversation!

    Rita Anand, is the Founder and President of Beyond Golden Era, LLC, a company dedicated to educating caregivers and healthcare professionals on how to effectively serve the elderly in aspects of their lives.

    Rita's newest venture is Dementia Angels, a premier information and services resource that personally aids and prepares clients for the varying physical, mental and emotional challenges inherent in the beginning, middle and end stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Contact Rita    Email      Beyond Golden Era Website    Email     Dementia Angels Website

    888-297-6197 ( landline) 

    Our 2nd guest today will be filmaker Alban Maino.  Alban,  has produced a film collection along with a scientific committee of geriatric doctors called "Remembrance", dedicated to patients and caregivers affected by Dementia.  The first collection of films is now available for online streaming.

    Contact Alban    Website

    Visit Alzheimer's Speaks Website for more resources and information - Blog, Free Webinars, Tools, Resource Directory and more.

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    Decision Making When Dementia Hits

    in Health

    Welcome to Alzheimer's Speaks Radio where we listen to all voices on  dementia. 

    Today we are pleased to have Stephanie Erickson who will address the real tough conversation of decision making abilities with dementia.

    Website   Email   (514) 795-7377

    Our 2nd guest will be Vicki Tapia author of "Somebody Stole My Iron" who discuss her journey with dementia.

    Email Vicki  or go to her website 

    You can also contact her publisher via Email, Website  or phone at 806.673.3901. Books can be purchased as paperback or eBooks via our website and on Amazon. 

    Check out Alzheimer's Speaks Website for more resources and information - Blog, Free Webinars, Tools, Resource Directory and more.

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    Confidence to Care

    in Health

    Welcome to Alzheimer's Speaks Radio where we listen to all voices at all levels regarding Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. 

    Today we are pleased to have wiht us Author Molly Carpenter, who wrote the book "Confidence to Care."  All proceeds from the book will be donated to dementia-related charities through the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation.

    Home Instead has also launched a free companion smartphone app to provide caregivers with immediate tips and practical advice for the many challenging behaviors and situations family members may face on a daily basis while caring for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s. Caregivers can download the app at the iTunes store or on helpforalzheimersfamilies.com.

    Paul Hornback author of "God Still Remembers Me" will join us to discuss devotions for facing Alzheimer's disease with faith.  This is the first devotinoal book written specifically for Alzheimer's by someone with the disease.

    Email Paul   


    Check out Alzheimer's Speaks Website for more resoures and information - Blog, Free Webinars, Tools, Resource Directory and more.

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    Leaving Depressions Darkenss, Into The Light of Love & Life!

    in Women

    Well known for her unique perspective and insights on life and also her journey through depression, Pauline Longdon shares her stroy today. Rae was with Pauline while she was in depression and had a front seat view of what Pauline went through. This show promises to be a candid and honest look at the insiders view of depression as well as offering a perspective from the carer as well.

    The energy and connection between Pauline and Rae will make this a very memorable show and one you will want to listen to again and again.

    Come and help the girls to move depression out of the darkness and into the light of love and life.


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