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    Alyssa and Kathryn discuss Caregivers and their Families

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    Stress Reduction Strategies for Cancer Caregivers

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    eCareDiary will interview Dr. Richard Taylor, psychologist and author of "Alzheimer's from the Inside Out" about the real roots of stress among cancer caregivers and strategies to avoid them.

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    Maria Blon; Encouraging Caregivers to Find, Live and Share their Passions

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    Maria is: Fun, Creative, Inspiring, Passionate, Innovative, Honest, Sincere, Joyful, Engaging, Calming, Welcoming, Down to Earth, Playful, Interesting, Knowledgeable, & Motivational. Constantly combining all of her experience and intuition, she started creating inspirational classes to help people learn about themselves and live a life that brings them joy. She is very excited to be helping the 21 authors of the book she is putting together (Living Passionately: 21 People who Found their Purpose and How You Can Too) to publish their story's, that would otherwise not be told. These stories have the potential to inspire people around the world, since they are stories of overcoming homelessness, addiction, poverty, caregiving responsibilities, trauma, grief, cancer, opression, illness and uncertainty. Maria was the Keynote Speaker for the Spring Caregiver Conference in Kingston, NY earlier this year, an all day event created to provide family caregivers with inspiration and helpful resources.

    Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, author of numerous articles and books, speaker, life coach, and radio talk-show host for caregivers who are burned out, but his most important role is being a caregiver to his lovely wife, Charlene. His latest book that he is now working on is entitled: "The Caregiver's Caregiver, A Guide to Avoiding Burnout." It is designed to teach caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones (due to an illness or disability) how to take care of themselves FIRST. If they don't learn this, they will likely suffer burnout and become as helpless as the person they are caring for. Tune in every WEDNESDAY at NOON PST (Re-broadcasts Saturday at 3:30pm PST,) for interviews with experts in the caregiving field, as they discuss topics of great interest to caregivers, which will help them avoid burnout.

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    R4Alliance introduces the first Military Family Caregivers Program

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    Listen Dec 11, 2014 or anytime later to this program by www.r4alliance.org - an Alliance of 44 Military Support Groups.

    Listen to Military Family Caregivers:

    Jeannette Davidson-Mayer. Her Husband DeWayne following his 5th accident, returned home in Oct 2005. He was diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, spinal injuries, along with a few other medical issues. As a family, they have learned to live together again.

    Juliet C. Madsen was severely injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was medically retired from the Army in 2006 after more than seventeen years of service. Juliet makes quilts to raise awareness of, and raise money for veteran’s charities through www.strokeofluckquilting.com

    Peter Madsen is a former Marine and Army Aviator and Juliet's Husband.

    Jeannette and Juliet serve on the Board of R4Alliance. Please SHARE!!

    Details at: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/december-2014/article/listen-to-the-first-r4alliance-wounded-warriors-caregiver-program  

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    Empowering Caregivers of Those with Alzheimer's

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    Joyce & Aaron interview Tryn Rose Seley on her new book, "15 Minutes of Fame/Empowering Caregivers of Those with Alzheimer's" and discussing strategies that can give family and professional caregivers ways to connect and bring life back to those they care for.

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    Online Counseling for Caregivers

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    eCareDiary will interview Dr. Marlene Maheu, a California licensed psychologist and the Executive Director of the TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. about the challenges and benefits of online counseling for caregivers.

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    Caring for Caregivers

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    November 14, 2013: November is National Family Caregivers Month. According to the Caregiver Action Network, about 29% of the U.S. population will provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend during a given year, spending an average of 20 hours a week providing care. 
    In this episode, a home health physical therapist discusses the demanding role of a caregiver, and how, sometimes, the caregiver themself is in need of assistance.  She offers tips on how to prepare for the role, and how to maintain health and happiness while providing care.
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    To learn more about physical therapy, visit MoveForwardPT.com.

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    Teach Back: Examples of a Critical Tool for Caregivers

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    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Dr. Kesavan Kutty from the American College of Physicians about the Teach Back resource for patients and physicians.

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    Hospital Discharge Planning Tools for Family Caregivers

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    eCareDiary will speak to Carol Levine, Director at the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care Project and author of "Living in the Land of Limbo", about new hospital discharge models, information and training for caregivers to help loved ones once they return home.

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    Mindfulness Practice for Caregivers

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    In this weeks episode, Mindfulness Practice for Caregivers we are excited to be joined by Kari Snowberg, currently directing the LEAF (Life Enhancing Activities for Family  Careivers) Study at UCSF; and Marguerite Manteau-Rao, CEO and founder of the Presence Care Project. 

    What is mindfulness? It is a way to improve your mood or simply stop your thoughts, right? WRONG! These mindfulness trailblaizers, Kari & Marguerite help us dispel some of the misconceptions we've been taught about meditation - opening the doors to less stress and greater well-being for you. It is possible! 

    Tune in this Thursday, October 30th at 5 pm (PT) or 8 pm (ET) and listen to previous episodes here





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    Careers For Caregivers

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    Families are returning to work by necessity and may of them are some of the 43 million Americans who are also caring for an adult family member or friend. Along with trying to climb the corporate ladder, these people are dealing with family issues that squeeze them from both sides.

    Many Employers are recognizing this and starting to offer caregiver support groups, caregiver seminars, flexible start and end schedules, and access to other local resources that can help. 

    Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss how flexibility in the workplace can work well for everyone involved. 


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