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    Archangel Cards Guidance and Warnings&Psychic Readings with Archangel Cards

    in Spirituality

    I will see what the Archanges have to tell us as they do guide us, protect and warn us.  This gives me a deeper insight and allows me to get visions. These visions will be unknown to me until I read them LIVE on air.  I will tell you of my latest findings which I was led to see Lucifer as the Rainbow God.  I will explain but this is the reason why the White House was lit in Rainbow colors when gay marriage was approved in every State.  I was led to see the meaning.

    I will do psychic readings and questions on this episode and I use use Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle Cards for the readings this time along with the visions I get.

    For a private psychic reading by email or phone for only $25.00 contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. I am able to provide psychic readings at this low amount because I don't have to pay a site a percentage. You can also contact me for a reading and read my reviews on http://Kasamba.com/MIA-ExpertPsychic

    Love and Light,






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    Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

    in Religion

    Pros and cons of credit cards.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Business Cards vs Business Contacts

    in Fitness


    In business to reach the spotlight/center stage you need to separate yourself from the HERD!

    Tired of collecting business cards at cocktail mixers and lunch and learn, then make the decision to step out of your comfort zone.  Step out of the traditional routines to grow your professional circle even wider.

    The unconventional approach to networking.

    Start a meet-up group centered on topics related to your industry.  Line up speakers, organize, be the FACE OF THE GROUP.  Pick a topic that's new or emerging in your industry.


    Break a sweat...etc.

    Join that work committee...etc.


    Network in another Industry...etc.

    Feel stale, jump over to a related field...etc.



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    Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies cards & God's Messages

    in Spirituality

    Inspirational Wisdom from Angels and Fairies cards & God's Messages with Frances Munro

    The Frances Munro Organisation helps people to realise that there are ways to help themselves get through life, other than ‘just surviving’. We cannot offer financial help, but we try and let people understand that there are ways they can help themselves move on from where they are.

    These are tried and tested ways which work if you embrace them; each person will not necessarily need the same things as someone else.

    We have helped thousands of people to become aware of another way of looking at life, and have helped them to move on successfully, not necessarily in wealth, but in life - and that’s important above all else.

    For more information visit: http://francesmunro.com/index.html

    No matter what your resources, you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. Even if you don’t get all of the way there, life will be better for you than if you hadn’t tried at all and at least taken some of the steps.

    Life is meant to be enjoyable, make it so!

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    The Illuminati Cards

    in Current Events

    Is the The Illuminati Cards real seemd like it to me

    Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

    Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein https://youtu.be/vyuDNsTSXl8 via @YouTube

    is our end at hand i hope to open your eyes today with whats going on in the world and show you the truth about whats comeing up on to the earth

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    Prophecies, Visions, Archangel Cards and Psychic Questions Answered

    in Spirituality

    This is going to be a good episode so come join me.  I will anwer your psychic questions or comments about anything. I will give you prophecies in this episode incuding visions and I will also use Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle Cards.

    I look forward to seeing you there!!!


    Love and Light,


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    Free Psychic Readings Today with Archangel Oracle Cards

    in Spirituality

    I am giving free psychic readings today and I will use Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle cards.  I will have time to go into depth with everyone.   This is my way of giving back as itis a gift from God. 

    I will answer any type of question you have including love relationships, career, health, cheating and affairs, and also connect with deceased loved ones.

    I connect with deceased loved ones by getting messages and visions.  I might be able to tell you how they visit you and when they visit you.  It depends how they want to come through. I will not be a medium and have any spirit take over my body.  

    Before I do readings I ask for protection from God to surround me and the people I am reading for.  There is no trickery in what comes through.  It is coming from God and the Archangels.  I specifically ask for Archangel Michael to come and assist.  

    Just call in and you will get connected with me at (347) 945-7331.

    If you just want to listen to the show you can also call in and you do not have to be by your computer. 

    If you are psychic and you want to add something to a previous caller's question you may do so. This will be a fun and interactive episode.  Whatever comes to you just say it.  Many people are psychic and it's just getting the confidence to read.  I was the same way and I was pushed and motivated by other psychics who knew I could be doing the same thing. 

    For a private reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com and the fee is really a donation of only $25.00.  Please feel free to read my reviews at Kasamba.com.

    At Kasamba just type in my screen name which is mia0899cs. 

    Love and Light, 



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    Ozzy The Healer is reading them there Oracle cards again !!! Round 2.

    in Spirituality

     Come join me, your host Ozzy The Healer while I shuffle the Oracle deck and see what they have to say to you, yes you.. Straight up channeling from the other side to you, or by way of your energy that I gather and place into the cards. No sugar coating here ladies and gent, I tell it like it is. You might even be hearing a healing or two if the spirits tells me too.  So spread the word, I'm back and rolling down me path to new and exciting things, come and join me and maybe, just maybe, you'll get tapped on the shoulder from someone (or something ***chuckles***) from the other side like I do... Psst you might want to check out my website too, it has got lots of stuff on there about what I do.... 


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    Do You Feel Like the Cards are Stacked Against You? & Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel that the cards in your life are stacked against you?  Do you feel that no matter what you try it just doesn't work?  Love relationships fail.  You can't seem to find a job that pays well and you stay at ths job that feels like a dead end job.  If you are married you don't get the emotional support from your husband or your children?  You work and still come home to clean after everyone.  So, this is your life.  This is what you settled for and you feel thisis  your destination.

    You might have plans to change things but you put a time frame when that will occur.  You tell yourself that when my kids are out of high school I am leaving my husband. Do you?  It passifies the time and your mind.  You stay in a love relationship which is going nowhere. You keep calling psychics asking if this will be the year that, "He" commits.  Some say yes and some say no.  What do you think?  What do you really feel?  You are frustrated. You want this magical reading that will change your partner. Of course it isn't going to happen.

    Now, change how you think and feel that the cards are stacked in your favor. Your thoughts are powerful. Yes, you have choices and free will. You must take that first step to change everything.  I will discuss if it's a karmic lesson or something you charted. However, you just might be a slow learner.

    I will answer psychic questions and for a detailed reading by email or phone for a small price of $25.00 contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. Others have and they have bee pleased. Go to my reviews on http://www.Kasamba.com/MiIA-expertPsycic and you will know that I am for real.

    Love and Light,


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    Science of the Cards - Cards of Destiny & Love Cards

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we'll focus on the Science of the Cards - Cards of Destiny & Love Cards. I'll talk a little bit about the readings available with each. We'll also explore themes of Numerology, Personality Numbers, Life Path Numbers, Personal Year numbers, Astrology & Sun signs as well as dynamics between signs, chinese zodiac signs, and Tarot symbology. Free mini-readings to callers.

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    first 3 cards in the Fool's journey all mini readings.

    in Spirituality

    The Fool's journey - Tarot

    I will talk about the first 3 cards introduced in the Fool;s journey. 

     an analogy for the journey through life. Each Major Arcana stands for each stage of a journey

    0 - The Fool - represents beginnings- before, open. as each of us start our journey of life. The fool also represents faith about undertaking such a journey with many obstacles. 

    1-  The Magician- The High Priestess - at the start of his, the fool is is met by the Magician -1, and the High Priestess-2: a great balancing force. The magician is the positive side. He is active, masculine power of creative impulse. Also being conscious awareness. The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through concentration.The High Priestess is the negative side . She is the mysterious unconscious. She provides the fertile ground with our creative events.

    Each is necessary for balance. (The Magician & High Priestess). Some may view as our "negative"< without shadows we cannot see the light, and without a ground of potential, we cannot create it.

    Founder and creator of 'youhavethepowerwithin.com

    Next Prayer vigil group call - August 18 at 6:30p. Call will be recorded and you will get the email to listen at your convience.. ( I rescheduled the prayer vigil for August 11.)