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    KMnm/keep persevering and our goals will be met

    in Religion

    Life is blown into a body for initial life and for resuscitation.  The body of Christ is saying that the Christ was slain/crucified.  The body of Christ was not slain or crucified per the Auran, hint, hint - the revealed word of The One G-D!  So how does the life retrurn to the body if the head and the body is dead?  Per the Quran Almighty GD revealed his word and the word was given life again in the people hearing and obeying the word.  Christ was noted as a word,  Adam, prayers and peace be upon him and Prophet Jesus, was sent a word to guide him or moreso mankind along the way back to the way of Life..................................................................!

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    Life's Issues Radio with Lloyd Rosen

    in Psychology

    Life's Issues Radio with Host Lloyd Rosen with his guest Thomas Strawser & Krista Gorman:

    Thomas Strawser is an international engineer with a master’s degree in psychology. Divorce, alcoholism, and numerous losses in his life led him to seek practical solutions to his despair. Combining his spirituality and knowledge of psychology with his engineering know-how, Thomas discovered profound happiness and peace of mind through the process he calls Spiritual Engineering. This process carried him through the loss of eight siblings, his mother, a nineteen-year daughter, and his wife to cancer. It provided practical tools that kept him free of worry and fear when a rare condition destroyed his corneas and specialists thought he would never recover his vision. Thomas has published articles in Grief magazine, New Leaf magazine, The Spiritual Fellowship Journal, and Guidepost. 

    Krista Gorman - I am a Physician Assistant practicing in Emergency Medicine. Fourteen years ago and only three weeks after graduating from my PA training program I suffered cardiopulmonary arrest during labor with my daughter. For eight minutes I was without a detectable heart beat and experienced the afterlife during that time. I returned to share my experience, but was too fearful to do so and for many years was very unhappy and discontent. It wasn't until the serious illness of my husband forced me to start breaking down the walls I'd built around me and begin to share the love I knew I was and that we all are. I wrote my book "I Died And Learned How To Live" where I share my experience and Twelve Principles For Daily Living that I arrived at as a result of what I experienced in the afterlife. They were and are the key to my happiness. I am here to share what saved my life with others who are suffering and don't know where to turn.

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    ACI Resuscitation - The Basics of CPR with Danni Gomes

    in Health

    Welcome to this week’s episode of  FindaTopDoc Radio featuring our guest speaker, Danni Gomes. She is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport, Fones School of Dental Hygiene, and has been practicing Dental Hygiene for the past 18 years.  In addition, Ms. Gomes has been teaching students at the New York University College of Dentistry's Dental Hygiene Department and at Eastern International College for the Dental Hygiene Department. She is constantly contributing to the field of Dental Hygiene as a health care provider for her patients and as a mentor to her students.

    While Ms. Gomes’ established a reputable name for herself in the field of Dental Hygiene, she embarked on another mission which has experienced great success. In 2012, she became the founder of ACI Resuscitation, an organization developed to empower individuals to act quickly in life threatening emergencies. ACI Resuscitation provides CPR, First-Aid, and AED training to individuals that are seeking those certifications. 



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    Yvonne Sklar & Tina Klonaris-Robinson, Is Heaven for Real?

    in Self Help

    Have you ever wondered if Heaven is real? Yvonne Sklar knows the answer to that question because she’s been there! In 2009 when Yvonne died, before she was resuscitated, she had the most beautiful experience of heaven. Yvonne will share her remarkable journey and encounter with God, Jesus, angels and every animal and plant imaginable. She will share the gifts she received and how it has changed her life. She will also share how she is using her story to inspire and bring hope to people all over the world. 

    Yvonne Sklar is a world-renowned inspirational speaker on natural health care & spiritual enlightenment. On June 30 2009, Yvonne contracted double pneumonia from one of her dying patients and months later succumbed to organ failure and clinically died. During her resuscitation Yvonne was put into a medically induced coma for six weeks. Yvonne flat lined on three occasions at which point, she experienced the joy and bliss of Heaven. Today, Yvonne shares her story with thousands. She has been featured on numerous TV and radio programs and has travelled across America sharing her story in an effort to bring hope and comfort to those in need. She was recently featured on the TBN and CBN Networks in March 2014.

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    Heavenly Encounters: Are Near-Death Experiences Real?

    in Spirituality

    Do you believe that Near-Death Experiences are real? Is it actually possible to be clinically dead, leave your body and travel to heaven? What kind of impact do these life-changing journeys have on someone that returns from the dead?  

    Our guest today is Linda A. Jacquin.  Her knowledge and understanding of this mystical phenomena are the result of two near-death experiences and one shared near-death experience. Her first spiritual experience between drowning and resuscitation at 4 years old would permanently influence the rest of her life.

    Linda Jacquin has served on the board of 'The International Association for Near-Death Studies' (IANDS), 3 years as Vice President and the Editor of Vital Signs (IANDS quarterly newsletter). She is also the founder for the annual retreat for Near-Death Experiencers where they share their journey and learn how to integrate it into their life.

    Linda also gives talks on Near-Death Experiences across North America, appearing on both radio and TV. She was featured on the DVD documentary, ‘Cheating Death -- Beyond and Back,’ a trailer to the movie ‘Final Destination II.’   Linda was also the consultant on the Capstone Children’s Book, Near-Death Experiences and is currently writing her own book.

    Heavenly Encounters is where we talk with everyday people who have had extraordinary experiences and gifted souls that see beyond the veil.

    Together, we’ll diminish our fear of death, explore our soul’s evolution and soften the crippling grief that accompanies loss.

    We will discover a new world, a fresh reality, just a whisper away.

    So take a deep breath…relax… and join hosts Mary Elizabeth and Janis Yakopovic on a Journey to the Other Side.  Visit our blog at www.heavenlyencountersblog.com

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    Finding Serenity: Book Discussion - Never Run at Your Giant w/ Your Mouth Shut

    in Women

    Chapters 4 & 5. Words/Inspired Utterance."As we speak the Word of God, it opens heaven and the Holy Spirit falls on us to bring the power of God in this world....The Holy Spirit gives us God-breathed words that we can speak again and again to help us win. DO YOU NEED SCRIPTURAL MOUTH TO MOUTH RESUSCITATION FROM GOD? Join Pastor Traci and guests as they share an open dialog from the book "Never Run At Your Giant with Your Mouth Shut" by Mark Hankins.



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    FES Tidbits: December 08 - Jerrid Edgington Paramedic & Author

    in Health

    Join me this Sunday at 3pm Mountain Time for another FES Tidbits..... And another special guest.  This time Jerrid Edgington Author of the "Racing the Reaper" series will be jolning the show.

    Be sure and check out the first book in the Racing the Reaper series - "Racing the Reaper" (recently re-released).  You'll want to stay in the Know for the re-release of book 2 "Racing the Reaper: Resuscitation" as well as the release of book 3 in the Racing the Reaper series

    The chat room will be opened approximately 15 minutes before showtime and, as always, show notes (with a link to the archived show) will be available (usually by the next day) at http://www.festidbits.wordpress.com

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    Kingdom Word Study: The Miracle of Lazarus

    in Spirituality

    On Thursday, November 7th, 2013 (4 Kislev 5774) at 5 PM EST (4 PM CST), your Brother in YAH, ObhadYAH Renaldo Wade, will be talking, teaching, and testifying about the powerful account and resuscitation of Lazarus by the Power of YAH and what does it means to the Kingdom Citizens of YAHUAH. Please join us as we celebrate the Goodness of YAHUAH in Praise, Worship, Prayer, and with the Sound Doctrine of our Personal Savior, YAHuSha Ha'Mashiach. May YAH continue to bless and keep you. Omein. HalleluYAH! Shalum ahlekehim (Peace be unto you)!! 

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    Trumpet Blast Broadcast

    in Christianity

    We will be Broadcasting live from the 4th Annual 2013 WordWomen Powerhouse Revival Conference at the Renaissance Resort in the World Golf Village, Saint Augustine, Florida. Tune in to hear excerpts, anointed worship and praise---also the flow of the prophetic for this hour. This live  broadcast is the Resuscitation & Restoration Healing Service that is open to all and free of charge. Bring the sick and bring the lost...bring anyone who needs a divine touch. Many restorations and healings; body, mind, emotional and spiritual, have ocurred at these meetings. This event will be the most powerful one yet. Come expecting your close encounter of the Divine Kind! Your life will not be the same as you came...He guarantees it! Visit the event Website: http://wordwomengoinghigher.com/ or call the Event hotline for more info: 904.347.5657

    Current TBN Commercial running: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYB3sx4w-Rc#t=35

    It's your Time to Shine!

    See you there!

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    30 Days in the Hole, or, "Saving lives one rape at a time"

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, on a contemptuous edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we throw ourselves on the mercy of the court as we cover the fallout from the ass slap heard 'round the world. While former NFL star Chad Johnson nee, Ochocinco cools his heels in a Florida jail for being an idiot, more and more people are stepping up to defend stupidity, while taking an opportunity to remind a woman that at the end of the day, she's still just a woman.Later, from the "selfless acts" file, Utah police in say a man charged with raping his unconscious neighbor claimed he slipped his schmeckel inside her in order to "save her life." It looks like to this rapist in a samaritan's clothing CPR means "Cardio Resuscitation."All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network.With just over two weeks left to go, make sure you stop by the Kickstarter project page after the show and bring your hearts and wallets. Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2090186978/join-the-never-daunted-radio-network-in-taking-ove

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    Episode 544: Firemedically Speaking

    in Education

    Nicole Kupchik, an internationally known Clinical Nurse Specialist from Seattle will join Firemedically Speaking host Mike McEvoy to discuss therapeutic hypothermia.  Nicole was instrumental in development and research on therapeutic hypothermia for cardiac arrest survivors at Harborview Medical Center and is considered an expert on resuscitation outcomes and sepsis.  She currently works at Swedish Medical Center and as a consultant and educator.