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    The Trials God allows...

    in Spirituality

    In Elder Dennis Smith’s book, 40 Days Prayer and Devotions to Revive Your Experience With God, it says, "The trials God allows us to go through are essential to the development of Christ's character in us."

    The Bible agrees…

    "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. ~ 1 Peter 4:12-14 KJV

    Listen to this broadcast as we find that our trials can be our greatest blessings!

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    Dealing with Trials - Encouragement for Troubled Times

    in Religion

    The Christian life is not meant to be easy. Our desires, motivations, and actions as Christians will often contradict our nature as human beings. In many respects our earthly lives prepare us for eternity. The process of this preparation includes trials and testing. Christians can have confidence during these difficult periods that we are under God's soveriegn care. God has promised to use these trials to build us and make us strong. Today's study explores how we can be encouraged during these times.

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    Conquering Your Fears When Going Through Trials and Tribulations

    in Women

    Trials and Tribulations happen to all of us. There is no escaping it. The pressure can sometimes be unbearable when they happen. How we respond to what happens to us is more important than the event itself.

    Join Rayanne Lane, Financial Advisor, Tracy Stevens, CEO of Stray Ink, LLC, Karen McFadden, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for La Naturalle Products and your host Ida Crawford, CEO of Daily Life For Me, as we round-table how we conquer fears when going through trials and tribulations. You will definitely take something away that you can use.


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    FISH TRIALS ON American Variety Network Episode 1: Festivum Cichlids!

    in Pets

    Welcome to FISH TRIALS, an online fish keeping podcast here on Blogtalkradio that will focus and emphatize on fish that we have kept or will experience keeping hence the name FISH TRAILS!!! Fish Trails is hosted by the Crazy Italian American AC who just happens to be a fish keeper and loves fish and the crazy and euphoric Khewl Khat Willy T who may be old but he sure loves his fish! The Crazy Italian American AC and Khewl Khat Willy T promise to get along and educate you on tropical fish!!! We will discuss anything and everything aquarium fish related and have fun in doing so!

    Our very first topic will be on the popular south american cichlid known as the festivum cichlid! Festivum cichlids are known by many fish keepers around the world!

    Topics for the show:

    - Caring for the festivum

    -Feeding the Festivum

    -Tankmates for the festivum

    -Sexing and Breeding the festivum

    AND MORE!!!!

    Have questions? Or want to discuss your experiences with keeping festivums? Please call in at 1 347-989-8142!


  • The Trials, Tribulations and Music of Lynette Shaw

    in News

    In 1991 Lynette began distributing marijuana to patients with Dennis Peron at his legendary Compassion Club in San Francisco. After the passage of Prop. 215, she began working with the Chief of Police of Fairfax, eventually opening in 1997 the first legal licensed medical marijuana dispensary anywhere in the world.

    With the town’s blessings, she operated her medical marijuana dispensary with no problems until she was targeted by the Department of Justice. Fighting asset forfeiture all the way to the Supreme Court, she was eventually forced to close the club and had all her assets seized including her social security benefits.

    Even though the town of Fairfax wants her to reopen, she is still prevented by court order from opening a new dispensary. She is now going back to Federal Court attempting to have the injunction dissolved.

    Before getting involved with medical marijuana, Lynette had dropped out of college and went to Hollywood hoping to be discovered for her singing talents. For three months she was a backup singer with the Blues Brothers and was slated to sign a contract with them when John Belushi died of a heroin overdose.

    As Lynette had provided marijuana to the band, she was suspected of being an accessory in his death and became the focal point of a murder investigation that was eventually dropped.

    Lynette had a “blues epiphany” in 2006 and went back to her musical roots in blues and rock and roll eventually releasing a CD in 2003 with her new group the Bluesetta Band. Entitled 4 Pot Peace, the album contains 10 original songs, every one of them about marijuana.

    On the show, we will be talking with Lynette about her work in the early days of the movement and the trials and tribulations that led up to her current court battles. Plus we will be chatting about her musical career, the Blue Brothers moments and play some cuts from her 2003 CD 4 Pot Peace.

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    Trust God when trials come

    in Religion

    Preaching Gods word from the King James Bible scriptures


    The message is based on Job 13:15 Trusting God even when it could mean standing on the promises of salvation while being mocked for ouir beliefs. The bible is our guide. It is written the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. We are children of the Lord because we believe Jesus died for our sins, past presant and future. That means we are never pure and will sin. Because of that we have a savior that loves us enough to accept us as we are. We are believers whether the worldly people want to make accusations against us or if the world wants to kill us for our beliefs. Once we accept the Lord as our savior we are forgiven. That being said nothing can take us away from the Lord no sin in our past or future. WE ARE SAVED forever.


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    Victory AFTER the Test: The Story of Job

    in Christianity

    Job was a righteous man of status. He served the Lord and was careful to observe all of the Lord's commands. The Lord considered him as blameless. Despite Job's integrity, he had to endure many trials that made him doubt God's justice. His friends even accused Job of doing something wrong to deserve what they thought were punishments from God. Despite all that he had gone through, Job never turned his back on God. He was Victorious in the end. God gave him double for his trouble. Job past the test and received a winner's reward. Are you going through a Job's moment? Let's talk about it and see what the Lord has to say through the reading of His Word.

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    God is going to give you solutions in your trials

    in Religion

    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, TX continues ministering from Psalm 18. It is one thing to be annointed to do something, but you have to go through a process to get there.  David lived this. In Psalm 75:4-7 it says,
    “I said to the boastful, ‘Do not deal boastfully, ’And to the wicked, ‘Do not lift up the horn. Do not lift up your horn on high; Do not speak with a stiff neck.’ For exaltation comes neither from the east Nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the Judge ..." When we are believers, God is a God of justice and payback.

    Promotion comes from the north. Promotion comes from the trial we walk through. God is going to give you solutions in your trials. Endure temptation and there will come a time when you will be approved. Hold on to the promise of God.


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    Road to Champs Radio: Trials Week; Salazar Silent and More!!

    in Entertainment


    Silent Salazar

    Bolt an Blake down for Trials

    JA n USA Senior Championships 

    CALL 626-657-2104 or Twitter @roadtochamps

    Its the Road to Champs, the only show that covers all Track and Field Championships. From the state, to the national to international, high school to NCAA, Olympics, Euro Champs, National Champs, World Champs and so much more...With in-depth breakdown with the Data Guy, Sean Garrity's GURU intelligence, insider reports and strategies. Its the only Track and Field show committed to your Championship watch 365 days of the year!! Athlete analysis, head-to-head matchups, relay pools, field events break down, world leads featuring Interviews with coaches, industry professionals, administrators and athletes.

    This is not your typical Track and Field show...its The Road To Champs!

    The mic and phones are always open, so call in with your comments and questions to 626-657-2104 or twitter @roadtochamps

  • Church without Walls 6: Physician Heal Yourself

    in Christianity

    Just as Jesus endured the cross, His followers too will endure hardships, trials and sufferings.  But if God is a good God, why do even His beloved ones suffer in this life?  What is the purpose of our sorrows?  How do we (and why MUST we) find strength to endure?

    Today we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with the hard questions.  Today we confront the issue of suffering: its purpose in the life of the believer and the great trial of our faith it imposes.