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    Cardiac Athletes™: Beating Heart Disease Around the World

    in Health

    Cardiac athletes are all around us. There are athletes who develop heart problems or who discover, after they have been athletes for a while, that there heart has some imperfections that may require surgery and there are people who were born with heart defects who have a great desire to become an athlete and to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. Lars Andrews, a cardiac physiologist, has created a website and an organization to eradicate heart disease. His organization serves thousands of athletes around the world. Cardiac Athletes is the world's largest online community for sporting heart patients, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of help, support, advice and fulfilling our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. Listen to today's show to learn more about Lars, why he created this program, how athletes can help themselves, even if they have had open-heart surgery and learn about the book that Lars has put together, "Cardiac Athletes: Real Superheroes Beating Heart Disease (Volume 1)." Lars even shares about how he acquired the stories for his book and how other cardiac athletes can get be part of Volume 2.

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    The Cardiac Corner With Kevin Stork

    in Hockey

    Join the Cardiac Corner and hosts Lee Clark and Andrew Sutton today at 5:00pm est. Today we will have a good friend on the show Kevin Stork. Kevin is joining us today to discuss the two trades that the Sabres pulled off yesterday as well as his favorite team the Maple Leafs. We will discuss who should the Maple Leafs should trade and who should be their next head coach and what he must do to fix the team. We will also discuss tonights game between the Ducks and the Hurricanes. As always feel free to join us in the chat room which opens up 10-15 mins before the show starts. If you would like to call into the show you can at (914) 338-1439 we would love to hear from you.

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    The Cardiac Corner Second Half Preview

    in Hockey

    Join The Cardiac Corner and hosts Lee Clark and Andrew Sutton today at 2:00pm est. Today we will be discussing why the All Star game was a failure and why the MVP voting was rigged.We will also update the fans on the playoff race and go over tonight's games. We will discuss the Marty Broduer retiring from the game as well as give fans an update on the health of Blackhawks ledgend Stan Mikita. As always feel free to join in on the show with us by calling (914)338-1439 or join us in the chatroom which opens up 10-15 mins before the show airs.

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    The Cardiac Corner All Star Show

    in Hockey

    Join The Cardiac Corner and Hosts Lee Clark and Andrew Sutton today at 3:30pm est. Today on the show we will be discussing the All Star Game this weekend as well as bringing you some news around the NHL. We will also discuss if fans really enjoy the All Star game and its format as well as the All Star Skills Competition. We will aslo discuss who got snubbed for the game as well as the rash of "injuries" that have seemed to pop up over the last few days. As always feel free to join us in the chatroom which will open up 10-15 minutes before the show starts. If you would like to call in with any questions or opinions feel free to do so. We would love to hear from you!! The call in number for today's show is (914)338-1439

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    Heart Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation

    in Health

    February 11, 2015: February is American Heart Month. Each year in the U.S., 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease, making it the leading cause of death for American men and women. 

    Also, approximately 720,000 Americans will have a heart attack each year – an alarming number that sadly isn’t surprising when one considers that almost half of Americans have at least one of the three key risk factors for heart disease: smoking, high blood pressure, or high LDL cholesterol.

    In this episode a physical therapist outlines the signs of a heart attack, the risk behaviors for heart disease, and the healthy behaviors necessary to avoid heart disease. She also explains the cardiac rehabilitation process that awaits patients who are treated for a heart attack.

    To learn more about physical therapy, visit MoveForwardPT.com.

    Subscribe to Move Forward Radio podcasts on iTunes.

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    William Cane: Modern Makeover

    in Relationships

    Attorney William Cane and Manhattan Makeovers have helped more than 3,000 clients look good onstage, on film, on television, and in courtrooms, boardrooms, and country clubs around the world. Mr. Cane (the pen name of Michael Christian) has directed more than a hundred stage, film, and television productions, including The Art of Kissing and the Off-Off-Broadway musical Meet the Real Ernest Shackleton.

    His time-tested approach involves working one-on-one with professionals to help them project an effective image for television, stage, courtroom, or personal interactions with clients and colleagues.

    Best-selling book

    In The Art of Kissing, William Cane reveals that there is more to kissing than simply locking lips. Through a hundred thousand interviews he has discovered the truth about what men and women do, think, and feel when they kiss. Their input and his expert knowledge can help you to master the secrets of great kissing. 

    With specific techniques for more than thirty types of kisses, this updated and revised edition features:

    * Overcoming first kiss shyness
    * Secrets to increasing your 'kissability'
    * Complete instructions on French Kissing
    * Electric kisses, neck kisses, ear kisses and much more

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    Cardiac Exam

    in Religion

    In tonight's broadcast, Pastor Will performs a full exam on the heart in this message titled "Cardiac Exam".

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    A WARRIOR'S HEART: Conquering Cardiac Disease and Living Abundantly Well

    in Marketing

    A WARRIOR’S HEART: Conquering Cardiac Disease and Living Abundantly Well

    As a cardiologist, I routinely witness people’s lives, and their families, destroyed by the devastating effects of heart disease. Although our technology allows us to better handle cardiac disease, it offers nothing in regards to prevention or reversal of chronic disease. At Integrative Cardiology, we have stepped up to help all of our practice members learn how to take charge of their health and become independent in their health needs. Join Howard Schwartz, MD a Board certified Cardiovascular Disease specialist, who served as a course reviewer for the Institute for Functional Medicine in vascular biology and mind-body medicine and is a member of the Hospital Staff at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, as he explains the emerging discipline of Integrative Cardiology, and shares his “Heart Wellness and Lifestyle Program” as well as the principles of Cardiovascular, Nutritional, Functional, and Mind-Body Medicine.

    Meet Dr. Schwartz in person at the March 29, 2015 NYC NAVEL expo www.navelexpo.com