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    GalacticU Radio Network welcomes Randy Cramer aka Capt. Kaye

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    On this weeks special broadcast of "A Galactic Perspecitve with Sierra Neblina" I will be interviewing Capt. Kaye aka Randy Cramer.  

    Captain Randy Cramer is an officer who has been given authority to address the public on behalf of the command staff of United States Marine Corps, special section. Which was created by President Eisenhower in 1953, as a covert military intelligence branch, with specific authority over Extra Terrestrial, multi-dimensional, non-human, and off world beings, consortiums and collectives, either sanctioned or unsanctioned, within actionable reach of any and all global territory. He is the product of soldier augmentation project Moon Shadow, a training program for children which he began at age 4, and later spent a 20 year tour off world, over 17 of which was serving with the Mars Defense Force. He finished his service aboard the Nautilus as a pilot under project Radiant Guardian (aka Solar Warden, aka Star Sheriff, aka Knight Watchman). In August of 2013, his superior officers requested he consider going public with their blessing, and he began to share his personal experience with the world in April of 2014. This is a special opportunity for you as the listener to call in and ask Randy questions, which is unique in any of his other interviews that he has done in the past.  Whether you have listened to any interview that Randy has done or if you are new to his experiences, this will surely be an extrodinary broadcast, one not to miss. 

    To call in today to interact with us you can dial 646-478-3085 and press 1 to ask us questions.

    To find out more about Randy go to: www.earthcitizenconsulting.org

    For more info on Sierra: www.GalacticU.com

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    Barefoot Radio With The Warrior Queen - Top News Stories - Why I Should Be Capt

    in Religion

    On this episode of Barefoot Radio with the Warrior Queen, Tish Bowling will discuss the top news stories, and why she still hates Tom Brady and why she should be Captian America! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook

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    Ask Sue Show - Co Hosts Howard Epstein & Capt Yocum

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    Ask Sue Show is looking forward to having
    Co Hosts Howard Epstein & Capt Yocum from NJ SPCA.
    We are going to be discussing the after affects of Hurricane Sandy and how people are still struggling.
    We want to raise the awareness and bring forward the charities that are raising funds for them
    Please call in if you were affected on
    347 327 9694
    Have you stories to share then email
    Thank you for your continued support and
    please invite your friends

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    Episode 985: Mikey G & Mikey D

    in Training

    Join Capt. Mike Dugan (FDNY) and Capt. Mike Gagliano (Seattle Fire) on Wednesday March 4 at 4:30 PM (Pacific) as they share their knowledge and answer your questions.

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    UTLRadio.com: Understanding Business - Special Guest Capt. Michael Abrashoff

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    Download Capt. Abrashoff's book It's Your Ship  FREE from Audible! Go to www.audibletrial.com/utlradio.com

    UTLRadio welcomes you to this episode of Understanding Business, a weekly radio program focused around business and personal development topics.  The program is hosted by nationally recognized business attorney Peter Lamont and is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont and Associates.  

    On this episode Host and Business Attorney Peter J. Lamont discusses leadership with Capt. Michael Abrashoff, former commander of the U.S. Benfold.  Capt. Michael Abrashoff is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and was a military assistant to the former secretary of defense, the Honorable Dr. William J. Perry. Abrashoff left the Navy in 2001 and became the founder and CEO of Grassroots Leadership, Inc., in Boston. You can visit his website at www.grassrootsleadership.com. 

    As always, we welcome input and feedback from you the listener and we encourage you to join in the conversation by calling the live program at (347) 855-8831 or by contacting us via our social media sites. Links to our various sites are listed on our main website, UTLRadio.com



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    A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

    in Entertainment

    On Friday the entertainment industry lost one of it's most favorite stars. Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. Join me for this tribute to a Sci Fi Icon. "Of all the souls I've known..his was the most... human." Capt. Kirk before sending Mr. Spocks casket to Genisis. Star Trek II The Wrath of Kahn.

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    a Tuesday Night "check in" with Capt. Jeff Coats - Pitboss Waterfowl

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    a Tuesday Night "check in" with Capt. Jeff Coats - Pitboss Waterfowl ...  with once again a Nor Eastern headed up the Atlantic Coast and Jeff traveling alittle, just a quick Tuesday evening "whats up"!

    Pitboss Waterfowl:     http://www.pitbosswaterfowl.com

    Pitboss Fishiung:    http://www.facebook.com/pitbossfishing

    YouTube:     http://www.youtube.com/user/pitbosswaterfowl

    FaceBook:     http://www.facebook.com/pitbosswaterfowl

    Vimeo:     http://vimeo.com/pitbosswaterfowl

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    Leonard Nimoy Beams Up One Last Time, Next Grindhouse-Saturday @6pm

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    Greetings to our stalwart fanbase!  Well, one of the bricks from the foundation of the house that nerd built has been removed-actor, Leonard Nimoy passes at 83.  For obvious and appropriate reasons we will discuss Mr. Nimoy's career and his placement in the pantheon of American (if not, international) popular culture.  Join Dburt, Capt. Kirk and Daryll B. for a new episode of The Grindhouse Mashup, courtesy of Afronerd Radio airing this Saturday at 6pm.  Additional topics to be disassembled and then reassembled in our metaphysical transporter room are: speculations on what big announcement Robert Downey Jr and Marvel are slated to make in the next few days; our thoughts about the internet NSFW version of the Power Rangers short; after Gotham's grisly episode involving Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney character, can the character continue in the series and is there a possible transition to the print world?; hat tip to Shadow and Act for highlighting an upcoming African themed animated movie entitled, Bilal starring Lost's Mr. Echo (or the more fearsome Adebisi of Oz) himself, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje; as great and as crucial the movie, Selma may be, Dburt ponders other historical events that are ready for a cinematic "closeup"; more hair politics after the Zendaya-Rancic televised fallout; Monique vs Lee Daniels vs Hollywood and lastly, more on entertainment entrepreneur, Byron Allen's lawsuit against Time Warner cable (incl. Rev Al "black pawn" allegations).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.  And in the immortal words of Spock-"once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

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    Dominique Martin Jr.- Team DX, Waterfowl Hunting & Photography - Videography

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    Dominique Martin Jr.- Team DX, Waterfowl Hunting & Photography - Videography  

    Vercheres Quebec Canada's own talking about Team Destination X DVD Series, Hunts and Fliming along with his current projects at: 



    Pitboss Waterfowl:     http://www.pitbosswaterfowl.com

    YouTube:     http://www.youtube.com/user/pitbosswaterfowl

    FaceBook:     http://www.facebook.com/pitbosswaterfowl

    Vimeo:     http://vimeo.com/pitbosswaterfowl


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    Afronerd Radio Welcomes Mantamaji Creator, Eric Dean Seaton, Saturday @6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Don't forget to mark your calendars and set your clocks for the latest Grindhouse installment of Afronerd Radio, airing this Saturday starting at 6pm EST.  For the first segment, commonly known as The Comic Shoppe, your hosts Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt would like to welcome noted TV director and comic creator, Eric Dean Seaton to broadcast. Mr. Seaton will discuss his exciting sword and scorcery graphic novel series, Legend of the Mantamaji.  Your Podcast Avengers will also address the following pulp cultural issues: Jason Mamoa gives the cyberverse a glimpse of what his Aquaman character will look like for the upcoming Bats vs Supes film; our impressions of the latest in episodic geek TV (i.e. The Flash, Gotham, Agent Carter, Constantine, Arrow, etc); veteran actor and Apollo Creed himself, Carl Weathers might be appearing (his authorized likeness, of course) in Mortal Kombat X; Mark Waid's Strange Fruit comic promises to mix early 20th century racial politics and sci-fi for a 4-part series and lastly, a Newsarama piece posits that the WB might be considering a Latina in the role as Green Lantern for the upcoming JL film.  

    And now for the second half, check out the latest musings of Dburt and Capt. Kirk for Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm.  The topics under the microscope are: former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani questions President Obama's patriotism; TheGrio.com highlights an op-ed that exposes racism in some young alleged liberal circles; a new book by a Harvard sociology professor essentially confirms Geraldo Rivera's "hip hop culture is the problem" thesis; is it possible that a woman who videotapes herself opening toys on Youtube makes 13m a year?  And lastly, an Oscar voter opines about the Black snub phenomenon?  Call live at 646-915-9620.    

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    Eddie on SNL; Obama vs Isil & Geraldo on Hip Hop, Next Afronerd Radio-Wed @7:30

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    Welcome to the latest broadcast of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review show featuring Capt. Kirk and Dburt airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.  The current event issues to be extrapolated this (mid) week are: our impressions of the highly anticipated (and ultimately uneventful) return of comedian Eddie Murphy to SNL's 40th anniversay special; during a recent visit to HuffPost Live, FOX correspondent, Geraldo Rivera weighs in on Hip Hop's negative influence on Black and Brown folk; we try our best to bring our best assessment of President Obama's proposal to go to war against ISIS/ISIL.  Can one truly go to war against an idea?; Just how realistic is a human expedition going to Mars reaching fruition within our lifetime?; Awkward Black Girl creator, Issa Rae posits that TV's capitulation to diversity is purely a profit driven exercise; twitter followers show their disdain for an anti-Obama scene in the second episode of FOX's Empire; and lasltly, Dburt laments the passive-aggressive circumstances behind the current cultural climate relating to ageism.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.     

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