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    Mastering Your Zodiac: Capricorn

    in Spirituality

    Spending hours devoted to your career may satisfy you, but you must learn to relax as well. Time-intensive activities -- furniture building, sculpture, long-distance running -- calm you.

    December 22 - January 19
    Your element: Earth
    Your ruling planets: Saturn
    Symbol: The Goat
    Your stone: Garnet

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    Trish Jackson and Capricorn Cravings

    in Books

    Have you read your horoscope lately? Before you do, you might want to read author, Trish Jackson's novel, Capricorn Cravings, a suspense romance novel that will have you watching out for falling stars.

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    ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW - SATURN into Sagittarius NEW MOON in Capricorn

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    1985-1988 seems like a kabillion years ago. If you were around then you can look at the tests to legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, religious, and political themes that went on and how these pushed you to grow up, take on more responsibility, get ambitious, set limits, end things, commit long term, and structure your life. We are at the door again as Saturn moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd and we embark on the version that fits with this time in our life. We also get a NEW MOON in Capricorn that opens up a powerful 2 week initiatory window with goals, career, parents, the boss, judge, or other authority type. Finally, Uranus ends his Retrograde and goes Direct shaking the tree of change and pushing us into the last major important cycle of freedom and reinvention on a personal level. Tune in as Zoe walks you through these powerful shifts for your sign!

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    Sun and Mercury in Trine to Jupiter and Venus New in Capricorn! Tune in!

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    The inspirational wonder of the planetary changes always excites and illuminates me regarding shifts in conception and reception! There is much FIRE and AIR moving in! GET FIRED UP! With Venus now in Capricorn - LOVE your tradition

    This Sunday night, Jacqueline and I will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE specific question for us to focus on so that we may peer into the Heavens and give you valuable insight as you move forward.

    We have so much fun on this show!

    Need more time? Need us sooner? Give us a call!

    Jacqueline   772.286.2720

    Aphrodette   540.400.0110

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    Navigating The Astrological Matrix: Venus In Capricorn

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to one of the most popular astrological shows on the internet.   Every Wednesday, we tour around the stars, looking at certain aspects and current transits. Occasionally, I have other astrologers on with me. Always, I do free mini-readings for anyone who calls in.   Its a starry synthesis of pop culture, hidden history, personal narrative and cosmic conspiracy.   Today, we'll peep in on the transit of Venus into Capricorn and what that means for you.

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    Mars Now in Capricorn and Venus Combust the Sun In Scorpio! Tune in!

    in Spirituality

    This Sunday night, Jacqueline and I will be discussing some of the exciting planetary changes inthe Heavens! Venus is combust the Sun in Scorpio and Mars has entered Capricorn! Tune in!

    We will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, year, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE unique question ready for us so that we may be able to help you navigate your path!

    We are happy to serve you! We have so much fun on this show!

    Need more time? need us sooner? Give us a call!

    Jacqueline   772.286.2720

    Aphrodette   540.400.0110

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    Festival of Capricorn 2014 Full Moon Meditation (LONDON)

    in Spirituality

    Join us for the Festival of Capricorn 2014 Full Moon Meditation meeting broadcast from London, UK.

    From the talk to be presented:

    "The hardest task for the disciple then is to turn his back on his own spiritual ambition.  To do so leaves him bereft of any attachment to form – including that most prized possession the highly integrated personality.  He long since gave up the serpent of desire for material things, and now he is faced with the decision to give up that which he has for so long considered supremely spiritual.  He is left thus with one thing only – service.  He discovers, much to his surprise, that long-elusive middle way between the pairs of opposites, thereby resolving the cause of that raging inner battle which has dominated his life for so long.  Now he is free to serve because he desires nothing other than to be of use to humanity; he is free because he desires nothing for the separated self – not even the heights of spiritual attainment."

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    The ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY SHOW ~The Retrograde Ends and Mars enters Capricorn

    in Self Help

    It's been a profound trip back through Scorpio themes of sex, divorce, finances, triangles, death, birth, and power, into the Libra themes of partners, clients, specialists, competitors, representatives, balance, and equality. Mercury Retrograde has asked that we rethink our stance, review situations and people from the past to see if there was something there and to make choices so we could move forward. This week the Retrograde ends and Mercury goes Direct on the 25th. It's our cue to begin moving ahead again with key people. Mars has been touring Sagittarius stirring up passion, anger and action involving travel, education, legal, media, wedding, religious, and political themes but that ends this week as well. On the 26th Mars moves into Capricorn and takes that fire into goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, authority figures, and career needs. We can expect to see real action, anger and passion stirred here over the weeks ahead. Tune in to hear how Zoe shares what your sign can expect from this and more!

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    Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn

    in Spirituality

    Do you understand your zodiac sign? What's the best/worst thing about your zodiac sign? What's your zodiac love match? Let the stars and my amusing opinion explain it all for you. I'll break the zodiac signs down in a very fun and current way. Please, tune in and enjoy the show. Todays Topic: Sagittarius and Capricorn

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    Soul's Eye View - Super Full Capricorn Moon & 411 Too!

    in Spirituality

    Warmest Greetings Live from Detroit, Thank You All for Joining Us Tonight/Day! I'm Eeenaa, I do Numerology Birthday Personal Year Readings with the Great Assistence of Magic Manny and Our Angels, Goddesses, Ascendend Masters, Light Beings of Love.

    Astrology Weekend  Capricorn Full Super-Moon - www.KelleyRosano.com, Sun Signs by Me. 

    My Site www.SoulsEyeView,org

    Happy Birthday Cancers, Wonderful Weekend All!

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    Living Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn and Human Design

    in Spirituality

    Today on Living Astrology we'll be talking about Saturday's full moon in Cancer/Capricorn.  This full moon is also a Super Moon adding more power and punch to the culminating/completion energy.  We'll also be continuing our discussion of Human Design and doing readings as well.

    If you would like to have a reading during today's show, please email me at janethickox@hotmail.com with your birth time, birth date, birth place.  Please send me the information before 3:00 pm Pacific to give me time to get your chart ready.

    Here's the number to call in 1-347-205-9869.

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