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    Muslim Unity and Community Organizing: formula for Food Sovereignty and...

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    ...Secure Neighborhoods. Bro. Carlton Muhammad and guests discuss how organizing purchasing practices, particularly in regards to food, is an absolute requirement for independence and safe and secure neighborhoods. Today's guest are Muslims from Al-Islam and the NOI in Charlotte, North Carolina, that are successfully operating a community farmer's market.

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    Black Farmers Meet Blackout (Boycott) Movement/Connects with Black People

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    Welcome to the Nat'l Ministry of Agriculture! Your Host Dr. Ridgely Muhammad and Sister Anne Muhammad will have as their guests Black Farmers from Mississippi who will meet organizers of th Blackout (Boycott) movement to discuss how the NOIMOA Farm Marketing Coordinators can help Black people find Black farmers to purchase food from as they stop buying groceries at white owned stores.

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    "Staple Goods Shipments Across the Nation Soon!"

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    Your host is Dr. Ridgley Muhammad, of the Ministry of Agriculture Show. His program is "The Farm"  Tonight is our monthly round-up of events during the past 23 days-on and off Muhammad Farms. Dr. Ridgley educates his listeners and they appreciate his candor!

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    Vern Switzer, A Real Farmer And Children's Book Author

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    The love for children inspired Vern Switzer in the continuation of writing children;s books based on his experienes of being a farmer of today, and the knowledge of their food source. "Puffy The Watermelon" "Hardheads Make Soft Bottoms" and "Lucy The Cantaloupe" are just a few of his collection! Be sure to join  Sherman Muhammad and his guest this Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, at 8:00pm. http://www.vernswitzer.com  Your child(ren) may really enjoy listening to the show and asking their questions. So gather around the computer and listen, than make that call and press 1, to speak with the host.
    Let's talk about ways to help children out of their bubble by greeting them properly,  don't play with a child every second, let them develop as an individual, most importantly teach them morals...
    -intisar majidah muhammad is BTR show program engineer- we want you to leave your comments on facebook, about a topic that you want to hear about, related to agriculture? Get involved 8 -) !!!

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    Zappos renews old City Hall, ShoeZeum, BP recalls fuel

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     Japanese journalist killed in Syria..Iraq Helping Iran Skirt Sanctions: Officials..ShoeZeum plans late August debut..Commissioner's Bulls Loose in North Las Vegas, Woman Hurt..Las Vegas' former city hall to look greener, cleaner and livelier under Zappos..Nevada, Las Vegas unemployment numbers up for July..Salinas supplier recalls lettuce over E. coli fears..BP recalling regular unleaded fuel in Northwest Indiana..Macy's becomes sponsor of Oakland holiday parade

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    What's REALLY in the food you eat?

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    Linda B. James, "The Lady With The Moves" (www.TheLadyWithTheMoves.com) interviews Kat Wright, health, wellness and nutrition expert.   We all want to eat well and serve healthy meals to our families, but that’s not easy to do. From the constant stream of ads for convenience foods to the confusing language on ingredients lists, it’s challenging to figure out which foods to buy. This shows uncovers  the hazards lurking in the food we eat. 
    In the words of health, wellness and nutrition expert Kat Wright, “Food manufactures don’t care what happens to your health—their job is to sell food products. If you have a health problem as a result, that’s your problem, not theirs.”   She will reveal: 7 toxic food ingredients found in many mass-produced foods. Which lunch meats are full of potent cancer causing chemicals called nitrosamines. How to avoid food-born illnesses like the recent listeria outbreak from cantaloupe. Soft drink and beverage companies are peddling drinks full of formaldehyde and formic acid. Why the FDA looks the other way when it comes to dangerous ingredients found in America’s food supply. Kat Wright is a respected wellness educator, speaker, author, nutritionist and naturopathic doctor with over 30 years experience in helping people live longer, healthier lives.  Wright is the author of YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS and YOUR HEALTH TURNED ON. She is also producer and host of YOUR HEALTH IN THE KITCHEN cooking DVD, the CEO of an anti-aging skin care company and founder of the Avenues to Wellness Culinary Institute.

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    Interviewing our Beauty of the Week Lala, & talking NEWS!

    in Current Events

    Interviewing our latest Beauty of the Week Lala Dickinson and talking current events.

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    Come Let Us Reason Together

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    Tonight is Tuesday and that means we're discussing, food.  As you are probably aware, there has been another horrible situation with food, this time, listeria tainted cantaloupe.  What is going on with our food supply?  Have we become enough advanced in our knowledge that we simply have labels for food born pathogens?  Or is there more tainted food in our food chain?  Not only are we facing frightening headlines, but we are also looking at increasing prices.  I have a sort of built in reference system.  When we moved 6 years ago, we were buying all of our groceries at the store.  The year of our move, I found myself at both ends of the state in each given week throughout the summer months, so I didn't plant a garden in 2005, and I got a real taste of the cost of living, that entire year.  When there is no garden in the summer, there is nothing preserved for the winter.  Now, I clearly remember, I could get everything we needed for a week for less than $100.00 without scrimping.  Now, fast forward to 2011, six years later.  I buy very little produce, seldom do we buy fruits or vegetables, unless it's simply something that doesn't grow around here.  I am amazed at how little in my cart, still requires breaking a $100 bill.  
     Also, we might take note that in much of our so called data and stats, the cost of food isn't even included in the figures determining the level of inflation.  One sixth of our population is on food stamps.  How many more will soon have no choice?
    There has to be another answer. 
    Join me tonight as we attempt to Reason Together 

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    Franchise Rewind with Edible Arrangements

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    The Edible Arrangements franchise concept was first launched in East Haven, CT in 1999. The company began franchising in 2001 in Massachusetts with additional stores quickly following in Connecticut, Georgia and New Jersey. Today there are over 800 locations operating or coming soon throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK and the UAE. Edible Arrangements stores specialize in designing fresh fruit bouquets overflowing with juicy strawberries, pineapple, grapes, oranges, and cantaloupe

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    Waging War Against Killer Cravings!(Part Two)

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    Killer Cravings are from foods full of artificial tastes that are contrived to stimulate 9,000 taste buds into sending pleasure signals to the brain.  Like an addict demanding drugs, the body craves sugar, salt and fat. Foods like strawberries and bananas don't cause cravings. You never hear little voices in the back of your head saying, “eat, and eat cantaloupe”, because natural foods balance the body and physical cravings are caused by biochemical imbalance. Salt, saturated fat, refined starch and refined sugars cause cravings because they imbalance the body's chemistry and cause dependency on unnatural substances. In a desperate attempt to maintain homeostasis or chemical balance, the body demands the very thing that caused imbalance. Consumption of massive amounts of sugar, salt, caffeine or fried foods drastically affects homeostatic balance. Natural hunger becomes distorted as the body craves for the substances necessary for balance & powerful cravings override the body’s natural needs. The brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connectors for memory alone. Each brain cell is dependent on homeostatic balance to function properly. High doses of sugar, salt, fat and caffeine can cause imbalances in the brain’s normal chemistry. Natural foods assist homeostasis, supplying vitamins, minerals, soft fibers, cell salts and enzymes to assist the body in maintaining balance. In a balanced state, hunger is in relation to the body’s need for nutrition. Eat processed, fried & sugar-filled foods, and you crave salty and fatty foods that promise satisfaction but deliver artificial pleasure that never satisfies. We are using junk food to adjust our feelings through stimulating neurotransmitters that were designed by God to form healthy, natural dependencies on vegetables, fruits, nuts & grains.

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