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    Ten Things God Cannot Do

    in Christianity

    The Bible tells us that God can do anything. However,there are some things that God cannot/will not do. Also, we will be talking about what you can expect from future episodes on Christians Unite Radio. 

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    The Person Who Cannot Say No!

    in Motivation

    What is it about the word NO that we cannot speak? So many of us have done things that we really did not want to do and we did not listen to ourselves and went ahead to do something that now we have to undo and redo just because we did not listen to our souls the first time. Can we learn to say Yes when we need to and No when we do not? Will it make relationships better if we did? How are relationships different when we can say No and Yes? Join in on the conversation at 3:30 PM PST ! 

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    Natasha Josefowitz. author of Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without

    in Lifestyle

    Returning today to the show is the Natasha Josefowitz, inspirational in her humor and drive, with some humorous perspective on driving yourself and being driven ...at age 88!

    PhD Natasha Josefowitz is adamantly un-retired at age 88.  She works full time and tirelessly outruns her employees.  While her present subject focus is helping others deal with grief and loss and she is conferring with hospitals on issues of technology and aging.  In her spare time, she is writing yet another book.

    But Natasha’s recently experienced her own fear, frustration and fortitude with the required re-taking of the written driver’s exam at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

    After over 60 years as a licensed driver, addressing the specifics of proximity to a cyclist or a fire hydrant can seem both irrelevant and perhaps daunting. 

    The woman who wrote the handbook for women entering the workplace had to  face the rulebook for entering the roadways.  For Natasha, every day is a challenge, and an opportunity, and a stimulus for humor and reinvention!

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    If You Are Saved, You Cannot Sin | K7962

    in Spirituality

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K141021.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Free Download - Antidoteforall.com

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed if you have been saved, you cannot sin.
    Roy mentioned the antidoteforall.com

    Gail is thankful for Roy's help over the years.
    Dale was able to plug the FHU on a TV show.

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    in The Bible

    Pastor Martin Richling from The Scriptures Alone Bible School will be doing a LIVE Radio Broadcast today as he cannot wait until Monday !

    Do join us for Hymns and other spiritual talk centered upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The GOOD FOLKS at BTR tell me that most of the 'bugs' have been worked out in the NEW PRO STUDIO and we shall see !

    I might even be calling out to some of the saints in the church...so be ready.  But maybe not...hehehe


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    Letting Go of Someone you cannot have

    in Motivation

    Often times we find it hard to let go of someone we cannot have.

    But what we have to understand is that just because we may be in love

    with somebody that does not mean that they are in love with us.

    You cannot make anyone want you just because you want them.

    You  cannot make somebody be interested in you just because you are interested

    in them.

    You cannot make somebody have feelings for you just because you have feelings for them.

    If it is not meant to be it's not meant to be and that is something that people fail to realize.

    Everything you want in a relationship is not what the other person may want in a relationship

    What you are looking for may not be what they are looking for.

    Letting Go of Someone you cannot have is the tile of this Insight for Life

    and there is an added subtitle

    The Truth about Life. Love, and Relationships

    In this I will also be sharing with you my experience and the realization of what I have come to as well as the information on my book that I have authored

    just recently under this same title.

    So for Insights for Life in this Lesson

    Insights For Life Lesson Title:

    Letting Go of Someone you cannot have

    Insights for Life Lesson Subtitle:

    The Truth about Life, Love and Relationships

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    The Love that We Cannot do Without!

    in Relationships

    Tune in turn on to happiness at www.blogtalkradio.com, "A Happiness Index."  Today, we will be focusing on the love that we cannot do without.  God is love and we are the children of God, therefore we are love.  Love is the root of who we are as human beings.  If we only remember, recall, pay close attention and devote our mind and heart to love all our needs will be met. This is because God is love. We would understand that love is the connection for community building and would help us create the kind of dialogue that would bring us together to face our historical wounding, forgive and help us connect in the present.  Ferguson tragedy is a gift for the Country.  It is shining a light on the work that we need to do as a Nation.  We must remember that Love is the most powerful healing force in the world. 




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    You cannot beat God giving

    in Spirituality

    Be a cheerful giver

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    MYTH WARRIORS! - “We cannot create what we can't imagine.”

    in Business

    In the MYTH WARRIORS™ series we are targeting ideas to begin to assess whether they are credible or not (i.e., they are a myth, fallacy or even a lie). The target for this episode is, “We cannot create what we can’t imagine.”

    Imagine: “Form a mental image or concept of:”  (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/imagine) Create: “Bring (something) into existence:” (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/create?q=create)

    Are we able to bring something into existence that we are unable to form a mental image or concept of? No. 

    One of the challenges in my mentoring and coaching practice has been working with clients who put up the wall, “I don’t know how to do that!” Once a client states that they have not done something and do not want to do something it is virtually impossible to move them forward toward meeting and surpassing their purported goal. A client states, “My #1 goal is get a full time job with great benefits.” I am excited for them! Then they state, “I am exhausted with the games and lies in job interviews. It is all a big game and I am sick of of it. I refuse to complete one more job application. I refuse to submit another resume.” Okay.

    If a person is not going to form a mental image of themselves as a successful job applicant and they refuse to engage in any action to bring their goal into existence, will it happen? It could. Someone could bring them a “perfect” job! It is possible. It is not probable. The client does not imagine themselves as a “successful” job applicant (only a “failure” who wastes time on interviews, applications, cover letters, etc.). 

    This is not a myth. So, you need to start imagining yourself surpassing your goals! 

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    Episode 1878 - God's Word cannot return void - Sam Mazreku

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1878 - God's Word cannot return void - Sam Mazreku
    Recorded LIVE 10-9-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Pastor Sam Mazreku of the Norwood Christian Fellowship
    Website is: www.ncf.me.uk
    Email is: godheardme@googlemail.com

    Meetings held at:
    The Destiny Christian Church
    1A Cargreen Road
    South Norwood
    SE25 5AD

    Shannon Ray Davis is The Omega Man
    The Official Website of Omega Man Radio is: omegamanradio.com
    Facebook: omegamanradio
    Email omegamanradio@yahoo.com

    Casting out devils, Exorcism, Exorcist, Deliverance from demons in Jesus Christ Name is what omega man radio is all about.

    Tune in live Mon-Fri Nightly at 7pm Eastern at: mixlr.com/omegamanradio

    Dial 1-917-889-2745 if you need an exorcism or deliverance from demons - in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.


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    You Cannot Change Yourself | K7865

    in Self Help

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K140725.html

    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy discussed God does not need our help.

    Karen says, "I understand that I cannot change myself".
    Cherie says, "I feel a tension in my muscles".

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