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    Cannibal Campout

    in Movies

    We will have Jon McBride Director and Star of the cult classic Cannibal Campout!

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    Big Blue Views - Basketball News, Football Talk & the UL Scandal (ep 38)

    in Sports

    Big Blue Madness Campout is over, tickets distributed & player interviews have been done. Tons of basketball news on tap tonight.

    EKU game was a squeaker, but still a win.  Plenty of football discussion as Auburn lies ahead as the Cats' next opponent.

    And you can't turn the channel without hearing about UL's latest sex scandal and this one is a doozy.

    Callers - give us your thoughts on any/all of these issues!  646-716-4741

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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 36: News & Reviews - 10/1/15

    in Film

    Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio w/ Todd Loya and Daniel Schein returns live Thursday October 1st at 9:00 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific as we kick off Halloween Freaktacular month. On this episode we review The Italian zombie meets rape revenge genre blending flick Morituris: Legions Of The Dead. Also we cover the long anticipated splatter comedy Call Girl Of Cthulu, and Eli Roth's (also long anticipated) cannibal homage Green Inferno. All that plus reviews for Exeter, Scream Factory's The Editor, and a belated discussion on the life and career of horror icon Wes Craven. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks, and we will also be giving details about our Vinegar Syndrome Blu Ray giveaway. Als be sure to download us on itunes and now Stitcher as well.

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    Cinco de Cannibal

    in Comedy



    1. Shaking Soda: The Secret Scientists Have Stashed for Centuries

    2. Antartica: Colonizing the Last Frontier

    3. FBI, CIA, NSA, USPS: The Four Horsemen

    4. Top 5 Ways to Actually Skin a Cat

    5. Birdwatching-- Leave those Birds Alone!


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    Talking Terror Presents Episode 100 - Legend of Lecter Part 1

    in Movies

    We return live Thursday night with the celebration of our 100th episode! We'll be talking a little bit about the last 100 episodes and what to expect for the next 100! It's not all self indulgence however! We'll be starting our look back at America's favorite killer cannibal; Hannibal Lecter! We will be discussing Red Dragon and Silence of the lambs! So grab the Chianti and fava beans. We'll bring the liver!

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    Rap It Up LIVE With Pastor A.F. Riggins

    in Current Events

    Tonight on Rap It Up LIVE Pastor A.F. Riggins is joined by The Real Deal Ronnie Addison to talk about The Texas Take Over aka The Real Deal 7th Annual Campout & Trailride which will take place September 25th and 26th!

    This year we are taking the Real Deal 7th Annual Campout & Trailride aka "The Texas Takeover" to Barrett's Box E Pavillion!  The weekend will include a battle of the hottest Kountry Rap stars, special guest appearences from Keith Frank, Leon Chavis and the Zydeco Flames, and music will be provided by Trailride's Hottest DJs!  Scholarships will be given away and an unforgettable time will be had by everyone who joins us! 

    Visit Ronnie Addison's Facebook Page for the details!

    421 HWY 90 South Barrett Station, Tx 77532

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    The Freak Show with Horror Writer Tim Miller - September 6, 2015

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on The Freak Show, your host with the most Holly Mullins welcomes VERY special guest Tim Miller! Be sure to join us in the interactive chat room on our website to share your thoughts and questions at http://www.incubiincarnate.com/fslistenlive

    Tim Miller has dedicated his life to writing stories that will both scare readers and make them cringe.

    Over the years, Tim's writings have evolved into darker realms. He released his first horror novel, "The Hand of God" in 2011. Since then his books have become progressively more violent and gory. With the release of "Family Night" in 2013, Tim had moved into the world of extreme horror where he continues to push the boundaries of human suffering.

    Tim is now an international best seller as well. His book, "Hell, Texas" has recently ranked high on Amazon sales charts since its release in Germany under German publisher, Festa-Verlag.

    He continues to climb the sales charts with his April Almighty series, as well as his recent hits, "Hacked" and "Lady Cannibal."

    Tim is very active on social media and loves interacting with his readers. You can find him at his website at http://timmiller.org/

    Don't forget to get your tickets for the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out on www.MWP2015.com

  • Kermit and The Cannibals Season Premiere

    in Comedy

    From the creators of the critically acclaimed "Oxford Cannibal," comes a brand new talk show that disects everything from "Bring Your Cousin to Work Day" to "Did Donald Trump Really Surgically Remove His Belly Button?" 


    Join your host, Kermit, and the rest of the cannibals at 9pm CT tonight as they discuss topics that are sure to keep your attention and never, ever let it go.


    Topics for Tonight Include:


    1) Bums- Let's Change the Culture 

    2) Is the Government Watching You? (Yes, he is)

    3) Is Steamboat Willie truly a Nazi propoganda film?

    4) Advancing Our Education System- Kermit's Changes for Our Children

    5) Faking Blindness- What Should the Penalty Be If Caught? 

    6) Guest Segment: Restaurant Expert Billy



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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 32: News & Reviews - 7/23/15

    in Film

    Tune into Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio W/ Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday 7/23 at 9:30 pm eastern. On this fright filled episode we will be covering the the great new American tradition of SYFY channel's Shark Week with the premiere of Sharknado 3:Oh Hell No. Can David Hasselhoff, Anne Coulter, and sub loving pedo save the day? Also Shark Week continues with Danny Trejo and wrestling legend RVD in 3 Headed Shark Attack. Will they deliver a five star frog splash to the fiendish aquatic terror stalking our shore? In more serious reviews we will also break down the paranormal cannibal flick Ghoul, It Follows, and The Town That Dreaded Sundown reboot. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks and be sure to download us on itunes.

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    Everyone Loves a Bad Guy: Hannibal

    in Entertainment

    In honor of the return of NBC's Hannibal Everyone Loves a Bad Guy revists everyone's favorite cannibal.


    Robert's first examination of Dr. Lecter can be found here:


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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 26: News & Reviews - 5/28/15

    in Film

    Tune into Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio w/Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday 5/28 at 9:30 pm eastern. On this episode we cover Human Centipede 3:Final Sequence, the final entry in the extreme ass to mouth franchise. Also we tackle the supernatural UK horror flick Let Us Prey, and the ensemble thriller The Loft. We will also have reviews for the new Grindhouse Releasing Blu Ray of Cannibal Ferox, and the action adventure favorite River Of Death w/Michael Dudikoff and Donald Plesance. All that plus Horror Hot Topics and TV Terror Talk. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks and be sure to download all the Horror Society shows on iTunes.