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    Robert Porter, Canine Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Supervisor

    in Pets

    Robert Porter is the physical rehabilitation treatment supervisor at MedVet Mandeville and has been on staff since 2006.

    Robby has worked in canine rehabilitation since 1998 and is looked at by his peers as one of the pioneers in his field. He has a strong knowledge base in kinesiology and a great interest in positive training approaches to therapeutic exercises. His MedVet patients from the gulf coast region not only benefit from his exercises but also love to perform them for him.

    Robby has studied gait analysis using slow motion cameras which has helped develop many exercises used all over the world today. His many self-produced “How To” canine exercise videos help spread this knowledge and have helped others develop their skills as therapists.

    Robby Porter is also one of MedVet’s Media Managers, writing as well as creating visual content for our social media.

    Just like humans, pets may need rehabilitation after an accident or medical procedure, or to help manage a chronic condition.

    MedVet Rehabilitation practitioners provide effective and personalized physical rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to maximize the opportunity for full recovery. MedVet Rehabilitation Practitioners have completed advanced training in veterinary physical rehabilitation.

    Many pets respond well to rehabilitation, including those with orthopedic, neurologic and medical conditions. We also use rehabilitation to help pets live a more complete and active life by providing geriatric support, obesity management and athletic conditioning.

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    Who is Canine Nanny 911

    in Pets

    Meet Miss Mickey Saathoff the owner of Canine Nanny 911 and your Host. Not just another talk show host. Find out what you can look forward to as a weekly listener.

  • 02:01

    Sinista with Worldwide Canine Crusade

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to our pilot show, the first in many to come.  
    Hear our stories of success, our struggles and our future plans. 
    Together with Sinista and Worldwide Canine Crusade, we can change the laws, opinions and dog's lives!  
    Join us for facts, information, and alot of amusing chat.

    The Worldwide Canine Crusade accepts no responsibility for the content of this show which is likely to contain language of an adult nature.
    Likewise, the Worldwide Canine Crusade does not endorse or necesarily agree with any opinions, views or comments made by the host or any guests/callers to this show.

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    Canine Conversations - Canine Pet First Aid

    in Pets

    Tune in to hear April Begosh to learn about canine health and pet first aid. April will take your questions and give some valable advice for all dog lovers. 
    You can check out April's website at http://healthypetnh.com

  • 00:16

    CareFree Canine

    in Pets

    Join us as we talk about the Challenges of Saving the Lives of Rescues

  • 02:04

    Pet Radio-Canine Commandos

    in Pets

    Feature this week is Canine Commandos, a program that teaches children how to train dogs in shelters to make the dogs more suitable for adoption. We also talk to Dr. Harvey and the folks at GateGard.

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    Worldwide Canine Crusade with Special Guest Anja Keating

    in Pets

    Join us this Wednesday at 10pm GMT (5pm EST) for another eposide of WCC Radio.
    This week we are delighted to have a very special guest - Anja Keating who is an avid crusader for the rights of Pit Bulls and other dogs.  Anja was born in the UK but now lives in Canada with her husband who too has become an avid advocate for Pit Bulls thanks to Anja.
    Join us to hear Anja´s story of how she got into rescuing dogs and listen to some of the incredible stories she has to tell.
    We are proud to welcome Anja to the show and are very much looking forward to another episode of Worldwide Canine Crusade WCC Radio.... please do join us... It´s going to be Splendid!

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    Summer Puppy Love: Canine Care on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

    in Business

    Hot Dogs, baseball, family vacays in the minivan packed to the hilt all synonyous with summer... but what you don't want is a too Hot Dawg left in your car... or leaving your furry canine family member in just anybody's care.  

    Joining Tamara Leigh's TREND ON with Heidi Feemster to share Puppy TLC is Diana Whealon, owner of Complete Canine Care Center of Shawano, WI. Diana Whealon has over 30 years in the Dawg Business from breeding and boarding to the dog show circuits and training classes for owners and puppies. Whether Doggy Day Care, longer term boarding, or tips on making sure that if Rover does come along for the ride, he's not subject to heat stroke or dehydration in summer's heat -- Diana & her Canine Care expertise has it covered.  She also provides useful info on Puppy Training 101 with quick tips on "new baby/puppy" in the house, best ages for teaching and breaking bad habits and knowing your breeds before you buy.

    Follow us on twitter: @tamaraleighllc  @heidifeemster @linkedlocalnet and tamaraleighllc.com and linkedlocalnetwork.com

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    Worldwide Canine Crusade Official Show & Updates

    in Entertainment

    Join Steve, Clare & Jetz for the usual fun, frolicks and thingymajigs! 
    Updates, news and information as well as the odd guest or two.  Thank you for all your support and love!
    If you want to help dogs, change laws that are killing innocent pets around the world then join us - the Worldwide Canine Crusade. www.worldwidecaninecrusade.com

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    AKC’s Canine Good Citizen

    in Training

    This show will cover information about the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Title

  • 01:59

    Worldwide Canine Crusade with Special Guest Peter Singh

    in Entertainment

    Join Clare, Steve and of course Jetz for another official Worldwide Canine Crusade official radio show.
    This week we will be joined by top UK & European dog psychologist Peter Sign - www.thedogyouneed.com - who will be sharing his views on BSL as well as taking your calls on any dog behaviour or training issues.
    Peter has worked as a dog psychologist for a number of years and specialises in the psychology of the dog rather than just "training" dogs.  He regularly deals with derious issues such as aggression, dominance and many more.
    As well as being a supporter of the WCC and one of our experts who has joined our panel of experts, Peter works in the UK & Wider Europe assisting owners with all types of doggy behaviour problems and works with some of the most needs dogs - rehabilitating them and helping them to become rehomable.
    Peter is a fantastic guy, our very own "dog whisperer" and not only can he talk the talk but he can definately walk the walk having worked with Steve and his dogs in the past.
    So, please join us this Wedesday at 10pm UK time (5pm EST) for the latest news on WCC, your calls, the usual fun and frolicks and of course an absolutely outstanding guest.
    As always you can call us from the UK on a local number or from the USA on a local number, so there is no reason not to call in.  Any doggy problems? Give us a call for your chance to speak to Peter.
    If you can´t make the show but want to listen to the archive later and have a question you would like us to ask Peter on your behalf please email Steve with full details to steve@worldwidecaninecrusade.com
    See you there!

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