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    Who is Canine Nanny 911

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    Meet Miss Mickey Saathoff the owner of Canine Nanny 911 and your Host. Not just another talk show host. Find out what you can look forward to as a weekly listener.

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    Canine Commandos Training Dogs to Give Them a Second Chance | Virginia Hamilton

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    Canine Commandos is a unique community/service learning experience. Their dream is for the Commandos to be in every school, in every shelter, in every community.

    Many dogs are overlooked for adoption in shelters due to lack of training.  The public bypasses dogs that are jumping and barking; untrained.  The Canine Commandos (300 students, 18 schools) rotate on a daily basis to provide consistent training to help these dogs get a second chance at a new home.  

    Virginia Hamilton is a teacher and lives in a community where two shelters are high kill due to untrained behaviors.  To improve the adoption rates, the students created Canine Commandos to teach basic obedience and help these dogs get a second chance.  This program teaches the students to care about the animals, their community, and their self-confidence which leads to caring about their academics to make successful gains.  Canine Commandos, now in its 13th year, provides a unique opportunity from at-risk students to gifted training in three shelters.  The students turn community service into service-learning by choosing projects to reflect upon their experiences in their academic subjects where they showcase and celebrate at an Expo at the end of each school year.

    Questions Judy will ask:

    1. Why was the project started?

    2. How do the animals and students benefit?

    3. What are the costs?

    4. Can you provide the number of animlas trained and the success rate?

    5. Has the program been acknowleged?

    6. If the public wanted to help (donate funds), how would they do this?

    Learn more. www.CanineCommandos.com

    Contact Virginia Hamilton


    321.723.2811 x3020

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    Pet Training with Cathie Harvey, owner of Pawsitive Canine

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    Join your host Peggy Hoyt and her special guest Cathie Harvey, a certified professional dog trainer and owner of Pawsitive Canine as they discuss pet training techniques. Cathie will teach us a few secrets to keep in mind when training your pet. Tune in on  Monday, September 21st at 3:00p.m. to learn more about Pawsitive Canine and Cathie Harvey. #PetTraining

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    Mushing Radio: Canine Massage

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    Join host Robert Forto as he presents Mushing Radio

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    Canine Influenza and more! Brilliant holistic vet Dr. Donna Kelleher.

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    There has been a lot of "news" about Canine Influenza recently...that it has reached Washington State...the dangers...what to do...etc. What is the deal? How much of this is hype?

    The seriously brilliant Dr. Donna Kelleher joins Julie Forbes today to talk about Canine Influenza, how to strengthen your dog's immune system, holistically, and so much more!

    What about the relationship between nutrition and immune function? How about the impact of stress and emotion on health? Can anxious behavior be related to health issues? And why can chemical flea medications be dangerous?

    Julie and Dr. Donna will cover all of this ground and more on today's jam-packed show. Also learn about Dr. Donna's online membership for information and ongoing support for your pet's health and wellness.

    Find Dr. Donna Kelleher online at: www.wholepetvet.com



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    Sinista with Worldwide Canine Crusade

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to our pilot show, the first in many to come.  
    Hear our stories of success, our struggles and our future plans. 
    Together with Sinista and Worldwide Canine Crusade, we can change the laws, opinions and dog's lives!  
    Join us for facts, information, and alot of amusing chat.

    The Worldwide Canine Crusade accepts no responsibility for the content of this show which is likely to contain language of an adult nature.
    Likewise, the Worldwide Canine Crusade does not endorse or necesarily agree with any opinions, views or comments made by the host or any guests/callers to this show.

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    Canine Conversations - Canine Pet First Aid

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    Tune in to hear April Begosh to learn about canine health and pet first aid. April will take your questions and give some valable advice for all dog lovers. 
    You can check out April's website at http://healthypetnh.com

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    Robert Porter, Canine Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Supervisor

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    Robert Porter is the physical rehabilitation treatment supervisor at MedVet Mandeville and has been on staff since 2006.

    Robby has worked in canine rehabilitation since 1998 and is looked at by his peers as one of the pioneers in his field. He has a strong knowledge base in kinesiology and a great interest in positive training approaches to therapeutic exercises. His MedVet patients from the gulf coast region not only benefit from his exercises but also love to perform them for him.

    Robby has studied gait analysis using slow motion cameras which has helped develop many exercises used all over the world today. His many self-produced “How To” canine exercise videos help spread this knowledge and have helped others develop their skills as therapists.

    Robby Porter is also one of MedVet’s Media Managers, writing as well as creating visual content for our social media.

    Just like humans, pets may need rehabilitation after an accident or medical procedure, or to help manage a chronic condition.

    MedVet Rehabilitation practitioners provide effective and personalized physical rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to maximize the opportunity for full recovery. MedVet Rehabilitation Practitioners have completed advanced training in veterinary physical rehabilitation.

    Many pets respond well to rehabilitation, including those with orthopedic, neurologic and medical conditions. We also use rehabilitation to help pets live a more complete and active life by providing geriatric support, obesity management and athletic conditioning.

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    "Canine Nutrigenomics" with Dr. Jean Dodds.

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    Learn about "Canine Nutrigenomics" with it's co-author Dr. Jean Dodds. We'll explain what a "genome" and "epigenome" are and how our epigenome communicates with our genes and tells them how to behave.

    The epigenome influences the destiny of cells in many ways, and is highly sensitive to environmental factors like what kind of food we put into our bodies. What this means is: what we eat impacts the expression of our genes- even to the point that it determines whether cells will be healthy or diseased!

    We'll talk all about this topic in today's interview with Dr. Jean Dodds on The Dog Show with Julie Forbes. www.dogradioshow.com

    Find Dr. Dodds online at www.hemopet.org

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    CareFree Canine

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    Join us as we talk about the Challenges of Saving the Lives of Rescues

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    Dangerous Canine Influenza Strain Plaguing Dogs In Midwest & Possibly Spreading

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    Dr. Roger reports on a recent dangerous canine influenza outbreak plaguing the US Midwest and is rapidly spreading.  Find out what you need to do to protect your dog from canine influenza by knowing risk factors, recognition of disease, prevention/immunization, and treatment options should your dog get sick with flu.   

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