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    a song titled "Channel Zero" to be lyrically changed.[citation needed] Canibus spoke about a very unknown conspiracy on the song. He spoke about a mission to be executed by the government named The Lucifer Project, a project that was said to be the mission to explode and terminate planet Jupiter.[citation needed] Canibus also includes lyrics in the song (that can be found on YouTube) about alien conspiracies and a conspiracy-classified group called the Illuminati.[citation needed] The song was changed and re-titled "The Grand Deception" and still includes many conspiracies about nearly the same topics.[citation needed]

    Because Wyclef produced the grand majority of the tracks, Williams blamed him for the general dissatisfaction with Can-I-Bus and cut ties with him, going as far as to diss Wyclef, most notably on the title track of his second album ("You mad at the last album? I apologize for it / Yo, I can't call it, Wyclef spoiled it!"). Said album, 2000 B.C., was also released to mixed feelings and reviews – the latter once more focusing on the lack of topical variety and uninspired production – also suffering from very little promotion by Universal Records.

    2000 B.C. featured the first collaboration between Canibus and Kurupt, Ras Kass and Killah Priest, a rap supergroup collectively known as The HRSMN (referring to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), on the track "Horsementality". Though following 2000 B.C.'s release it had been announced that the group would be releasing an album, these plans never materialized, with only an EP of outtakes from 2001 entitled The Horsemen Project released by Killah Priest's management in 2003. Since 2000, however, the members of the group have worked together on various songs and rumors of a full-length HRSMN album are rampant to this day and include speculation about collaborations with Pharoahe Monch, Common and Rakim, among others.

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    canibus show part 2

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    live from the canibus show at Harlow's in Sacramento Ca..
    Im with Stona dre,Anthrax E,Vegas,Ak the less fortunate and Goblin-Zulu Nation

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    canibus show part 1

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    live from the canibus show at Harlow's in Sacramento Ca..
    Im with Stona dre,Anthrax E,Vegas,Ak the less fortunate and Goblin-Zulu Nation

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE GRID 10 TEAM AND THE GUILLOTINE TEAM. We're gonna start 2015 out the right way! For this topic here, We're gonna address the shift of the possible cultural landscape that we made be witnessing going into 2015. Between the focus being on Racial tension, success of J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, D-Angelo and Christian rapper Lecrae, Azalia Banks getting more mention based off her tweets going at Iggy and professing pro blackness There seems to be a shift amongst the horizon.IS CONSCIOUSNESS coming back into society and within the culture? Is it a wrap for "Trap and microwave rappers?

    We're also gonna address YG and DJ Mustard's beef, LL Cool J and Canibus squashing their beef, Bobby Smurda getting caught up and what we want to see happen in 2015 so lets get it!

    We also got new tracks from Dough Dadon, Killer Mike, Nipsey Hussle, A Unreleased gem from Mac and a Unreleased track Rakim did which was produced by Dr Dre which never got released amongst others so lets bring this year in with a bang!


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    Keith Murray and Canibus - The UnderGods

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    Keith Murray - One Of hip-hop's most beautifullest vocabulist. With many hit albums, Keith Murray continues to deliver pure rhyme ingenuity. Armed with an extensive and eccentric vocabulary, sandpapery vocal chords and an edgy attitude, Murray exploded on the hip-hop scene with his Gold-certified debut disc The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World. Catapulted by the LP's dual smashes--the lead single title cut and its follow-up "Get Lifted"--Keith rapidly established himself as one of hip-hop's most distinctive voices under the sure-handed tutelage and guidance of fellow Def Squad lyrical sharpshooter, Redman, and producer extraordinaire, Erick Sermon. Keith assuredly brings his battle-ready word-warrior ways to new echelons of creativity, wielding both his trademark complex and straightforward rhymes that exhibit originality, humor and maturity.
    Canibus-2007 Canibus released the album "For Whom The Beat Tolls", which included the historical single "Poet Laureate Infinity". Although the song was a 53 Minute track with Canibus rhyming an unbelievable 1,000 Bars over a switched up beat, only 2 short versions appeared on the album due to time restraints. The album was one of Canibus' best and the reason the single is so historic. It's also a 1,000 bar song and is because the mixers on Canibus-Central.com remixed the song a mind blowing 1,450 times - a world record for a remixed song. In 2008 Bis released an internet EP entitled "C Of Traquality". The song Caption Cold Crush being featured on popular websites like hiphopdx.com and hiphopgame.com. In 2009 Canibus has alot of music being released such as the Canibus and Keith Murray collab album called "The UnderGods", the Canibus, Born Sun and K-Solo collab album "The SharpShooters" and his 10,000 bar (Yes, 10,000 bars) project called "RTJ:Infinity".
    Visit www.soundrecordsmusic.com

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    Canibus-Melatonin Magik

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    Melatonin Magik is the ninth studio album by rapper Canibus. It's his first album since his 2007 effort For Whom the Beat Tolls, and his debut on the new label War Lab Records. The album features artists such as DZK, Warbux, Blaq Poet, K-Solo, and a few more others. On the track "Air Strike (Pop Killer)", both Canibus and DZK diss Eminem and D12, and the track samples an interview from 2002 that Eminem had with Tim Westwood[4]. The track also contained sampled D12 verses, which was the reason why they were credited as featured guests on the track.
    [edit] Tracklist

    1. "Melatonin Magik Intro" [Produced by Rob Fatal & The Architect]
    2. "Melatonin Magik" [Produced by Blastah Beatz]
    3. "Kriminal Kindness" [Produced by Blastah Beatz]
    4. "Hip-Hop Black Ops" [Produced by X]
    5. "The Danger of Judah" [Produced by Sicknature]
    6. "Post Traumatic Warlab Stress" (ft. DZK & Warbux) [Produced by Sicknature]
    7. "Air Strike (Pop Killer)" (ft. D-12 & DZK) [Produced by Engineer]
    8. "Fraternity of the Impoverished" [Produced by Sicknature]
    9. "Dead By Design" [Produced by Engineer]
    10. "Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M." [Produced by Engineer]
    11. "Ripperland" (ft. The Goddess Psalm One) [Produced by The Legendary Charlie G]
    12. "Stomp On Ya Brain" (ft. Journalist) [Produced by X]
    13. "Beat Butcher Get Em'" (ft. Jaecyn Bayne, Son One & Chopp Devize) [Produced by Beat Butcha]
    14. "Do It Live" (ft. Blaq Poet, Skarlet Rose & Presto) [Produced by Nickel Plated]
    15. "Sharpshootaz Blazin' Caps" (ft. K-Solo, Born Son, Willie Dynamite & Maintain) [Produced by X]
    16. "Gold & Bronze Magik" (ft. Bronze Nazareth & Copywrite) [Produced by Khrome]

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    John Austin IV, (born September 26, 1973) better known by his stage name Ras Kass, is an American rapper. He was a member of the hip hop supergroup The HRSMN along with Canibus, Killah Priest, and Kurupt.  Ras is a member of the group Golden State Warriors with Xzibit and Saafir. Editors of About.com ranked him #30 on their list of the Top 50 MCs of Our Time (1987–2007).[2]Pitchfork Media called him "one of the best rappers of all time." 

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    Oji Edutainment Radio Show! Episode #1

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    Join Oji & The Ascension Team on a celebration and journey of rare songs and productions from Oji Edutainment, in a 30 min. Dj set hosted by the Ascension Team. Featuring songs with artist Mzee Divine, Luziluu, Royal Immortal, Amun Ra, O.G. Wade, Low Leaf, B.Supreme, Natty Wally, Lady Ledesi, Shing02, Entrified "The God of Sound", Canibus, Michael Jackson and more! 






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    STT Radio Presents THE HIGH LIFE!

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    The Highs & Lows Of Weed

    We explore the benefits and downsides to smoking America's #1 recreational drug, marijuana. What are your thoughts on canibus? We ask callers to discuss their views on Colorado's trendsetting laws on recreational weed. We also want to hear your funniest story while getting STONED! Follow our live conversation every Sunday at 7 pm via Facebook at sttone.com.


    Roc The Peace

    Unfortunately, one of our active STToners was senselessly murdered on New Year's Day and our parent company, Toneee.com, will be sponsoring Roc The Peace for another year. Roc The Peace is looking for volunteers, talented artists and musicians, speakers, donors and sponsors. Sponsors will be able to set up booths during the Peace Fest. For more information, call or text 585-708-9787 or visit rocthepeace.org.

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    battle talk show 21 canibus vs dezaster battle and more

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    call up and listen or talk about the canibus vs dizaster battle and should it be judges for a battle or not

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